Piaget Rose Earl Rose To Accompany You Blooming Tenderness Qixi

Either passionately in the dazzling sunlight, or exuding fragrance in the soft moonlight-the delicate rose has always been the best teaser for your sweetheart. Among the many flowers, Piaget Rose (Yves Piaget Rose) is unique in its stature. On the approaching of the Star Festival, it is again transformed into the beautiful Piaget Rose jewelry watch, telling the lover the heartfelt, set off the thousands of beauty of women, blooming romance and joy.
   Yves Piaget, the fourth generation of Earl Piaget, is not only a fan of Rose but also a discerning connoisseur. His enthusiasm for the rose was greatly rewarded in 1982: the rose breeding master who won the gold medal of the year dedicated his new variety including three international awards to Mr. Yves Earl. This unique rose This is named Yves Earl Rose. The earl rose has a voluminous form, with 80 petals stacked in a beautiful change from pink to lavender, with a breathtaking fragrance. Since then, talented craftsmen have devoted their expertise to creating a jewelry watch series exclusively for her-Piaget Rose. As the inspiration muse of Piaget, this real rose is constantly performing beautiful stories.

Piaget Rose Earrings G36U410018K Bracelet in Rose Gold with 1 Round Diamond (Approx. 0.01 Carat)

Smart Rose Invites Light and Shadow to Dance
   In the morning sun, the young girl in a light shirt and jeans sat against the window. She inadvertently tapped her fingertips, and the Piaget Rose rose gold ring on her cellulite finger slowly bloomed like a coquettish rose. Around a beautiful diamond, the delicate petals unfolded on the smooth ring last time (G34UR400). In this quiet moment, she looked out from the window to the hustle and bustle from time to time to sort out the scattered hair. At this point, the hollow roses on the Piaget Rose pendant (G33U0800) and the bracelet (G36U4100) pass by, as if wearing a layer of lace plume on her skin; dazzling diamonds, such as the drops of transparent water that fall on the delicate petals, bloom Intoxicating light. She played with these lifelike ‘roses’ and seemed to concentrate on immersing herself in this light and shadow game. When the lover came to the appointment, Diamond Light refracted her smile and made her score more charming.

Piaget Rose earrings G33U0800 in 18K rose gold set with 1 round diamond (approximately 0.02 carats).

Piaget Rose earrings G34U840018K rose gold ring set with 1 round diamond (about 0.06 carat)

Luxurious rose weaving romantic dreams
   At the beginning of the lantern, the long street was shrouded in drizzle, and even the neon became hazy. Piaget Rose shines with the strolling lovers, weaving a romantic dream for a quiet night. Listening to the whispering whisper of the lover, the girl in the long skirt is frequently answering, and the earrings of Piaget Rose white gold earrings (G38U0048) also show layers of light-its wearer is so focused and afraid Miss a love word. Cross your fingers and exchange your minds, the true meaning at this moment can only be achieved by relying on the flower of Piaget Rose: with the arc of light reflected by several layers of diamond petals as the background, the diamond buds in the center become more brilliant, Piaget Rose platinum The bracelet (G36U3600) and the ring (G34UU900) interweave the vow of steadfastness at the moment; a flexible necklace ends with slim rose buds, slow down and hang down two tassel, swaying with the skirt, Piaget Rose white gold necklace (G33U0093) The implication is that the beautiful emotion is endless and endless like flowers and vines.

Piaget Rose Earrings G38U0048 18K White Gold Earrings Set with 72 Round Diamonds (Approx. 0.45 Carat)

Piaget Rose earrings G36U360018K white gold set with 190 round diamonds (approximately 1.32 carats)

Piaget Rose earrings G33U009318K white gold pendant set with 41 round diamonds (approx. 0.72 carat)

Fine Rose engraved with the Eternal Vow
   Lovers always cherish the time they love each other. As time passes, the beautiful emotions become more and more intense. Put the watch on your lover’s wrist, and the hands on the dial will freeze your tenderness at this moment. The delicate rose covering the dial will bloom as an eternal love totem, witnessing the lingering memories of Qixi Night.
   On the white dial of Piaget’s Altiplano series of fine wood inlaid watches, a glowing rose slowly blooms, the petals are bright and rich, releasing a charming atmosphere, and all the love is absorbed (G0A41209). In the scent of roses, craftsman Rose Saneuil carefully considers, selects precious woods with ideal color, cuts them meticulously, and arranges them in an orderly manner. On the dial with a diameter of only 32 mm, 96 petal ‘puzzles’ are numbered and embedded one by one according to their respective materials and tones. The error in the collage process is only within one hundredth of a millimeter. From the shallow to deep bird eye maple or paulownia wood pieces, carefully carved, exuding the unique charm of nature, it is as vibrant as true love.

   Piaget Piaget Atiplano Art & Excellence watch G0A41209, 38 mm, 18K white gold watch bezel set with 78 brilliant-cut round diamonds (approx. 0.7 carat), the dial shows the Earl Rose (Yves Piaget Rose) motif, Piaget’s own 430P ultra-thin hand-wound mechanical movement function, hour and minute movement frequency, 21,600 white alligator leather straps per hour, with 18K white gold pin buckle, limited to 18 pieces.

About Piaget
   In 1874, Georges Edouard Piaget established Piaget’s watchmaking workshop in the family farmhouse of La Côte-aux-Fées, began to manufacture precision watch movements, and created Piaget’s creative history. In 1943, the Piaget family made an important decision, which also had a profound impact on the future of the brand: the registration of the Piaget trademark.
In the late 1950s, Piaget continued to design and produce ultra-thin movements in the spirit of innovation, and developed it into a brand symbol, which had a profound impact on the watch manufacturing industry.
   At the same time, Piaget also represents a style: the perfect use of gold materials, vivid color collisions, and the introduction of new styles, precious stones and hard gem dial application. The brand’s jewellery line inherits Yves G. Piaget’s extraordinary creativity, insists on the use of color, and always has its original intention.
   Piaget, with 140 years of rich history, is still far-sighted, constantly innovating, creating active jewellery, gorgeous high-end jewelry series, and a number of outstanding watches, becoming the world’s premier jewellery and watch manufacturer.