Citizen High-end Mechanical Watch Embodies Extreme Art Temperament

The high-end watch industry that has always been at the top of the pyramid has inevitably been blocked by the cold current. According to the data of the Swiss Watch Industry Association, the value of Swiss watches exported to Hong Kong, China decreased by 15.2% in December 2008 The United States decreased by 15.9%. The value of the watch industry is gradually returning to rationality, and many brands are turning to the low-end market. However, Citizen, which has always maintained its mid-to-high-end positioning, chose to launch a variety of high-end multi-function mechanical watches at this time.

All mechanical watches are equipped with Citizen’s 4166 movement.
Citizen has been adhering to the design concept of ‘fusion of technology and beauty’, and has received a new interpretation in this series of mechanical watches. These five mechanical watches use Citizen’s self-produced 4166 movement. This movement is an innovation and improvement on the classic movement with decades of history, representing the new products of the Citizen mechanical watch in the next ten years. Development trend, can run continuously for 40 hours when full. In terms of design, Citizen seized the background of the times, and strived to reflect people’s nostalgia for traditional mechanical beauty and yearning for technological fashion development: through the fine hollow carving on the back of the case, you can see the movement of the mechanical structure and the swing of the self-winding rotating wheel The movement of time is clearly visible. The movement splint adopts the ‘Geneva pattern’ polishing process, and is equipped with a hollow automatic hammer, and every detail expresses the artistic temperament.

09 high-end mechanical watch launched by Citizen
According to the person in charge of the Citizen Company, the company has been strong in the development and development of mechanical watches since its establishment. It has set a number of industry firsts and is the only manufacturer in the international watch industry that can independently develop and produce movements. One. Due to the world energy crisis in the 1970s, Citizen began to develop solar-powered watches, hoping to spread the concept of environmental protection through solar-powered watches. Citizen Eco-Drive watches have become the mainstream products of Citizen because of their environmental protection, convenience, and stylish design, accounting for more than 80% of global sales, especially in North America and Europe. Chinese consumers have a certain preference for mechanical watches. Citizen The sales of mechanical watches in the Chinese market have been very good. The release of high-end mechanical watches this time is aimed at the characteristics of the Chinese market and is also in accordance with the established plan of Citizen’s medium and long-term development strategy in China. In the fourth quarter of 2008 and the first two months of this year, Citizen has achieved satisfactory market results. At present, it seems that it has not been affected by the economic crisis.

Baoji Chengdu Taikoo Li Boutique Unveiled Veil

Opening boutiques in the most prestigious landmarks around the world is a tradition of the Breguet brand. On the 240th anniversary of the brand’s founding, Baodi chose Taiguli, a new landmark in the capital of Tianfu, and opened a new boutique. Adjacent to the thousand-year-old temple Daci Temple, it is located between the crisscrossed lanes and lanes. The Baoguo Chengdu Taikooli boutique is remodeled from the famous historical building ‘Xinlu’, with unique design style.
   Stepping into a boutique, it feels like you are in an art house that has been baptized over time. Breguet is deeply fused with heritage and innovation. The overall design of the boutique retains the ancient western Sichuan architectural style. The blue brick and blue tile roof is equipped with clear and concise glass curtain walls, black lacquer grille and oval furniture display. Yet modern seamless link. This also complements the rich and profound cultural heritage of Breguet’s 240 years. The subtle combination of Eastern and Western design perfectly interprets Breguet’s historical heritage and unremitting innovation of the brand concept.
   Breguet Chengdu Taikoo Li Boutique is the brand’s seventh direct store in China, creating a brand new watch appreciation and communication space for watch enthusiasts in Chengdu and surrounding areas, which fully reflects the brand’s influence on the Western China market. The importance and confidence of Breguet underscores Breguet’s prestige in the world of fine watchmaking and fine jewelry.