Month: November 2012

Shanghai Museum Of Contemporary Art Will Hold ‘ephemeral · Eternal—cartier Time Art Exhibition’

The Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art officially announced that it will hold the ‘Momentary Eternity-Cartier Time Art Exhibition’ from July 19 to October 12 this year. As one of the series of activities to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and France, this exhibition will focus on watchmaking and craftsmanship, inviting internationally renowned designer Mr. Yoshioka Toren as curator, and passing over 180 precious timepiece masterpieces that span more than a century , To bring a feast of time and art to the public, showing the endless pursuit of beauty in the realm of time by Eastern and Western culture and art.
 Under the witness of many media friends, Mr. Li Xu, deputy curator of the Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art, unveiled the exhibition: ‘This will be a rare exchange of art and culture, and interpretation and interpretation of time through the form of art. Especially It is on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and France that this exhibition will serve as a dialogue between East and West arts, sparking a collision of ideas between cultures. ‘Cartier’s image, style and heritage director Pi from France. Mr. El Reno said: ‘This exhibition about time art is like a journey of time, which will present Cartier’s rich heritage, design philosophy and aesthetic accomplishments in the watchmaking field for more than a century. I hope all interested audiences will You can come to the exhibition and feel the unique charm of time art. ‘
 The Cartier Time Art Exhibition is one of the largest timepiece art exhibitions open to the public. It has been held in Zurich, Switzerland and Singapore. This time for the first time to be invited to China, it will evolve from historical heritage and style through Cartier’s collections, master craftsmanship, watchmaking essence, complex movements, innovative technologies, and multimedia video and live demonstrations by watchmakers and craftsmen From the perspectives of aesthetics and design, it provides an invaluable opportunity for the broad audience to explore the evolution and cultural influence of art and crafts in the field of watchmaking. Among the more than 180 precious timepieces to be displayed, including nearly 150 masterpieces from the Cartier Collection, this will also be the 28th time the Cartier Collection has been invited to be exhibited at a world-renowned cultural and art institution.

‘Eternity · Eternity-Cartier Time Art Exhibition’ poster

Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art

Curator, internationally renowned designer Tokujin Yoshioka

Nearly 100 national media came to the press conference to witness the art and cultural exchange event

Mr. Li Xu, deputy curator of Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art, announced that he will hold ‘Momentary and Eternal-Cartier Time Art Exhibition’

Mr. Pierre Reynolds, Cartier’s Director of Image, Style and Heritage

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