Month: July 2014

Spring Big Watch Intoxicated Flowers In The Wrist

No matter how delicate the flowers are, there will be a day of withering, and the ultimate bloom is only an instant. But people always want to keep this wonderful moment. Just as the designers deliberately displayed the subtlety of the watch in front of everyone, does the watch inspired by flowers not just leave that charming flower on the wrist forever? Whether it’s a lily-like elegance or a tulip-like richness, let us indulge in the flowers and always feel its fragrance.
Rich time like a tulip

Piaget Limelight Paradise watch
Graceful Daffodil Renders Wonderful World in Hidden Dial
· Crystal-like pure white and topaz embellishment reveals a hint of playfulness, exuding an intoxicating light
的 The beauty of this watch lies in its subtle and unique temperament. It will not be dull and hot, the use of color and matching will be controlled properly, and the design of the hidden dial will reveal a subtle beauty.

Colorful gems stitching abstract flower pattern
鲜艳 Bright red gems add a deadly rose-like appeal to the overall flower pattern

Van Cleef & Arpels Secret Duo Watch
· Dual time zone display shows the beauty of different areas
Crystal flower pattern reveals a cool and deep temperament under the dark blue satin surface
A beautiful time like a lily

Glashutte ORIGINAL Spring Blossom Spring Watch
Pink cherry blossoms bring a breath of spring
· Elegant colors make the entire watch extremely round. On the delicate dial, a few strokes outline the flower scene, which is suitable for fresh and refined women
In a fresh and elegant watch design, a few simple strokes outline the beautiful flowers, scattered in the dial, and set off a good temperament. Although it is Xiaojiabiyu, don’t have some fun.

Jean Richard Bressel Lady Small Second Watch
· The simpler the shape, the more classic
素 Su Ya’s design is matched with beautiful diamonds, but she does not see the publicity, but stands out with a clear temperament. Blossoming petals are connected in a series, suitable for cute little women.

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