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Decorate The Building And Light Up Taipei──bvlgari Serpenti Art Jumps On Taipei 101

Walked through important global cities such as New York, Tokyo, Beijing, and Shanghai. The BVLGARI Serpenti Art Lighting Tour Exhibition has now arrived in Taipei, successfully climbing under the most “highest” difficulty challenge in the history of giant installation art. TAIPEI 101, Taipei’s most iconic landmark, engages in a clash of culture and craftsmanship, and also prepares Taipei for the 2016 World Design Capital gorgeous warm-up.
   Bulgari, which originated in Rome, starts from the promotion of Italian aesthetic spirit and organizes large-scale exhibitions to convey the Italian Luxury Life style. The picture shows the grand occasion of the Bvlgari Via Condotti 2014 Christmas lighting event. This year, it reached its peak again. Under the guidance of the Taipei Cultural Bureau and Taipei 101, it organized a ‘Italy-style bright Taipei, Serpenti Taipei 101 lighting’ event.
   Bulgari, which originated in Rome, starts from the promotion of Italian aesthetic spirit and organizes large-scale exhibitions to convey the Italian Luxury Life style. This year reached the peak again, under the guidance of the Taipei City Cultural Bureau and Taipei 101 to co-organize the ‘Italian style bright Taipei, Serpenti Taipei 101 lighting’ event, extending from jewellery craftsmanship, the amazing Serpenti giant snake-shaped lighting artwork according to the Taipei 101 Building The appearance has become a rich view of ‘the beauty of the building and the light of Taipei’.
2012 BVLGARI Lighting installation in Bulgari flagship store in Ginza, Tokyo
   In fact, Rome is not only an inseparable source of the brand’s Italian bloodline, but also an inexhaustible source of inspiration for centuries. With a history of 2,700 years, Rome has bred brilliant art, architecture and culture, and nourished the bright light of Bulgari. Rome’s deep aesthetics and cultural heritage, coupled with Bulgari’s rich and vivid enthusiasm and love for gems, make the art and culture essence of different dynasties in Rome seem to condense in Bulgari, not only creating countless beautiful meanings Jewelry also brings joy and happiness, creating people’s hope for a better life.
BVLGARI Serpenti Taipei 101 ‘Lighting’ event, the amazing Serpenti giant snake-shaped lighting artwork reflects the appearance of the Taipei 101 building
Bvlgari Serpenti Serpent Art: Symbol of Wisdom and Power
   Serpenti, the giant installation art on Taipei 101, is the representative design of Bulgari, and can also be said to be Bulgari’s DNA. As early as in ancient Greek and Roman times, snakes were both sacred and mysterious. Serpents were often used as decorative elements. For example, in Greek and Roman mythology, the goddess of wisdom and victory both held shields with snake patterns in their hands. . The Greeks considered snakes to be the embodiment of wisdom and a symbol of healing miracles. The son of the sun god Apollo, the god of healing, AESCULAPIUS, was holding a scepter on it, which is also the current medical symbol ‘snake emblem.’ Origin. ‘ The snake that symbolizes wisdom has been interpreted by Bulgari’s innovative thinking in the 1940s, and has become a very important theme in the history of the Bulgari brand.
   Bvlgari Serpenti Greater China-limited watch, 18 K gold curved case, 26 mm diameter, set with 6 brilliant-cut diamonds (approximately 0.46 carats), water-resistant to 30 meters, white mother-of-pearl dial with Bulgari B033 quartz movement, set with 33 brilliant-cut diamond hour-markers (approximately 0.054 carats), 18K gold bracelet with ruby ​​and diamond rows set with 82 brilliant-cut diamonds (approximately 1.43 carats), 53 rubies (approximately 1.33 carats) .
   Bvlgari Serpenti Greater China Limited Watch, 18 K gold curved case, 26 mm diameter, set with 6 brilliant-cut diamonds (approximately 0.46 carats), water resistant to 30 meters, bright red lacquered dial with Bulgari B033 quartz movement, set with 33 brilliant-cut diamond hour-markers (approximately 0.054 carats), 18K gold bracelet with ruby ​​and diamond rows set 82 brilliant-cut diamonds (approximately 1.43 carats), 53 rubies (approximately 1.33 carats) .
   Serpenti snake-shaped artistic lighting is like the top jewelry inlaying process, and 50,000 LED lights are connected to form a visual effect like snake scales. The giant snake snakes on the outer wall of the podium on the 3rd to 5th floor, with a plate area of ​​more than 36 meters; The height of the decoration (46.3 meters) is converted into about 15 floors of a general building. It is the highest building where Serpenti has appeared. The wind resistance is extraordinary. 14 high tension steel cables are used to strengthen the Serpenti snake with a total weight of 3700 kg. The art-shaped lighting is difficult to show on the wall.
   To welcome this heavyweight performance, Bulgari Taiwan invited Mr. Ni Chonghua, Director of the Cultural Bureau, Mr. Antoine Pin, Managing Director of Bulgari Greater China and Australia, and Ms. Song Wenqi, Chairman of Taipei 101 to attend the lighting ceremony; another Also invited is the special actress Guan Ying who loves the Serpenti series to attend the event. She is famous for her elegant taste. She wears a Bulgari top Serpenti diamond necklace with a total weight of more than 100 carats, of which more than 50 carats of fancy cut diamonds are arranged next to each other. The scales, which form a regular snake body, gradually extend to the tail of the snake with a total of 70 diamonds, showing the gorgeous beauty of Serpenti.
Serpenti’s full range of theme exhibitions
   In addition, the Bulgari boutique in Taipei 101 shopping mall will be synchronized with the lighting event, holding a ‘Serpenti Collection’ theme exhibition, displaying a series of classic creations inspired by Serpenti, including limited edition watches in China, top Jewellery, rare leather bag accessories, and seven Vintage Serpenti antiques are exclusive to Taiwan.
   Bvlgari Tubogas top jewellery watch, 18K gold case, 35mm diameter, brilliant-cut diamonds on the surface (approximately 1.11 carats total), quartz movement, rose gold ring.
   Bvlgari Serpenti white gold jewellery watch, white gold curved case, diameter 26mm, bezel set with 6 brilliant-cut diamonds (approximately 0.45 carats), water-resistant to 30 meters, white mother-of-pearl dial, set with 33 diamonds ( (Approximately 0.06 carats), white gold double-circle bracelet set with 419 brilliant-cut diamonds (approximately 11.92 carats) and 35 green agates, equipped with a Bvlgari quartz movement B033.

Drive The Blue Sky: Breitling Professional High Precision Watch

Willie Breitling, the third-generation successor of Breitling, said: ‘A watch should not only be an icy machine used to remind time, but also a feature-rich, sensitive, intelligent, accurate and trustworthy partner.’ . Therefore, behind every Breitling watch is full of passionate ideas and endless fun, for you to travel between the heavens and the earth, record the strange life.

Breitling Navitimer 01
Breitling dual independent timing buttons
Breitling first gave the watch a chronograph function in 1915, and the ‘dual independent chronograph button’ invented later created a new chronograph mode, which is still in use today. From then on, whether you love sports or work and life, with professional precision timing functions, your watch can simultaneously serve as a variety of practical instruments such as speedometers, distance meters or pulse meters, allowing you to play with the interactive watch pleasure.
Breitling Circular Flight Slider
In 1952, the Breitling Navitimer with a circular flight slider was introduced. This genius invention enables the watch to perform all kinds of precise calculations required for aviation flight, such as average speed, flight distance, fuel consumption, rate of climb or descent, conversion of miles to kilometers or nautical miles, etc., enabling pilots to be faster and more Making flight plans and performing navigation with ease has been popular with pilots and aviation enthusiasts for more than half a century.

Breitling Emergency Watch
In 1995, Breitling once again exerted its founding spirit to the full, and integrated the emergency help signal transmitter into the watch. The Breitling Emergency Watch has a built-in 121.5 megahertz (MHz) micro-transmitter dedicated to the international distress radio frequency. It can continuously and steadily send out a distress signal during critical distress moments to guide rescuers to determine the exact distress location. For more than ten years, the watch has been tested by professional search and rescue organizations and armed forces around the world, saving the lives of the victims more times.

Breitling Mechanical Chronograph Italian Air Force Aerobatic Team Chronomat P.A.N.Frecce Tricolori Special Edition
Official Italian Air Force Aerobatic Team
In 1983, Breitling tailored the official watch for the Italian Air Force’s ‘Three Arrows’ aerobatic flight performance team (Frecce Tricolori). The sturdy case, the shape of the lugs after repeated research, the clear and easy-to-read dial, the ergonomically designed timing button and the crown, specially carved grooves for easy grasping operations and avoiding hooks on the sleeves of flight suits Pattern … every detail of the watch reflects the extreme spirit and dazzling charm of Breitling’s pursuit of excellence.
The Breitling leader Ernest Schneider, who was responsible for the development of the watch at that time, has traveled to Italy many times to understand the daily behavior and actual needs of pilots. From this, he discovered a series of problems and started to solve them, just like carving art Perfection makes the watch perfect. For example, the pilot’s watch mirror sometimes breaks. The reason is that the pilot used to stretch his arms habitually when he opened the cockpit cover after landing, so the watch hit the metal frame of the hood heavily. So Ernst came up with an idea and slightly raised the design of the metal bezel, which helped protect the mirror from impact and ensured that the pilot could easily operate the bezel even when wearing gloves. It is these wonderful inspirations that have made Zoran’s outstanding Breitling watches.

Bovet Tourbillon In Three Time Zones Has Become The Most Complicated Timepiece Masterpiece Certified So Far

In 2001, Pascal Raffy acquired BOVET, the top Swiss watchmaking brand, and became its sole owner. In the same year, Powell Watch co-founded the Fleurier Quality Foundation (FQF for short)-the certification mark issued by this independent organization is hailed as the most rigorous mark of watchmaking quality today.
 At the beginning of the establishment of the FQF Quality Association, Pascal Raffy promised that the first certified timepiece of the Powell watch factory would be completely made by its own workshop. Today he has delivered on this promise in an impressive and unique way.

Amazing debut
 In 2006, when Pascal Raffy acquired the DIMIER 1738 Manufacture de Haute Horlogerie Artisanale, Powell Watch had just obtained certification for the first timepiece made entirely by the factory. But most importantly, this watch is the most complicated timepiece developed and manufactured by Powell.
 The Bobby Rising Star tourbillon with three time zones is composed of 608 parts, and is the representative model of the brand’s large complex series. Its movement has a seven-day power reserve. In addition to displaying hours, minutes, and seconds, the table can also display two independent time zones. Both time zones have valuable day / night indications and an indicator for cities representing twenty-four different time zones.

 Just like the traditional design of the Fleurier series, the Powell Rising Star time zone tourbillon watch is equipped with a delicate Amadeo® case, which has become a watch, mini table clock and pocket watch that can be used on both sides, which perfectly reflects the use of the tourbillon. The ingenuity behind the core. Due to the double-sided design of the timepiece, the watchmaker decided to display the hours and minutes on the eccentric dial configured on the bottom of the watch, so that the watch was displayed on the other side of beauty.
Standard of Excellence
 To be crowned with the FQF mark, a timepiece must pass a series of extremely rigorous tests. Each timepiece must meet both precise timekeeping and aesthetic standards, guarantee flawless reliability, provide proof of high-quality manufacturing, and decorate according to the strict standards of high-end watchmakers. In addition, all components must be manufactured and assembled in Switzerland (100% Swiss made).
 In order to prove that it has the level of precision timing that meets this mark, the movement must first obtain a certification issued by the official Swiss astronomical watch inspection agency COSC. Since the test object of this certification is only the movement, it is certain that once the movement is installed in the case, its performance may be different from that during the test. This is why the FQF Quality Certification Association will conduct a second precision timepiece inspection after the timepiece is assembled. The inspection tool is a machine specially developed by the FQF Quality Certification Association: Fleuritest computer-controlled robot. According to different models, the wearer’s wrist movements and daily activity information are input into the computer, and Fleuritest uses these models to simulate the natural movement of the timepiece, and measure and analyze the speed and accuracy of the timepiece at the same time.
 The FQF mark also requires Chronofiable certification for the timepiece. Chronofiable is an independent laboratory that tests the long-term reliability of all timepiece components by simulating the ‘aging’ of a timepiece. For example, each calibrator is simulated for normal use during the life of the watch. And this type of test is performed by each corrector in the laboratory to simulate the actual condition of the watch during its life.
 The prestigious status of Powell watches is derived from the watchmaking tradition of the last two centuries, combined with perfect precision timing technology and watchmaking decorative art. The Bowei Rising Star tourbillon first handed the movement to these experts in the form of a set of parts, so that each part can be completely inspected; material selection, resource allocation, manufacturing technology, surface finishing selection and decoration will be carefully analyzed To assess compliance with the rules of the association. After completing the assembly, the movement will be submitted to the FQF for the second time to check the stability of the movement’s concept, aesthetics, function, precision timing technology and durability. Strict scrutiny by FQF experts
 Due to the complex structure of the tourbillon movement in the three time zones of the Rising Star, the entire test process took up to 12 months to complete.

Double Pioneering, Commitment
 The extraordinary convictions held by the FQF Quality Association are exactly the same as those of the Powell watch, so it is reasonable that the watch bears the marks of both organizations at the same time. Although it takes time to achieve such an initiative, it also proves the determination of Powell Watch in the watchmaking industry to ensure that its superior quality is passed on.
 The three time zone tourbillons of the Powell Rising Star have achieved the pioneering work of the Powell Watch and the FQF Quality Association. This model is the first fully-made timepiece under the Powell Watch and has been imprinted by the FQF Quality Association. The most sophisticated masterpiece of certification.

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