2013 Sihh Geneva High Watch & Clock Salon-van Cleef & Arpels Extraordinary

Every year, Van Cleef & Arpels constantly introduces Extraordinary DialsTM extraordinary watch technology watches, interpreting the passage of time in a variety of fascinating ways. The dial, which once transformed the world, the galaxy, and the lucky pattern, hovered around the dial in 2013 with a butterfly and kite design.

 Van Cleef & Arpels outlined the imagination of imagination, freehand and imagination, and brought it to the dial with the skill of top craftsmen. Make use of various traditional craftsmanship to create exquisite and moving scenes in the square inch. Every detail of the extraordinary dial craft watch represents Van Cleef & Arpels’ extraordinary creativity and proud craftsmanship.
Papillons Extraordinary Dials
 The butterfly symbolizes the poetic and endless nature. The beauty of butterflies is an endless source of inspiration for Van Cleef & Arpels. In the 1920s, these beautiful creatures with slender wings became precious brooches and earrings. Later, Van Cleef & Arpels used the Mystery SettingTM covert mosaic method (1970s), mother-of-pearl and lacquered wood to decorate many butterfly designs.
 In 2010, Van Cleef & Arpels created a high-end jewelry series with the theme of butterflies: in watchmaking, it also brought the Lady Arpels Extraordinary Butterflies watch (2010) and Lady Arpels Butterfly Symphony watch (this watch was once (Grand Prix du Public 2011 Women’s Watch Award).
At SIHH 2013, the symbolizing metamorphosis of the butterfly once again transformed into a new design, closing the dial with the changes of the four seasons and nature, watching the sun rise, the moon sinking, and spring to winter.
Lady Arpels Papillon Extraordinaire
 White gold case, 38 mm diameter, bezel set with diamonds-Dial: faceted mother-of-pearl, lapis lazuli, cutout enamel, diamonds Manual winding movement-Unlimited series with independent number inspiration
 Van Cleef & Arpels re-explored the classic design element of the butterfly with the Lady Arpels Papillon Extraordinaire watch and replaced it with a new shiny color. The corolla, which is gradually blended with blue and pink, is a symbol of spring back to earth, and all things are reborn.
 This watch is made of Van Cleef & Arpels craftsmanship: lapis lazuli shows the hard gem setting, with metal carving, the background and butterfly outline are carved with mother-of-pearl, and the butterfly wings are cut out of enamel. And diamond setting process. A variety of craftsmanship blends gracefully and outlines the contours of the birth, thus creating a three-dimensional pattern with concavities and convexities.
Lady Arpels Papillon Rouge Gourmand
 White gold case, 38 mm diameter, diamond set on the outer ring-Dial: white mother-of-pearl, carved enamel, skeleton enamel, curved enamel, diamond-manual winding movement Limited to 22 pieces
Butterflies are flying and strawberries are bright and colorful, forming a vibrant summer scene. Vibrant colors and curved lines, such as yellow, green, and red, all show vitality.
 The dial is inlaid with white mother-of-pearl, using a variety of enamel techniques to depict the summer scene. The penetrating hollow enamel under the brush outlines the butterfly wings with gold rims. The unpolished curved enamel creates a strawberry that is vivid enough to be distorted, while the carved enamel is used to describe the delicate green leaves.
Lady Arpels Papillon Orange Solaire
 White gold case, 38 mm diameter, bezel set with diamonds-Dial: yellow mother-of-pearl, gold leaf engraved enamel, cutout enamel, diamonds-hand-wound movement limited to 22 pieces
 Look at the beautiful butterfly wings that spread out, a pair of butterflies fluttering in the autumn wind, bathing in the soft golden light of autumn.
The dial incorporates a variety of craftsmanship to create a clear and unique look. The butterfly, dressed in a colorful coat, is a colorful one from the hollow enamel technology, set against the soft light of the mother-of-pearl inlay,
Extraordinarily beautiful. The butterfly wings are gradually golden brown, echoing the semicircular sun carved with gold leaf enamel. The body of the butterfly is an eye-catching marquise diamond.

Lady Arpels Papillon Noir Argent
 White gold case, 38 mm diameter, bezel set with diamonds-Dial: grey mother-of-pearl, gold leaf engraved enamel, cutout enamel, diamonds-hand-wound movement limited to 22 pieces
 The bright snow and ice in winter faded the warm autumn colors. Light and shadow settled into the dial, deducing Van Cleef & Arpels’ favorite black and white design. The slim butterfly wings flutter in the snow and earth.
 Shiny grey mother-of-pearl, cutout enamel and brilliant diamonds make up this winter snow scene. Delicate white gold wing butterfly wings, striking against the backdrop of deep black and transparent enamel. Under the transparent enamel, the silver light of white gold is subtle. The round diamonds turned into petals of snow, making the black and white in winter more distinct.
Lady Arpels Papillon Bleu Nuit
 White gold case, 38 mm diameter, diamonds set on the outer ring-Dial: blue mother-of-pearl, engraving, cutout and gold leaf enamel, diamonds
 The mysterious moth flapped its transparent wings and flew into the long dream of the sleeping beauty, perched lightly on the leaf in the center of the dial under the pearl-like moonlight.
 The color of the enamel changes subtly. The light and transparent wings of the butterfly at night easily capture everyone’s eyes. Hollow enamel allows light to penetrate the composition, and gold foil decorates the flowing gold light on the enamel (a layer of gold foil under the transparent enamel, faintly revealing a bit of golden light), making the dark blue wings shine in the moonlight, and the glittering diamonds become crystals dew.
Lady Arpels Cerf-Volant Fuchsia
 White gold case, 38 mm diameter, diamond set on the bezel-Dial: mother-of-pearl, micro-painted and micro-carved mother-of-pearl-manual winding movement-limited to 22 pieces
 In celebration of the 2013 SIHH International Haute Horlogerie Show, Van Cleef & Arpels specially launched a new paper kite-shaped butterfly pattern watch series, which vividly displays the colorful butterfly fluttering dancing shadows. Ren butterfly gracefully flies over the sky and sheds its blessing. Thousands of paper kites danced on the dial, brightening the jubilant atmosphere with colorful colors.
 Van Cleef & Arpels uses the extraordinary dial watch as a stage to show the crystallization of a new production process. For the first time, micro-painting technology has been applied to mother-of-pearl, making the dial design more three-dimensional and showing bright light. The mother-of-pearl sculpture on the dial is transformed into a beautiful relief, blooming in the background, as if it has injected vitality into the dreamy and ethereal scene.