Month: December 2010

Class 5 Titanium Luxury Builds Kunlun Admiral Cup 45

In 2009, in order to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the legendary series of the Admiral Cup of Kunlun, the Admiral Cup 45 three-question tourbillon watch was launched for the first time, winning a reputation; Yicheng built a case for this famous watch with grade 5 titanium metal, showing a new look. Its highly resistant and hard titanium material perfects the resonance effect when springing, and the sound is more crisp. This seemingly simple material change is really a pursuit of higher-level complex watch skills and unique watchmaking traditions.
   This rare combination of the three-question function and the nautical world, at the same time thoroughly exerted and conquered the cutting-edge functions of the watch and the severe requirements of the nautical field! No matter day and night, from sunrise to sunset, from dawn to sunset, every link of traditional sailing depends on the bell’s instructions on board. The three-question function, a time-honored complex watch function, is placed on the Admiral’s Cup, which is exactly the brand’s highest tribute to the traditional nautical world.
   The CO0I0 movement, which provides the source of power for this Admiral Cup 45 three-question tourbillon watch, is the result of the brand’s full two years’ use of the efforts of more than ten Kunlun watch’s most elite watchmaking technicians.
   From decoration, installation, to fine-tuning of more than 331 components, the entire process took more than 160 hours. Every second is used for careful planning and design to ensure the accuracy of the watch and its pleasing tone, including its power (volume in decibels), accuracy (pitch of each note), thickness The number of partials and overtones) and the beam-wrapping effect of the remaining notes (the length of each note).
   This series of complex functions, the main key of which is the use of grade 5 titanium materials. In addition to its non-abrasion-resistant material characteristics, it can withstand the harsh marine environment, and titanium can also emit high-quality sound effects. The high-purity sound is crisp and solid, which further reflects Kunlun’s complicated three-question mechanical watchmaking skills.
   Different from the traditional three-question table layout, the minute rack originally placed at the center of the tapping system will be inverted, providing more power for each note and further improving the pitch; the larger design allows each tooth to make The lifting action with a larger angle effectively lengthens the length between the notes. The hammer used as the sound of the spring is cast from high-resistance, high-hardness stainless steel; the specially designed reverse hairspring is connected to the hammer, which is used to achieve the best balance between the strength and speed of the hammer. When the three-in-one machine makes a sound, the rotating inertial flywheel exposed on the back of the movement plays an important role in adjusting the rhythm.
   Our own unique spring made of highly heat-treated alloy is adjusted to make the A tone at the reading hour and the C # (C rising) tone at the reading minute; this is by no means an arbitrary arrangement but a consideration Major thirds (two full tones) than the common ones

   Harmony with a minor third (one full half) can create a more harmonious and joyful effect. The overall accuracy also depends on the tourbillon’s silicon escapement and lever to ensure its durability and reliability.
Visible Complex Structure

   Years of hard work and craftsmanship have created this masterpiece of micro-machinery with a width of 14.’(32 mm in diameter) and a thickness of 5.35 mm. The hand-wound movement provides a 100-hour power reserve. The meticulous craftsmanship created by hand can be seen in every detail:

   Gears and pinions with loop-back satin finish, stainless steel parts with mirror-polished zinc material (especially hammer and tourbillon frame), main splint with loop-back frosting and Geneva print (Cotes) de Geneve).
   From outside the Admiral Cup 45 Minute Tourbillon watch, you can see the CO 010 movement full of creativity and rigorous production. In order to fully express this superb movement, the surface is coated with a sapphire crystal with PVD coating with a smoky effect. This treatment can create a wider viewing field and give a clear overview of the precise structure of the tourbillon . Gray is used as the main color of the entire watch, and the monochrome navigation flag pattern on the scale position makes the watch low-key and full of high-tech sense. The surface of the crystal is engraved with brand names and words such as ‘Corum’, ‘Minute Repeater’ and ‘Tourbillon’. Its unique 12-sided arched case with a diameter of 45 mm and a satin finish is also a highlight at a glance.
Ingenious winding design

   The watch’s outer ring itself also has amazing features hidden in it. If the starter lever of the three questions is placed on the raised position of the case of a sports watch, the machinery inside will be damaged if it collides, posing a certain risk; on the contrary, it is installed on the steel runner and the polyacetal resin pulley group to reduce the resistance , So that the outer ring can be rotated 27 degrees clockwise to activate the three questions function.
The Admiral Cup 45 Minute Repeat Tourbillon watch, which is water-resistant to 30 meters, will be produced in a limited edition of 15.
Reference specifications

Limited to 15 pieces

Movement CO 010 with manual winding, equipped with tourbillon / tourbillon escapement and silicon pallet

Frequency 3 Hz, 21,600 times per hour

Gems 29 rubies

Power reserve 100 hours

Functions Hour, Minute, Minute Repeat and Tourbillon / Rotate the outer ring to activate the Minute Repeat function
   Twelve-sided arched titanium case, satin-finished and polished outer ring / satin-finished and polished titanium outer ring / titanium crown protector / titanium crown, It is engraved with a Kunlun key pattern / screw-in transparent bottom cover, and the surface is fixed with 4 titanium screws.
   Gray PVD-coated sapphire crystal surface, tourbillon frame at 5 o’clock position / rhodium-coated minutes and minutes engraving / black scale position painted with monochromatic nautical flag pattern / Corum mark engraved on the surface, ‘Minute Repeater’, ” ‘Tourbillon’ / rhodium-coated faceted hour and minute hands, superluminova

Crystal surface 12-sided arched sapphire crystal surface with anti-reflective coating

Strap Black crocodile strap with grey stitching, 22/20 mm wide

Buckle Titanium pin buckle with Kunlun marker

Water-resistant to 30 meters

Show The Dignity And Elegance Of Women Select Tissot Glamorous Watch

Tissot Glamorous series is the perfect interpretation of its name. The vintage design of the watch portrays the dignity and elegance of women. It has a delicate oval 18K gold case, and the elegant mother-of-pearl dial is surrounded by a nostalgic Roman numeral scale, which exudes luxury. Whether it is a romantic token for expressing ideas or a reward for rewarding yourself, the Tissot Glamorous series is the best choice, which will definitely show the noble and elegant taste of female wearers.
 The Tissot Glamorous collection offers a wide range of styles. Like a big fashion show, the models presented the same design theme on the runway, but the styles were very different. Tissot Glamorous series launched a number of different styles of female watches. Some styles are dazzling with diamonds. The design of the strap is also different, set off the unique personality of different women. The choice of classic black leather strap style allows the wearer to be appropriate no matter where they are placed, while the beige strap with pearl luster is more feminine. The Tissot Glamorous series is made of K gold, but the price is very accessible.

Technical Parameters:
Made in Switzerland
Quartz movement with low battery indicator (EOL)
18K Rose Gold Case with Diamonds
Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
Mother-of-pearl dial, Roman numerals
Water-resistant to 3 bar (30 m / 100 ft)
Leather strap with standard buckle

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