Richard Mille Richard Mille Rm 67-02 Sprint (Dash) Automatic Winding Watch Tasting

RICHARDMILLE has more than 40 models under the Richard Mille watch brand. From each watch engraved with the RICHARDMILLE mark, you can strongly feel that the brand’s creator is loyal to the watch culture and at the same time High-tech R & D, innovative materials, passion for aerospace and racing, and a spirit of innovation that never compromises for norms! In 2017, RICHARDMILLE launched the RM67-02Sprint (dash) self-winding watch. (Model: RM67-02Sprint)

Watch body real shot
   The brand created a green RM67-02Sprint watch for sprinter WaydevanNiekerk. The 2017 World Track and Field Championships were held at the London Olympic Stadium. During this time, sprinter WaydevanNiekerk and MutazEssaBarshim, the king of high jumpers, wore this new work by RICHARDMILLE. sprint).

Dial real shot
   RICHARDMILLE Richard Mille wants to create a unique watch that fits perfectly to the body, just like the second skin of an athlete, and achieves a ‘symbiotic’ state with the athlete. This is also the inspiration for the creation of this watch. In order to ensure that the watch’s sportiness, lightness, slimness and ergonomics fit perfectly, the Richard Milleer team has recreated its lines to highlight the quality of the sport.

   The case is made of RICHARDMILLE’s exclusive TPT® carbon fiber and TPT® quartz composite material, which is resistant to severe impact and has a very high abrasion resistance. The slim assembly from the case to the bottom of the case does not detract from its physical properties, nor is it subject to performance that may encounter various conditions during high-level exercise.

   The secret of PT® quartz is that it is made by stacking thin layers of silicon with a maximum diameter of only 45 microns. Through special machine assembly, the fiber direction is adjusted so that each layer is staggered at a 45 ° angle, and then immersed in the newly developed color resin. The two colors used by 67-02Sprint, yellow and green, represent Wayde’s country, South Africa. The watch ring made of TPT® carbon fiber uses the same process, but the material used is carbon fiber.

   Watch diameter: 38.70×47.52×7.80 mm, compact automatic dial, strong lines, made of TPT® carbon fiber and platinum, bridge and ultra-thin CRMA7 machine made of grade 5 titanium alloy with internal DLC The core clearly highlights the sporty quality of this watch. The extreme hollowed-out base plate can only be achieved after at least two hours of proprietary mechanical processing, and the mechanical processing itself can only be achieved after hundreds of hours of programming and specialized mechanical adjustments.

   The gear involute can provide a pressure of 20 °, and the optimized gear system, combined with a variable inertia balance wheel, ensures excellent power transmission to the barrel and guarantees 50 hours of long-lasting performance.

Watch sharp, sharp lines and crown

 Watch case real shot effect

   The mercerized polished surface, slanted hands and sharp lines, the CRMA7 movement actively conveys a powerful sense of power. The lines of the dial echo the movement and are machined from titanium alloy plates with a thickness of just 0.4 mm. Black DLC coating, and then painted by hand with the colors of the national flag of the athlete.

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Jacques De Versailles’ Charm Time

On June 20, 2014, the Lausanne Bega Ballet from Switzerland presented a wonderful performance at the Orangery of the Palace of Versailles, which is definitely part of the Seven Wonders of the World. The perfect arrangement of the Lausanne Bega Ballet and the magnificence of the Palace of Versailles bring this amazing art to life. Ballet dancers’ relentless pursuit of elegance, accuracy of movement, and excellence, naturally reminds us of the elegance of Jaquet Droz.

 Watching the performance of Jacques Dro’s artistic partner, Lausanne Bega Ballet in Versailles Garden, is definitely a journey full of emotions and memories. Actually two and a half centuries ago, exactly 1775, the son of Pierre Jaquet-Droz, Henri Louis Jaquet-Droz, was king at the court of France. Interview by Louis XVI. He showed three automatic dolls on the scene, which marveled the French king, and Jacques Dero’s magic once again convinced the world.

 That night, abundant emotions and unspeakable beauty were everywhere, filling every corner of the garden. The perfect choreography highlights the purest beauty of the ballet dancers. The magnificence and rich historical charm of Versailles Palace make this evening special and memorable. Finally, Morris Ravel’s orchestral work ‘The Bolero’ was played live. With the rhythm and moving melody, guests were deeply intoxicated and almost forgot the passing of time.

 Jacques de Rosé and Lausanne Bega Ballet are not the relationship of traditional art sponsorship, but the intersection and fusion between two art fields that pursue perfection and precision. This is a creative collision flashing with wisdom. It is a sympathy between two great artists. They have a passion for dynamics. They regard time as an invaluable treasure. They have a deep understanding of the countless fleeting precious moments. Eternal beauty. Next time, Jacques de Lois will bring the Lausanne Bega Ballet to Mexico. On July 19th, the magic of art will surely be amazing again.

Concentrating On The Wrist, Why Not Take An Adventure? Glashütte’s Original Watch Leads The Wrist On The Sea

Originated from the glorious bloodline of 1845, looking at 170 years of German watchmaking history, Glashütte Original is the true inheritor of high-end German watchmaking. Its watches are equipped with 100% independently developed original movements, and parts are manufactured 95% independently. Glashütte Original is one of the rare real watchmaking brands in the world with its own watchmaking factory and dial factory. Taking the heritage of the German watchmaking civilization as its own mission, the establishment of the German Glashütte Watchmaking Museum and Watchmaking School is rare in the field of fine watchmaking.

Senator Observer
Precise navigation
   With a history of 170 years, as a direct heir to Glashütte’s watchmaking traditions and craftsmanship, Glashütte Original not only integrates the technical equipment, training system and human resources of 7 exquisite watchmaking factories in the region, but also has taken over from Mantle of several twentieth century watchmakers.

   In 2015, Glashütte’s new parliamentary watch watch, which was originally launched at the Basel International Watch Fair, was inspired by the old work of entrepreneurial pioneer Julias Asman.

Julias Asman

   In history, Julias Assmann is perhaps the world’s best watchmaker, and the workshops and ship clocks created by the workshop he founded are known for their accuracy and reliability, capable of handling all kinds of extreme climates and rough seas. Challenges, so loved by naval officers, pilots and explorers.

   Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen brought a number of observation watches with him during his expedition to Antarctica. One of them was an accurate and sturdy pocket watch from the Glashütte Julias Asman watchmaking workshop. This watch, made by Julias Asman, caught Amundsen’s attention in 1910 and bought the watch at the German Naval Academy in Hamburg.

   In 1911, Amundsen used this watch to accurately navigate and led his expedition to complete the feat of conquering the South Pole for the first time in human history.

   Inheriting the glorious tradition of the ancestors, Glashütte Original practiced the essence of the watch on modern mechanical watches to the fullest extent. For example, the dial of the 58 series astronomical table refers to the classic design of the watch.

   On the eve of Baselworld 2012, Glashütte launched a limited edition platinum watch 1911 in honor of Julias Asman and Roald Amundsen, which was released at a subsequent exhibition. Unlimited stainless steel.

   In 2015, Glashütte Original once again carried forward the spirit of exploration and launched a new watch for parliamentarians. This well-crafted watch awakens the dream history of the era of great sailing. The dial factory of the Saxony watch factory uses a luminous coating on a large area of ​​the new MP watch dial: from elegant platinum hands to retro bold Arabic numerals and scales are all coated with green fluorescent materials, making it original on the watch. Based on the style, it forms a very eye-catching and unique luminous display effect.

   When the light is sufficient, the matte black dial and white hands and scales have excellent contrast. When night falls, the ubiquitous luminous coating can also ensure that the readings are not affected, which is convenient for the wearer and meets the purpose of the watch.

   In addition, every detail of the dial is strived to be better. The small seconds dial at nine o’clock, the scale circle and the power reserve display at three o’clock. The elegant matte black dial reflects Arabic numerals. Precision pocket watch originally developed by Glashütte in the early 20th century. In the middle of the lower part of the dial is also a large calendar window unique to Glashütte’s original design.
   Equipped with the outstanding and exquisite Calibre 100-14 automatic movement. It has a power reserve of up to 55 hours, an efficient two-way automatic winding mechanism, and the seconds hand can be instantly reset to zero by the buttons on the side of the case to achieve accurate time adjustment. With the sapphire caseback, the beauty of the Calibre 100-14 automatic movement can be seen at a glance. Glashütte’s original three-quarter movement splint, screw-fastened gold sleeve, 21K gold rotor and gold-plated double G logo are also available.
   The new MP watch features a stylish 44mm satin-finished stainless steel case with a black calfskin strap and a stainless steel folding clasp, or a polished stainless steel bracelet.