If You Want To Be More Stylish, You Still Have A Military Watch

Since Taiwanese and Korean dramas have been raging in the country in the past few years, a very strange fashion has begun to rise quietly. Everyone suddenly likes ‘small fresh meat’, the tender and tender Boys have started to attract much attention on the Internet, and it is even easier to become a net red, so that their delicate skin will soon become the standard for male gods. However, after all, we are all aesthetically interesting people. Since ancient times, China has said that ‘good men are determined to be in the Quartet’, and there is no point in pride that is somewhat shameful to men. If you want to be more stylish, I have a good way. Wearing a military style watch will definitely make you handsome.
Zenith Pilot 96.2431.693 / 21.C738

Watch price: RMB 54200
Watch diameter: 48 mm
Watch thickness: 15.8 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: titanium
Water resistance: 100 meters
Watch details: 693 automatic movement with dual time function. The titanium case is black-plated and very domineering. The ‘PILOT’ logo at 6 o’clock is only available when Zenith, because it has a trademark registration, so other brands cannot use it. Overall, this watch is stylish and has long been on my dream list.
Breitling Avengers XB1210E4 / BE89 / 257S / X20D.4

Watch price: RMB 66200
Watch diameter: 50 mm
Watch thickness:-
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Breitlight black steel
Water resistance: 100 meters
Watch details:
Watch price: RMB 61000
Watch diameter: 42 mm
Watch thickness: 15 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Ceramic
Water resistance: 60 meters
Details of the watch: 7750, so the price is relatively low, if the basic public price of production is running at 90,000. IWC’s pilot series is also very stylish, it is simply a weapon for the sister-in-law.
In summary: after all, most of us are not in the army, but most of the children have dreamed of playing in battle. This young seed was buried deep in his heart, but failed to do so, but he never forgot. If you also like military style, or just want to make yourself more stylish, then these watches will surprise you.

Guardian Strength, Condensed On The Wrist – Beijing Watch ‘gate Sea Lion’ Watch Listed

In Eastern culture, the lion is regarded as the ‘Sui Beast’, which is the embodiment of bravery, power and auspiciousness; as the existence of the patron saint, the image of the lion often appears in the shape of court art. The self-confidence is a sign of dignity and power.

  This time, Beijing Watch takes the bronze lion sculpture on the “Foreshore of the Forbidden City” as the design inspiration, and launches the Oriental Culture series “The Sea of ​​Lions” watch, which reproduces the courageous look of the Men’s Sea Lion by enamel technology, condenses the guardian power that has passed through the millennium On the wrist.
Door sea lion: Double lion with wrists, always guarding
  Menhai is a water tank that is placed in front of ancient temples and courtyards. The ancients took the meaning of ‘the sea in front of the door’. The ‘sea’ in front of the door can quench the fire with water and extinguish the fire. It is called ‘auspicious aquarium’, which means peace and auspiciousness. The sides of Menhai are often decorated with lion-faced patterns, and people want to use the powerful deterrent power of lions to deter the Quartet, so as to prevent evil Najib and protect peace. A container contains the beautiful beliefs and wishes of people for thousands of years.

  This watch restores the solemn and magnificent look of the Men’s Sea Lion. On the surface of the disk, the two lions are in the shape of a ring, and they cross each side, frowning, frowning, seemingly ready to get ready, the overall shape is majestic. The static shape of the lion’s face freezes the moment of strength, aggregating the aura of auspiciousness and the guardian power.
  Behind the twin lions are rolling waves. The pattern is inspired by the traditional sea cliffs. Through the undulating lines, it shows the waves and surging momentum of the rivers and seas. It contains the meaning of ‘continuous and continuous’. Decorated in dragon robes and official hem, with a distinguished atmosphere.
‘Door Nail’ Small Second Dial: Unique Reading Time Experience
  In order to facilitate accurate reading, the designer cleverly designed a small concentric second dial between the two lions. This second dial draws inspiration from the architectural art of the Forbidden City, and is similar to the door knocker on Zhumen. The ring is decorated with golden yellow round nails, which is classic and solemn. In ancient times, the golden door nails on Zhumen not only strengthened and decorated them, but were also a status and status symbol. In ancient times, it was stipulated that the door nails could only be used on the gates of the imperial palace and the palaces of dignitaries.
  In response to this, especially in the 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock positions, the time scales for writing Chinese characters are written in small fonts. The small font is the source of the characters and the ancestor of calligraphy. It is derived from ‘looking up and down’ in Eastern culture. , Humanities, and geography. The time scales written by Xiao Yan are as stable as ancient tripods on the outside. The change of yin and yang, the principle of everything, is fully reflected in the spatial distribution of the seals. Symmetry, balance, equidistance, center of gravity, etc. Xiao Yan’s grasp of the laws of nature.
Classical and complex art, creating an enamel dial
  Enamel, as a representative of the complex craftsmanship of ancient court art, has a history of more than a thousand years and is often used to make valuable clocks and watches in ancient times. Beijing watchmaker applied this ancient skill to this watch ingeniously. The metal surface was coated with enamel, and the enamel dial was sintered at high temperature. The performance, any time washing, color and luster as before.
Equipped with classic 3/4 splint movement B18, limited edition

  Beijing Watch pays attention to every detail of the watch, with meticulous care, to bring the best wear experience to the watch owner. This watch is equipped with the Beijing Classic 3/4 Plywood Calibre B18. It adopts the 3/4 Classical Plywood structure, which can mount the entire time-bearing wheel train on a plywood. During the assembly process, whether it is made or polished, it is extremely Sophisticated, it takes superb skills and a lot of time and effort to complete; secondly, the gold outer ring is fixed and fitted with blue steel screws at the edge of the gem shaft, which is the exquisite gold sleeve, which can not only reduce the friction and damage of the movement, It can also make every corner of the movement full of metal texture. Only the most precious mechanical watches will use this technology; gooseneck-style fine-tuning, like a beautiful swan hiding on a balance plate, The graduated hands, a fine adjustment screw and the finely polished steel gooseneck-like hairspring are designed to adjust the speed of the watch to achieve a high degree of accuracy.

  The watch case is made of 18K rose gold; the crown oil pressure “BJ” high-end mark is only used in high-end watches that meet stringent quality requirements, which is a symbol of quality and identity; the lugs are carefully unique The rounded straight design provides a simple and light visual sense with slender and straight lines, and it fits the wrist better, bringing comfortable wearing experience. This watch is limited to 99 pieces worldwide.

Model: BG951002
Price: ¥ 55,800.00
Movement: Beijing Classic 3/4 Plywood Movement B18
Function: bracelet; classic 3/4 splint; gooseneck fine-tuning; 6 o’clock small seconds dial
Case: 18K rose gold
Table mirror: synthetic sapphire
Dial: enamel dial
Crown: High-end mark ‘BJ’ in oil pressure
Bottom cover: 18K rose gold, screw perspective bottom
Table diameter: 40mm
Thickness: 8.9mm
Strap: Black leather strap
Bandwidth: 20mm
Waterproof: 3ATM
Limited edition: 99 pieces