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Jazz World’s Leading Antimagnetic Watch – Omega

In modern life, magnetic fields are ubiquitous, and permanent magnetism is getting stronger and stronger. If a non-magnetic watch is placed in a strong magnetic field for a long time, it will inevitably have a huge impact on the accuracy of the watch. Therefore, since the popularization of electromagnetic technology, anti-magnetic has become an important standard to test the strength of watchmaking.

 Jazz World Watch tells you that the watch that first realized anti-magnetic technology was an aviation watch developed by IWC, and this anti-magnetic principle has been enhanced and upgraded on the Omega ‘Iron Ba’ watch, which is the leader of anti-magnetic technology. Omega’s watches with this skill first appeared in 1957. The anti-magnetic case was increased to a double layer and the protection was more stringent, becoming a classic in the watchmaking industry.

 However, Jazz World Watch said that the first anti-magnetic watch released by Omega is not a world classic, and its subsequent appearance is equipped with a new movement in the hippocampus Aqua Terra prototype watch-the 8508 watch is accurate Latest height. It is made of a variety of non-magnetic materials made of non-ferrous metals; there is no restriction on the inner case. The anti-magnetic watch equipped with this movement can be equipped with a calendar display function, and the movement can be displayed on a transparent case back. The most amazing thing is that 8508 can resist 15,000 Gauss and even stronger magnetic fields.

 With the continuous development and progress of modern society, the application of various electrical appliances keeps us in a huge artificial magnetic field at all times, so a watch without antimagnetic function cannot naturally be in this magnetic field. When a watch without anti-magnetic function is in it, the ferrous parts of the mechanical movement are sensitive to temperature and magnetic fields, especially the hairspring. The magnetic field can easily affect the elasticity of the hairspring and even deform it. In severe cases, the hairspring sticks together and directly causes the watch to stop.

 Jazz watches have learned that it is for these reasons that they led to the advent of antimagnetic watches. As the leader of anti-magnetic watches, Omega has been favored by many consumers and even appreciated by experts. By understanding the sales records of Jazz World Watch Store, we can find that Omega has been appreciated by many people, and their related comments are centered on their antimagnetic skills. It can be seen that only in line with the needs of market development and continuous innovation, can it be smooth sailing in the market.

 In the face of this achievement, experts said that this is also an inevitable trend in market development and has been widely recognized among consumer groups, which has taken a truly successful step.

Public Price 19,800, Buy A More Stylish And High-quality Tag Heuer Deep Diving Watch

For TAG Heuer, the Swiss avant-garde watchmaking brand, its sports watches are never inferior. Whether it is avant-garde, stylish design, or superior, powerful performance, can be called the leading force in the field of sports watches. Recently, the watch house in the Tag Heuer boutique in Vientiane City, Chongqing, enjoyed a very high quality Aquaracer watch series, with good performance and dynamic appearance, is the first recommendation for diving enthusiasts. Let’s take a look at this deep dive watch together. (Watch model: WAY201A.BA0927)

  The TAG Heuer brand has always maintained an absolute passion for marine sports. In the past 1892, Edouard Heuer, the pioneer of the watch industry, has successfully obtained the first case waterproof patent in the history of watchmaking, which has laid a solid foundation for the development of today’s diving watches. . Later, in 2003, Tag Heuer launched Aquaracer watches, which provide reliable and accurate wrist support for various marine sports.

  The watch is made of stainless steel and polished with satin to give the case a brighter luster. The diameter of the watch is 43 mm, which is suitable for wearing on the wrist of the public.

 The watch is equipped with a ceramic unidirectional rotating bezel, supplemented by 12 facets, and engraved with silver lacquered numerals. The bezel is polished and polished. The ceramic material can ensure that the diving watch can remain as bright as time after the passage of time. Feeling. The gripping design of the bezel gives the watch more water resistance.

The screw-in design of the side crown also enhances the watch’s water resistance

  The anti-glare and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass has a magnified date window to enhance the readability of the watch and add more elegance and harmony to the watch.

  On the black dial, the unique horizontal lines of the Tag Heuer across the dial are designed. This type of style resembles a wooden dock where a sailboat is moored, adding more marine color to the watch. The hour markers, polished hour and minute hands are covered with luminous markers, and the polished second hand with colored SuperLuminova ™ luminous dots for extremely high visibility.

‘TAG Heuer’ and ‘AQUARACER’ logos printed at 12 o’clock

‘CALIBRE 5-AUTOMATIC-300M / 1000FT’ engraved at 6 o’clock

  The watch comes with a triple-turn satin-finished stainless steel strap, a polished stainless steel folding clasp, and safety buttons and diving extensions.

  The bottom is sealed and the spiral back cover is engraved with a diving helmet pattern. The watch is equipped with Calibre 5 self-winding movement, 28,800 times / hour (4 Hz), with fast date adjustment, stop seconds and other features. After full winding, it can provide about 38 hours of power reserve. Water-resistant to 300 meters.

  Summary: This well-equipped Aquaracer watch strictly follows the meticulous manufacturing standards of the Tag Heuer brand and extremely difficult testing methods, which is enough to become a reliable timepiece for every sports person. Watch price: RMB 19,800

 Tag Heuer Boutique, Vientiane City, Chongqing

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[Shop Address]: Shop No. L144, Level L1, South Section, Vientiane City, Chongqing China Resources Center, No. 51 and 53 Xiejiawan Main Street, Jiulongpo District, Chongqing City
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