Month: December 2014

People’s Positioning Is Of Good Quality Three Recommended Watches At Affordable Prices

‘People-friendly’ represents a relatively popular audience, which means that the price of watches will not be too high. In the limited cost, how to control the quality, in the tabulation, this requires that the brand must be weighed, and technology, materials, and craftsmanship must also be researched and innovative. Which of these watch brands on the market have strict requirements for quality? Which watches are the most worth buying among these brands? Today, Watch House has found several watches with good quality in the positioning of the people, let’s look down together!

Tissot T-CLASSIC T099.427.36.038.00

Product model: T099.427.36.038.00
Domestic public price: 8300
Watch diameter: 44 mm
Case thickness: 15.18 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: C01.211
Case material: Gold-plated steel
Water resistance: 50 meters
Watch details: PowermaticTM 80
Case material: 316L matte steel
Water resistance: 300 meters
Watch details:
Domestic public price: 6900
Watch diameter: 44 mm
Case thickness: 11.8 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: 80611
Case material: PVD coated stainless steel
Water resistance: 100 meters
Watch details: mido / 55173 /
Watch comments: At first glance it is different from other watches. The ‘high-grade gray’ used in color matching and the blue used in the dial are particularly suitable for winter wear. The dial uses a Geneva stripe design, which adds some simple layering to the whole. It is more tough with rail-like time scales. This newly launched helmsman series is the largest three-handed model of Mido. The 44mm diameter allows enough space for all elements to be displayed. But it should be noted that such a large dial diameter is more suitable for men with thicker wrists or men with more tough styles. The domestic public price of this watch is only 6,900 yuan, and interested friends can go to the store to consult and try it on.

Summary: Watch brands that are committed to staying close to the people must not only meet consumer demand for prices, but also work hard on quality control. After all, the quality of watches is the biggest consumer decision and the most important buying behavior. Influencing factors. A watch only relies on its appearance to occupy the market. Except for a few rare examples, most watches still need to have excellent quality. The positioning of the watch at the beginning was a practical tool. If its basic functions could not be guaranteed, everything would be nothing.

Scott Brash Rides ‘hello M’ Lady ‘to Win The’ Longines Fifa World Cup Obstacle ‘held During The London Olympia Equestrian Race

On Sunday, December 18, 2016, during the ‘Longines FEI World CupTM Jumping’ held during the London Olympia International Equestrian Race, ride the ‘Hello M ‘lady’ British jockey Scott Brash wins at home. Another British jockey, Ben Maher, took the runner-up on ‘Diva II’, while the Belgian jockey on ‘H & M Harley vd Bisschop’ took third place.

   On December 16th (Friday), Swiss rider Steve Guerdat rode the ‘Corbinian’ to win the ‘Longines Christmas Cracker’.

   Longines is an official partner, official timekeeper and designated watch of the Longines FEI World CupTM Jumping Western European League; two champion riders were awarded elegant watches.

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