Radar ‘sintra Silver Diamond’ Series Leads The White High-tech Ceramic Watch Eternal Shine

Swiss Radar first produced white high-tech ceramic watches in the 1990s and set off a whirlwind of white high-tech materials. The white high-tech ceramic watch, whether it is paired with a full-body white outfit or white accents, can add a touch of refinement and elegance to the look.
    The Swiss Rado “Sintra Silver Diamond” series watch has a unique iconic case design, which is perfectly combined with the smooth high-tech ceramic strap. The case and strap are seamlessly integrated with the flawless sapphire crystal, showing an unparalleled elegance. The whole body is made of high-tech ceramics, which is warm to the touch and comfortable to wear. Lightweight touch. White high-tech ceramics and top real diamonds lead luxury noble
Swiss radar ‘Sintra Silver Diamond’ white high-tech ceramic real diamond watch
    Swiss radar’s white high-tech ceramic watch brings irresistible fashion to many acclaimed collections. Swiss Radar’s ‘Sintra Silver Diamond’ series of rich watch styles combines the elegant beauty of gems with futuristic high-tech ceramic materials. The dial made entirely of white high-tech ceramic materials is set with 52 top diamonds. Become an attractive timeless classic.