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The Ball At The Foot The Watch On The Wrist The Ultimate Dialogue Between The Football Master And The Watch Master

In my childhood, I always look forward to Thursday night. After dinner, I wait for the familiar voice in CCTV 5: Good evening, my friends. I am the host Liu Jianhong. Welcome to watch Live … That was the ‘Football Night’ time that my father and I couldn’t beat. I believe many people, like me, use this show as an initiation, fell in love with football culture, and fell in love with many figures on the green field. This time, we completely put aside the commercial behavior and cross-border cooperation of the watch and sports stars, letting me face-to-face with everyone in a fantastic fantasy, tasting watches.

 In 2003, in the quarterfinal match of Mallorca in the Kings Cup bloody slaughter of Real Madrid, we met this slum lad who was not afraid of tigers. His agile performance made the audience’s eyes follow his whirlwind figure. Eto’o has a jaw-dropping explosiveness and a less scientific running speed, and not every player is as good at controlling fighters as he is. The playing field is like a battlefield, and sometimes instantaneous actions can determine success or failure.

 It is such an African boy without background that once defeated Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo and became the highest paid striker in the world. Of course, the slightly frizzy technique is often criticized by fans, but this still does not prevent the giants from favoring him. In the days of Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Inter Milan, Cheetah did not live up to the excellent talents given by God.

 Perhaps this is the period when this football superstar was growing up, and the sudden honour, money, fame and wealth made this young man of poor origin overwhelmed. When the prosperity of the metropolis completely impregnated the young man’s soul, what followed was impetuous personality, arrogance, and a bad temper. I know that the embellishment of this Royal Oak case with screws is inspired by portholes, but at this time, in the analysis of affection, the watch as a whole looks more like the gorgeous fur and spots on the cheetah. The outline of the gold case is sharpened to make it look more sporty. I can hardly imagine anyone other than Eto’o who can bring this watch to a different flavor. Or you don’t like this extravagance, but for this extravagant Cameroonian, nothing is more mighty than this golden light. Everyone knows that his taste is very expensive.

Watch details:
 A joke appeared in the 2012 Big Ears Cup (European Cup): The Spanish team said in an interview that the person they were most afraid of in the Italian team was Pakistani, because they couldn’t guess what he would do after taking the ball. The Italian team members hurriedly said: We too. At that time, Bashen spent three rounds of group matches to think about life, and finally used a fantasy-type goal at the last minute to help the Italian team successfully break into the top 8.

 Perhaps following the Italians’ habit of walking, Bashen often used the stadium as a square and wandered around thoughtfully. These weird behaviors are an unattainable trait for all stars. Bashen was also given the title of ‘thinker on the pitch’. Whether on the bench or on the court, his unpredictable expression and psychedelic expression became a myth for everyone. What is he thinking? I do n’t know, maybe we do n’t understand the world of God. But it is worth noting that the ball skill when leaving the fantasy situation is unquestionable. Maybe he does look a little low-powered, but in fact he is wise.

 I wonder if Vacheron Constantin’s watchmakers have the same unique state of thinking as Bashen. I don’t want to pay too much attention to the design inspiration of this watch. I can only say that the characteristics of this watch are seamlessly integrated with the style of Ba Shen. Whether or not a master-level character has certain nerves crossing at the same intersection, has this type of demeanor been carried forward and attracted attention. The dial design of the side face image makes people feel both profound and magical. The soul of Fangba is hidden in the movement. My imaginative imagination, when Bashen saw this watch, he must reproduce the blurry eyes on the court. At that moment, the brain waves of Bashen and Vacheron Constantin were instantly brought into the same frequency. Outsiders could not get in. Inside People are reluctant to come out. They communicated with each other’s eyes, discussing when to return to their own planet.

Watch details: Zidane’s shining bald head was one of the most beautiful scenery in football. Chinese fans drafted a friendly title for the international star: ‘Qi bald.’ When the Galactic Battleship (Real Madrid) airborne to Beijing that year, I counted on numerous occasions that I would be in close contact with idols, and even a single ‘Bonjour’ could make me excited.

 Maybe the place where Zidane met by chance would not be a high-end Western restaurant or a nightclub. It might just be on the streets lined with small shops, and a big man made a guess and asked the old Chinese medicine practitioners at the stalls for a recipe. Or on a long-distance bus to Henan, a foreign monk piously looked at the road leading to Shaolin Temple while holding the ‘iron head skill cheats’. Of course ‘iron head technology’ cannot be accepted by the referee on the court. After the red card, the bald missed her cup. Although Zidane’s professional farewell is helpless, it is precisely because of this accident that we have learned his true temperament beyond playing sports.

 Poverty and ugliness on the outskirts of Marseille have not left the character of the ball king dusty. After becoming famous, Zidane still maintained the life style of a modest gentleman. Choosing Athens to match him is inevitable. The golden strap of this watch seems to symbolize his glorious career. The blue dial is like the blue waters of his hometown Marseille. I think if Zidane really cares about that regret, let it float away with the sea. Right. The episode that appeared in a near-perfect career was also harmless and flawless. The trophy is just a trophy, and character can crown the soul forever.

Watch details: A lot of people, like me, dedicated their first love to Batty. For big players, frequent transfers are a matter of fame and fortune. I don’t know if Batty has a deep relationship with Florence’s previous life, so that the team’s relegation, Manchester United and AC Milan and other giants did not shake Battier Make determination. Maybe it was God who was finally moved by Battie’s loyalty. In the second year of the relegation, Battie brought Florence back to Grade A paradise in a No. 9 shirt.
 As a team, Batty is the pride of Florence, but from a player’s perspective, it is the greatest honor to win a championship before hanging boots. So Batty bid farewell to Florence and turned to Rome. Tragedies and comedies always come unexpectedly. In the match between Florence and Rome, before the end of the game, he used a standard ‘Bati GOAL’ to penetrate the door of his old club. All the Romans cheered with his flowing hair, and Tears accompany him all over Barcelona. In those tears was Batty’s heart under the iron bone.

 I think Batty is probably a ‘fake’ Argentine. He should be a messenger sent by God in order to let human beings understand the art of football. As a master figure in football, I think only luxury sports watches can be worthy of Batty’s wrist. It is a very low-key series among many sports watches. Although the appearance is not too public, but it contains ultra-high-end technology. Just like a really good player, you don’t need to walk frequently to prove your talents and abilities. Vacheron Constantin’s status in the watch industry today is by no means flattered. It can be known from its excellence in technology that it is a brand worth remembering forever. Of course, I would like to commemorate him with this watch: Forever God of War, Forever Batistuta.

 Watch details: On the stage of all walks of life, there is always a bold ‘stinger head’ in the list of big names, which is worthy of attention. Mourinho’s knowledge is not as profound as ‘Professor (Winger)’ and his temperament is not as steady as ‘Yugi’ (Luff), but the results of the club he leads are always impressive.

 He hates talking to the club’s top executives, and the iron-handed coaching style has led many big players to the Cold War. I often feel that Lao Mu’s irritability stems from loneliness, because I can’t find a strong opponent to fight it. To be sure, this love-hate character is doomed to his extraordinary fate. His madness made him a ‘Triple Crown’ coach. He is Mourinho, and there is always an attachment in arrogance.

 It is such a lunatic madman, but also very affectionate. When a reporter praised him for being very decent in a suit, he said: This is what my wife gave me. It cost her a month’s salary, and I cherish it. In fact, many coaches dress very well, such as Guardiola who likes to wear his hands and Mancini who loves scarves. Mu Shuai may be disdainful of over-decorating himself, but I heard that he loves Frank Muller, or they have a different temperament than ordinary species. The uninhibited creativity of this watch fits the wild nature of a madman. The red dial is embellished like Mu Shuai’s passion, and from time to time, everyone ran out of confusion. This watch seems to be designed by Lao Mu himself. Looks bold and bold personality is particularly abrupt in the watch industry. Maybe this caters to Lao Mu’s mentality: God comes first, I come second.

Watch details: Summary: Today’s watches are not only used to watch the time, from a design point of view, he is the product of the temperament of watchmakers. Each watch has its own unique character, which represents the designers’ forward-looking taste and tireless pursuit of high quality. The interpretation of the wearer’s character is always more intuitive than the language. The significance of this article lies in seeing the watch and seeing the material person. I know that many people ca n’t help thinking of the National Football Team after reading it. In fact, for many years we are like the “parents” of the National Football Team. In our arms, our ‘achievements’ are always not ideal, but if they are not ideal, they are also our own ‘children’. No matter how good others are, they are also others. We are so forgiving, how can they always be patient and let us down? Not to mention we are always improving, whether it is football or watches.

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