Blancpain Shows The Latest Work Of Fifty Fathoms In The 50s Series Under The Witness Of Gianluca Kinoni

Blancpain recently held an exclusive event in Madrid, and free diving champion Gianluca Genoni attended the event. Guests took the opportunity to explore this year’s new FiftyFathoms Fifty Fathoms watch, and experience the underwater static breath holding experience under the professional guidance of the brand’s best friend, the famous diver Gionluca Kinoni.

   About 20 distinguished customers and journalists from leading Spanish magazines in the field of lifestyle and watchmaking were invited by the brand to attend the event and immersed in a free diving experience. This is a two-day event. Ms. Lara Bartolomé, Blancpain’s brand manager for Spain, introduced the new FiftyFathoms Fifty Fathoms series watch launched in May this year.

   Afterwards, Gionluca Kinoni, the 15 record holder in the free diving field, will introduce you to the introductory course of underwater static breath holding. At the beginning of the course, he introduced the principles of psychological, physical muscle preparation and breathing to achieve the best performance of static breath holding underwater, and to avoid discomfort or danger. Under the guidance of the Italian champion, the trainees practiced breathing skills and concentration in turn, and learned to adjust their posture in the water. This interactive sport challenge made guests aware that without much effort, it is possible to hold your breath for 2 to 4 minutes in a relaxed state.

   At the end of this wonderful diving experience, all participants were invited to taste the exquisite and creative cuisine hosted by Michelin-starred chef (José Carlos Fuentes).