Trend Pioneer Defines The Future Real Shooting Tag Heuer Monaco Bamford Collaboration Watch

Senior watch fans must be very familiar with Bamford Watch Department (BWD). This company was founded in 2004. Its core business is to modify watches. Its founder Bamford is a watch fan himself, Designers, BWD-modified watches are all amazing, giving a watch that has already been very stylish to a new form, loved by watch players at home and abroad. This year, Tag Heuer invited BWD to redesign the iconic racing watch Monaco, and launched this stunning collaboration watch.

  The watch retains the original iconic elements of the Monaco series, such as the square case, the center of the round dial, the crown on the left, the chronograph button on the right, etc. These are the classic designs of the TAG Heuer Monaco chronograph.

  BWD is good at using colors to create cool avant-garde watch styles. Black and water blue are the common colors of BWD, and the two are combined in Tag Heuer to inspire the watch’s infinite vitality.

  This is the brand’s first self-made collaboration model. The case is made of high-tech carbon fiber directly. It is extremely lightweight but extremely strong. The surface texture highlights its strong futuristic feel.

  The black dial, with a circular panel in the middle, the two left-right symmetrical sub-panels and hands are coated with BWD’s iconic water-blue luminous coating, which is quite colorful. This soft and elegant hue has an indescribable magic As if only the vast universe can form such a magnificent color.

  To commemorate this cooperation, the dial and back have the words MONACO and BAMFORD, and the dial’s logo has also been replaced by the brand’s early logo.

  The watch has a built-in TAG Heuer Caliber 11 automatic winding chronograph movement, the surface is carefully polished, very beautiful.

  This watch’s avant-garde personality makes people’s heart beat faster, with a black leather strap and black-plated folding buckle, combining movement and elegance, it is very special.

  It is no exaggeration to call it a trend pioneer. In fact, the brand has already been in close contact with BWD in 2017. This time, it launched a cooperation model directly to show its friends and sincerity.
For more details, please pay attention to the live feature of the Basel Watch Fair:

Boll Watch Ball Watch Strong Ice Blue Never Seen Before

BALL WATCH newly created the Engineer II series and launched a new Engineer II Marvelight model. This latest timepiece incorporates a sporty and dynamic personality into the classic watch design, while also enhancing the self-luminous technology that Ball Watch has been proud of. Specially designed self-luminous miniature gas light that is three times thicker than usual, and is set on the dial scale. They emit a super intense ice-blue night light, making timepieces even more precious. The dial scale at 12 o’clock is inlaid with green luminous gas lamps, making the watch easy to read at night. The dial has four colors to choose from, which are black, blue, gray and silver.

The introduction of unprecedented brightness for the first time allowed Engineer II Marvelight to emit a strong ice blue color never seen before, full of personality

The polished stainless steel case has a diameter of 40 mm, and the anti-glare sapphire crystal glass is located above the date window at three o’clock. An additional Cyclop magnifying glass is provided to make the date clearer and easier to read. The locked crown device is water resistant to 100 meters, and has passed the 5,000Gs impact test and has a magnetic resistance of 4,800A / m. The matte and polished keys are connected to form a chic contrast, which adds vitality to simplicity and becomes one of the best choices for entry mechanical watches.

Swatch Swatch Announces Wang Junkai As Global Brand Image Spokesperson

Swatch, a Swiss fashion watch brand that has always been creative, unique and has a rebellious personality, today announced that Wang Junkai has become a global brand image spokesperson. Relying on the high-quality image of the positive energy of the sun, it has become a benchmark in the new generation of Chinese youth idols. The super-popular idol Wang Junkai has a wide national recognition, a large and loyal fan group and outstanding social media influence. Not long ago, this big personality boy has just passed through his 18-year-old ritual. He is curious about the future world, longing for more life experiences, and boldly creating his own classics. Swatch appreciates his adventurous and adventurous spirit, and is very pleased to invite him to join the colorful and fun world of Swatch.

   Swatch was born in 1983 and was founded by Nicolas G. Hayek. It is a leading Swiss watch manufacturer and a world-renowned fashion watch brand. His world is full of color, innovation and vitality. Since its inception, Swatch has been closely connected with art. It is a creative drawing board in the hands of contemporary artists around the world and a darling of the fashion industry. His unexpected artistic creativity, with unique watch design, tells a wonderful story all over the world. Swatch is also a pioneer of innovation. It has made amazing innovations in the materials, design and production technology of watches. The 51 metal series mechanical watch with 51 parts and a central screw mechanical movement subverted the imagination of the global watchmaking industry, and set off a mechanical revolution, which can be called an art-like technological innovation.
   In addition, Swatch is an attitude and lifestyle. For a long time, Swatch has encouraged young people around the world to actively explore the unknown of life, have the courage to express themselves, and enjoy every fun-filled moment in life with a vibrant personality style and a positive rebellious spirit. Like Swatch, as an influential figure among young Chinese millennials, Wang Junkai constantly discovers, feels and experiences the possibilities of life as he grows up, and inspires and calls on global fans to become an attitude himself, At every unrepeatable moment in life, show a unique style and enjoy playing great!
   The coming 2018 is full of expectations! Swatch will join hands with global brand image ambassador Wang Junkai to create more fun moments! Let’s just wait and see, # SwatchThis # and Karry On!

# SwatchThis #
# 王俊 凯斯沃琪 全球 代言 #

Elegant And Enterprising Longines’ Fourth In The World Is Like This

Although Longines promotes an elegant lifestyle, it does not hinder the brand’s aggressive development strategy. In the process, Longines gradually climbed to fourth place in terms of Swiss watchmaking brands (in terms of sales). 48 years after joining Longines, Mr. Walter von Känel, who is still at the helm, has set his sights on his next opponent.

Longines Watchmaking Workshop

Longines watchmaking workshops in history

   Type ‘Longines’ on the most commonly used search engine and you can almost hear the horse hissing. The fastest, strongest, most robust, and of course the most elegant horse is the true logo of the brand. Longines has no reservations for ‘equestrian sport’. This enthusiasm leads us back centuries to 1878, when the brand produced an equestrian chronograph pocket watch with engraved riders and mounts on the back. This pocket watch quickly gained popularity in the equestrian circle. Since 1881, the chronograph pocket watch has become a fixed device on the racetrack, used to measure the time when a horse crosses the finish line to the nearest second. Since then, Longines has extended its sports timing expertise to a variety of equestrian sports such as flat, endurance and obstacle course. This brand, which is marked by the flying wing funnel, has not left the public’s sight because of the implementation of the sponsorship strategy that is not limited to equestrian sports. Longines is passionate about gymnastics, alpine skiing, the French Open, the Commonwealth Games and even archery.

Longines watchmaking workshops in history

Longines Watch Factory

   It does not show off or show off, but it is just a network schedule that is precisely arranged according to clear principles and has a rhythm and rhythm. There are no less than 400 events each year, and each one is covered in Longines colors. Longines goes hand in hand on all fronts, and the marketing department hires people accordingly. So far, marketing is the largest administrative department with 60 employees. Coupled with the after-sales service department-which Longines sees as a powerful marketing tool as sporting events-it forms a double insurance for the brand to maintain the market.

Peng Yuyan, Longines Elegant Ambassador

Simon Baker, Longines Elegant Ambassador

   ‘Horse racing is an elegant sport, with both men and women as spectators,’ said Juan-Carlos Capelli, Longines Global Vice President and Marketing Director. , Because men and women are both brand customers. More importantly, competitions are often held in historic locations, and the audience is not limited to locals. They come from all over the world. Every weekend, Longines will appear in media reports. And not only Equestrian, and so are other sports we sponsor. ‘

Longines Companion 2017 St. Moritz FIS Alpine Skiing World Championship Special Edition Men’s Watch

Longines Dayau Wiener

   The real Longines is obviously more complex and profound than the one presented to the eyes. On the surface, Longines is an advocate of leisure life; behind the scenes, Longines adheres to a pioneering brand strategy. Longines belongs to the world of high-tech sports, and its origins can be traced back to the beginning of the contemporary watchmaking industry. In 1832, a timepiece assembly and sales company was founded in Sommia, Jura Valley, Switzerland. The Longines timepiece can not only decorate the elegant ladies’ wrists, but also meet the uncompromising needs of deep-sea divers. Some may say that this is a sign that a brand has not yet found a clear direction, but this is far from the truth. Under the leadership of the industry elite Mr. Huoke Nuo (who joined Longines in 1969 and took over the position of brand helmsman 19 years later), Longines has flourished.

Longines Classic 1918 Watch

John Hokenau

   Let the numbers speak: With an annual output of more than 1 million pieces and sales of over 1.5 billion Swiss francs, Longines has become the fourth highest Swiss watch brand in the world after Rolex, Omega and Cartier. So what happens in 2017, which coincides with the 185th birthday of the brand? ‘This year may be a record year for Longines,’ said Mr Hokeno. ‘Let’s get closer to the third place! Looking back, I clearly remember that Nicholas Hayek wanted Longines to be the market leader for products of the same price. .Where are we today? Approximately 85% of sales come from products from 700 to 3,000 Swiss francs; more specifically, 50% of sales come from products from 1,500 to 3,000 Swiss francs, occupying 30% of the market share. So I Will say, we are not burdened. ‘

Mr. Dong Hebin, Tag Heuer’s Best Friend, Has Become The ‘star Store Manager’ Of Shanghai And Beijing Flagship Stores

(Shanghai, November 23, 2013; Beijing, November 24, 2013) For TAG Heuer, the Swiss watch pioneer, motorsport is an eternal theme. At the time of the fiftieth anniversary of the brand Carrera, TAG Heuer will also bring the passion of racing against time to the world as its duty. For half a century, from the invention of the first racing dashboard “Time Journey” to the introduction of the first chronograph designed for professional drivers and racing enthusiasts, the design inspiration comes from the world’s most difficult open road The Carrera series of endurance races-‘Carrera Pan American Mexico Road Race’ has always inherited the pedigree of racing and shines in the time. The brand has sponsored the F1 race since the 1920s and has forged a deep friendship with many world-renowned racers.

 Mr. Dong Hebin, the first F1 racer of Chinese descent and a friend of the TAG Heuer brand, serves as ‘Star Manager’ of TAG Heuer stores in Shanghai and Beijing

 Mr. Dong Hebin, the first F1 racer of Chinese descent and a friend of the TAG Heuer brand, serves as ‘Star Manager’ of TAG Heuer stores in Shanghai and Beijing

 Mr. Dong Hebin, the first Chinese F1 racer and friend of the TAG Heuer brand, carefully selects TAG Heuer watches for customers

 Mr. Dong Hebin, the first Chinese F1 racer and friend of the TAG Heuer brand, carefully selects TAG Heuer watches for customers

 On November 23 and 24, Mr. Dong Hebin, F1’s first Chinese racer and TAG Heuer’s best friend, came to the flagship store of Nanjing West Road in Shanghai and the flagship store of Beijing Xinguangtiandi as “star shop managers”. Guests at the scene felt the speed and passion brought by TAG Heuer watches and shared his understanding of watches and time. ‘The connection between racing cars and watches is very close, and they contain the most sophisticated technology at present. The difference of one thousandth of a second can determine the outcome of the game, so I need to control the time well. I appreciate watch manufacturers like Heuer who have contributed to the advancement of scientific and technological progress, and I am very honored to work with the brand. With more than three years of cooperation. For me, TAG Heuer is the best interpretation of speed and passion, so I like TAG Heuer. ‘
In addition to the help of Mr. Dong Hebin, the furnishings in the TAG Heuer flagship store are also quite distinctive. The store is not only displaying a variety of Carrera historical models, but also Carrera cards. The latest series of watches launched at Baselworld this year include the Laila Calibre 1887 Jack Heuer limited edition watch, Carrera Calibre 36 flyback chronograph and Carrera Calibre 8 calendar GMT automatic watch. Guests and watch enthusiasts gathered at the two flagship stores and experienced the innovative ideas of TAG Heuer since its founding 153 years in an elegant atmosphere.

Recommended watches:
Calella Calibre 1887 Jack Heuer Limited Edition (45mm)

 TAG Heuer’s honorary chairman, Jack Heuer, is the grandson of the brand’s founder, Edouard Heuer, and served as the company’s chief executive in the 1960s and 1970s. Today, Jack Heuer is proud to present this limited edition watch, inspired by the design of a dual-structure Heuer chronograph that was used in the world’s first car dashboard. Drawing on the design elements of F1 and the space shuttle, TAG Heuer has put its high-end watchmaking technology to the extreme: black barium carbide hand-polished stainless steel bezel with dazzling gloss; finely polished and polished frosted stainless steel titanium frame; located in Small speed dial and pulse meter in the center of the dial. The revolutionary asymmetric case design is derived from the breakthrough Carlisle Mikrogirder-a chronograph introduced in 2012 that is accurate to five thousandths of a second. It is tilted slightly from top to bottom, and the crown and chronograph button are placed on top. The back of the case made of smoked sapphire is engraved with the ‘Jack Heuer’ family crest and signature, through which you can clearly see the Calibre 1887 automatic mechanical movement from 39 gem bearing brackets. This masterpiece is an example of TAG Heuer’s pioneering watchmaking technology and design.

Retail Price: RMB 59,200
Sincerely invite you to visit the TAG Heuer flagship store in Beijing Xinguang Tiandi to appreciate the full range of watches:
Address: 1F, Xinguang Tiandi, No. 87 Jianguo Road, Beijing
Phone: 010-65307316

At The Longines International Obstacle Race In Labor, The Netherlands Won The Longines-sponsored Fruhsia International Horse Federation National Cup

The 2016 Longines International Obstacle Race Labor Station was held on Friday, May 12th. This event is the last seven stops of the FurusyyaFEINationsCupTM in the first district of Europe. The first leg of the event.

   The eight teams competed for points in the Longines-sponsored Fruccia FEMA National Cup in order to qualify for the Barcelona finals. In the end, the Dutch team scored the most points at Rabor.

   Another highlight event, the Longines Grand Prix in Labor, was held on Sunday, May 14th, with Belgian rider Jérôme Guery riding the GrandCruVan De Rozenberg to win the championship.

Saroro Calendar Brief Comment On Rolex Sky Dweller Series Gold Watch

Rolex has always been the mainstay of watches. Precision, durability, and value preservation can be said to be synonymous with it, but it is also accompanied by watches that are too old-fashioned and do not have large complications, and the design is not novel enough. However, Rolex has improved in recent years. SkyDweller annual calendar was launched at the Basel 2012, and at the Basel 2013, colorful watches with colorful straps were launched. This was previously an imagination. middle. Today’s Watch House brings you a brief review of the SkyDweller gold watch. The official model is: 326938-72418.

  What attracts this watch is not its dual time zone display function, but its Saran almanac function. The excellent quality of this calendar comes from the exquisite device called SAROS. The original idea of ​​this Rolex-patented device is directly inspired by the astronomical phenomenon of the same name. The word Saros comes from the Greek word, meaning the period of the relative position of the sun, the earth and the moon about 18 years since ancient times.


 The watch carries 14 patented technologies owned by Rolex, including paramagnetic blue PARACHROM hairspring patents, Paraflex shockproof patents, etc., and includes the latest patented technology of the Salo calendar and month display.


The model I brought to you today is a gold model, and currently also sold in rose gold and platinum models. In order to achieve quick and easy adjustment of different functions, the watch is also equipped with a movement between the case and the movement. A brand new RINGCOMMAND rotating outer ring.


 The watch strap is also made of 18K yellow gold, the famous three-bead chain, the middle is polished, and the sides are brushed. The buckle of the watch is designed as a folding buckle.


 The watch is equipped with a RINGCOMMAND rotating outer ring, which can be easily adjusted through the innovative patented technical interface between the movement and the case. Just turn the RINGCOMMAND outer ring counterclockwise by 1, 2 or 3 divisions, and then select calendar, local time or reference time and other adjustment functions in order. After selecting the function to be adjusted, you can quickly adjust the selected function by rotating the crown in both directions, and the crown has only one adjustment position. Unlike the traditional adjustment mechanism, the interface developed by Rolex will not cause damage to the watch at any time.


The month display function of the watch is displayed by 12 subtle style windows on the outside of the hour mark on the dial: January at 1 o’clock, February at 2 o’clock, and so on. The current month is marked by a sharp contrasting color.


The watch can read the time of the original place of residence or resident work place on the eccentric rotating dial of the dial, that is, the reference time, which is indicated by a fixed red inverted triangle. This 24-hour display dial clearly distinguishes day and night from the reference time zone. Therefore, no matter when and where they are, the watch wearer can know whether it is appropriate to contact friends on the other side of the earth.

The watch is equipped with an 18K yellow gold strap and buckle. The buckle is folded and the famous crown logo is engraved on the buckle.


The watch uses the 9001 automatic winding movement independently developed by Rolex, with 7 patents, which is one of the most complex movements developed by the brand so far. But only Rolex watchmakers can have a chance to see the extremely delicate and perfect grinding and craftsmanship of SKY-DWELLER’s movement, which complements Rolex’s meticulous quality and excellence.


Summary: The Oyster Perpetual SKY-DWELLER is an elegant watch designed for travellers around the world. It is a perfect combination of superb technology and simple operation. It is not only one of the most complex Rolex watches, but also the easiest to adjust. At present, the domestic price of this watch is 380,600 yuan. (Photo / text watch home Chen Zhongyun)

For more watch details, please click: rolex / 17751 /

Resistant To The Cold Currents Oris Presents A Warm Winter Blessing New Style

ORIS is proud to launch the Oris Audi Sport Limited Watch to celebrate the partnership between Oris and Audi Motorsport. ORIS is the official watch partner of the Audi Motorsport team participating in the FIA ​​World Endurance Championship (WEC) and the German Touring Car Masters (DTM), and is part of the Audi Racing Le Mans 24-Hour Championship team in June 2014 .
Speed ​​Line: Oris Audi Sport Limited
   This new watch is based on the Oris Artix GT racing chronograph. At 9 o’clock, the watch has Oris’ famous innovative linear small seconds function. The design is inspired by the Audi road car dashboard and silver-plated, and is the logo color of the German car brand German marque. The Oris Audi Sport limited watch has a titanium case and a two-way rotating tungsten upper frame. These two designs make the watch as light as possible and are developed in response to Audi’s high-performance racing technology.
  There is a ‘good grip’ rubber pad on the outside edge of the upper frame of the rotating chronograph. It is an innovative design of Oris to improve the grip and allow the wearer to adjust quickly and freely. This watch uses Oris’s self-winding Calibre 774 with time and date and quarter-second chronograph functions. With a racing-style perforated leather strap, the folding clasp is also made of titanium. Oris Audi Sport limited watch with special suede-like case, limited to 2000 pieces worldwide.
Time mark: Oris Greenwich Mean Time Limited Watch
   With a passion for mechanical watches, ORIS has always insisted on creating time-tested timepieces in this 110-year history. This year, in commemoration of the 130th anniversary of Greenwich Mean Time, a special limited edition watch is introduced to commemorate this great moment and milestone. 130 years ago, after letting Sandford Fleming miss the train in a timetable error, the jazz put forward the standard time claim. It was not until 1884 that the establishment of a 24-hour system and time zone jurisdiction was adopted at the International Meridian Conference. After removing multiple prime meridians, Fleming Standard Time treats Greenwich as the central point of the new time system and the starting point of the international date change line.
  Oris Greenwich Standard Time Limited Watch, built on one of ORIS’s most advanced modular movements, and a redesigned and improved Artelier case; with a special double jump function, the wearer can use the same push button to Display alternately when jumping between two time zones. This watch is designed to pay homage to GMT, and behind the hands of the time display on the dial, a globe with a finely carved world time zone is carved. It is full of monumental representative works, limited to 1884 pieces worldwide, dedicated only to this moment of time.
Deep Sea Color: New Oris Aquis Orange Medium Diver’s Watch
   Oris is proud to present the Oris Aquis Orange Medium Diving Watch, the latest creation in the diving family and designed for underwater environments. In 2013, ORIS launched the stunning Aquis depth measurement diving watch. This watch uses a ‘hole’ to simply and practically solve the problem of the depth meter in a mechanical watch, without affecting Oris’s ‘reasonable price watch’ concept; The Oris Aquis orange medium-sized diving watch also continues this concept.

   This latest innovation was inspired by the perceptual results of John A. Adolfson and Thomas E. Berghage during an underwater experiment in 1974. They found that the visibility of colors was most pronounced yellow, green, and orange under water. According to experiments, in clear waters, fluorescent green and yellow are most obvious at long distances, and fluorescent orange is the best at short distances. This logic inspired Oris Aquis’ orange mid-size diving watch. Diving tables are vital tools for indicating dive time, calculating oxygen levels, and using them at decompression stations. Diving watches need to have a clear faceplate and be accurate and easy to read.
   The orange 15-minute graduated upper circle is equipped with orange luminous paint scales and hands, Oris has created the watch’s excellent readability under water. Orange elements with black ceramic unidirectional rotating upper ring, or black dial and metallic gray stainless steel PVD coating, showing a strong contrast. 43 mm case, water-resistant to 30 bar / 300 meters, with screw-in crown, impact protection. With Oris automatic movement, three hands and date function, displayed through a window at 6 o’clock. With orange rubber strap to make orange details more prominent, Oris stainless steel can extend the safety folding buckle, making the watch more practical adjustment.

Exquisite Taste Tasting Chopard L.U.C Series Peacock Dial Watch

‘Chopin’ brand was founded in 1860 by the master watchmaker Louis-Ulysse Chopard, and Chopard’s L.U.C series is a tribute to this master. Each of these exceptional timepieces is a subtle masterpiece, designed with ingenuity, the pursuit of excellence in detail, and the superior quality of Swiss high-end timepieces, offering exquisite pieces of ancient craftsmanship to today’s distinguished ladies. Today’s Watch House brings an exquisite, art-inspired Chopard L.U.C series watch. The official model of the watch is: 161902-5049.

   The L.U.C series is a tribute to watchmaker Louis Julius Chopard. At the same time, the development of this series of watches has made a milestone for the Chopard watch manufacturing process. The L.U.C series is a fusion of excellence in watchmaking skills and the essence of Swiss haute horlogerie. The watch is extremely beautiful, representing the highest state of watchmaking technology.

Chopard L.U.C161902-5049

   This watch is crafted in gold with an exquisite peacock-shaped dial inside and an automatic movement inside. The watch is paired with a black alligator leather strap with a pin buckle. The watch is water resistant to 30 meters.


   The watch uses a delicate and beautiful round crown. The side of the crown is decorated with pits to facilitate the adjustment of the time. The top of the crown has the watch series name ‘L.U.C’.


   The watch is paired with a black alligator leather strap, which is beautifully decorated, reasonably cut, and carefully stitched; the strap is soft and tough, and comfortable to wear.


   The watch’s round case in gold is 39.5 mm in diameter and 6.8 mm thick. The surface of the case is polished and polished, with a smooth and metallic surface.


   The watch dial was designed and produced by artist Masahiro Kishimura. He used a long history of lacquer painting and dill painting to paint a vivid peacock pattern, creating this unique dial for Chopard. This distinguished work of art combines traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge Swiss watchmaking techniques, and is conspicuously displayed in the understated lines of the 18K yellow gold ultra-thin L.U.C XP watch. The watch uses hour and minute hands.


   The watch lugs and case are integrally formed, the links are smooth, and the lines are beautiful and beautiful; the watch lugs are slightly curved, which can ensure that the watch and the watch are more fit and comfortable to wear.


   The pin buckle used in the watch can be adjusted as needed. The buckle has the Chopard name. The surface of the buckle is polished and polished, and the surface is smooth and beautiful.

Table bottom

   The back of the watch case has a back case, a gold outer ring on the edges, and a sapphire glass mirror in the middle. The case bottom is fixed to the case by screws. The exquisite mechanical movement can be seen through the bottom of the table. The watch is equipped with an L.U.C 96.17-L automatic mechanical movement with a power reserve of 65 hours and a frequency of 28,800 vibrations / hour.

Summary: The Chopard brand, which has always advertised the top taste, is unique in its craftsmanship, providing superb craftsmanship with unique tastes for watch owners. This Chopard L.U.C series watch uses an 18k yellow gold case with a low-key black leather strap. The exquisite workmanship of the peacock-patterned dial is exceptionally exquisite. The watch exudes elegance and nobility.

Lao, Europe, Pp New Products First Look Basel Real Exhibition First Shot

The staff of the Watch House has arrived at the site in Basel, Switzerland at noon on April 24, and sent back new real-time watches from the exhibition site, let everyone see it.

Rolex’s platinum brown ceramic ring Daytona, official numbers 116506–78596.

Rolex’s two-color ceramic ring, many watch media people have been waiting for a long time. Its official number is 116710BLNR–78200.

Patek Philippe’s new 5200 watch, with an 8-day power reserve, is also the most complex model of Patek Philippe at Baselworld this year.

 Patek Philippe’s new 5227 watch is a development of Ref. 5127. The case diameter has been increased to 39 mm, the crown shoulders have been eliminated, and the lugs have been redesigned. The movement is still the famous Cal.324SC. There are three sub-sections of gold, platinum and rose gold, which are expected to sell for about 300,000 yuan.

 Girard Perregaux’s first HauteHorlogerie series constant power escapement watch combines cutting-edge technical achievements and time-honored design, and strictly adheres to the brand’s design style tradition; the platinum case diameter is 48mm and the curved ring is beautiful; The dial layout emphasizes the structure of the butterfly-winged silicon crystal frame of the constant power escapement system and the structure of the elastic hairspring. The hour dial moves to 12 o’clock, with two clockwork drums on the left and right, and a linear power reserve display at 9 o’clock.

  The three plywood shapes of this three-gold bridge tourbillon are the same as the old ancestral structure that won the first prize of the Neuchâtel Observatory in 1860. The hollow splint has a contemporary aesthetic feature. The golden bridge plywood is hollow and polished, and the craftsmanship is flawless. It takes seven days for the craftsman to achieve this perfect effect. The tourbillon is composed of 72 parts, with a diameter of about 1 cm and a weight of only 0.3 grams. It is similar to a goose feather, showing its delicate details. The miniature platinum winding oscillating device is placed under the spring barrel, giving the movement a unique shape. The structure is unreserved, which is also one of the patented technologies of the watch factory.

The new watches in the Omega Pavilion, please wait patiently for more details.

Blancpain’s new Fifty Fathoms watch.

  Tudor’s new watch display. Watch House will continue to bring back the latest information at the 41st Basel International Watch Fair in Switzerland in 2013, please pay attention.

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