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Cartier Hill Duchess! Why Jack Gyllenhaal Respects It

He has a capable dark brown hairstyle, and his eyes will always be deep and charming. He is the young cowboy Jack Drizzt who came out of Brokeback Mountain at that time; and Lu Bloom, a journalist who deals with various marginal figures in ‘Nightwalker’, he sometimes faces emotions and is sometimes full of passion. He can blur the line between positive and evil, and can interpret the unique and delicate view of love. Years of film and television experience, actor Jack Gyllenhaal has injected his own talent into each film, unearthed a completely new side, and successfully controlled various roles. In 2018, Jack Gyllenhaal unveiled the new Santos de Cartier watch, and met with everyone as a new interpretation image. So why is he, as a well-known American actor and producer, so respectful of this newly updated watch series? Let’s find out together:

It turned out that Santos is a watch with a history

   In the long journey of life, in endless history, we can always hear stories of breaking through established rules and succeeding. The heroes of the story go forward bravely, breaking through the limit in difficult adversity, even if the hope is small, they have to struggle to climb to the other side of their dreams. This kind of serious and drunk people are really fascinating. The story of Santos begins with the pioneer representative of the dare-breaker-the famous pilot Alberto Santos-Dumont.

   As a pioneer in the field of flight of that era, Mr. Albert Santos Dumont is a person with a persistent professional pursuit, devoted to the task of researching, exploring and developing technology in actual flight, and using actual actions Explain yourself and the freedom you seek, as well as your crazy ambitions for flying. At the end of the nineteenth century, he was keen to fly, and he met Louis Cartier, the soul of the same ‘Beauty Age’, and established a sincere friendship based on understanding each other’s talent. Together they explore new spaces and create together.

   After learning that Mr. Albert Santos Dumont’s ‘failure to take out a pocket watch to confirm the time when he had to control the spacecraft with both hands,’ Mr Cartier remembered. With this in mind, a new watch design was created a few years later, solving the flight adventurer’s problems. The watch with this new design is named Santos after the name of a friend.

As the first Santos de Cartier watch, it not only perfectly blends the bracelet with the watch. And Albert Santos Dumont constantly challenged the spirit, speed and fashion charm of the new field of technology into the watch. Created with restrained lines and light texture, this watch is the first modern timepiece. It also created the first screw-out design, inspired by the screws in the design of Santos aircraft, creating a fashionable logo that is popular all over the world, and opened the first step to meet the needs of customers’ watches.
Connect with the needs of the times

   During the long period of 1908-2004, over time, the Santos de Cartier watch also changed according to different needs, just like us who follow the trend and love fashion. In addition to the regular model, a limited edition has been added to meet the desire of a few specific customers to own this watch. Expanded on the classic square watch creation material, the original single steel material turned to the precious metal material. Subsequently, the brand launched the sports Santos de Cartier watch, the first time the watch was made of stainless steel and gold, which became a major innovation in watch design. Multilateral materials are practical, such as the use of luxury jewelry in men’s watches, making this watch more popular. This improvement over and over again has also pushed this classic series forward with a clear atmosphere of the times, showing a new look.

Santo-Dumont watch, Cartier Paris, 1912

Look better, change better, wear better

   In 2018, after the launch of the 2004 Cartier Santos 100 series watch, the brand once again launched this new generation of Santos de Cartier watch as a replacement for the Santos 100 series watch under the title of this highly watched series. Models. Although the new watch has not changed at first glance, it is actually hidden in the sky:

   In appearance, it inherits the existing classic design (the iconic square case, eight screws, etc.), innovatively designs the bezel, and extends the bezel up and down based on the original square case. Make the case and the bracelet line more harmonious. There are more updates on the disk. The first is to upgrade the ordinary luminous pointer to blue steel pointer. The new dial scales have also been replaced by track scales, which makes the time indication clearer and more intuitive at the same time as adding a dial look. The second is the addition of a 6 o’clock calendar display window, which adds practical functions to the panel.

  The new Santos de Cartier watch began to change the universal movement to the self-produced 1847MC self-winding movement. Its size is 25.6 mm, the full chain provides 42 hours of power reserve, 23 gem shafts, 28800 pendulum. Frequency etc. These properties make the new model more accurate and durable, adding to the watch’s practicality and durability.

   This time, the biggest highlight of the new Santos de Cartier watch is the bracelet. QuickSwitch patented technology and SmartLink patented technology are being applied respectively. The former can make changing the strap faster, the latter can make it easier to intercept the metal chain links. These two technical supports can be changed by the wearer with only two hands without relying on professional tools. Strong competitive advantage. The combination of good-looking, good-wearing and good-for-all has become one of the most competitive watches in this year’s new products.

Large model, stainless steel, metal bracelet + leather strap
Most importantly, Jack Gyllenhaal perfectly outlined the image of the man represented by the Santos de Cartier watch
   In order to let the legendary pilot Albert Santos Dumont spirit and Santos de Cartier watch Cartier Santos watch more people understand, Cartier and French palace-level brand Cartier in June 2018 with American actors and Producer Jake Gyllenhaal and British director Seb Edwards have launched the new Santos de Cartier watch microfilm. Concentrate Albert Santos Dumont’s ambitious and infinite passion, and his unremitting enthusiasm for the flying cause in 60 seconds, to pay tribute to the fearless pioneer.

   Integrity, perseverance, curiosity, and focus on your career are the visual impression of this famous American movie star. It coincides with the pioneering spirit of Mr. Albert Santos Dumont, who is persistent, fearless and always loyal to himself. It can be said that it is the representative of the contemporary men’s image of the Santos de Cartier watch. Because of this, Jack Gyllenhaal was invited to star in the film, highlighting the significance and philosophy of this work with his extraordinary talents and years of personal style.
The new Santos image by Jack Gyllenhaal

   The micro-film uses Seb Edwards’ iconic expression technique to create a fantasy world of Fellini style. Through Cartier’s perspective, this exciting story is told in the most intuitive way. While conveying the aesthetic image of the interlaced reality to the audience, it also cleverly interprets the legendary and independent spirit behind the Santos de Cartier watch. In particular, the further depiction of the world in Albert Santos Dumont’s dreamland creates a wild and abstract fantasy, which explains the extraordinary origin of this watch.

Men’s Favorite Racing Watch Brings Together Eternal Speed And Passion

The racing watch has an intriguing ability. It collects the racing cars that men love, and forms an eternal theme of speed and passion. In addition to having a more dynamic shape, dashboards, tires, and other parts of cars often become elements of inspiration for racing watches. The dynamic carbon fiber dial and the embossed strap of the tire make people seem to hear the roar of car engines.
Blancpain Super Trofeo Racing Watch
Blancpain’s racing watch is definitely a breakthrough for the brand itself. This is almost the oldest watch brand in the world. It has always been a model of low-key and emphasis on formal wear. After cooperation between Lamborghini and Blancpain, the racing watch is extremely powerful. The unique decorative pattern of the Super Trofeo racing watch is exactly like the Lamborghini Gallardo’s taillights. The background of the watch’s pendulum uses the two-color checkered flag pattern of Lamborghini. Even the Alcantara strap also echoes the interior of the Lamborghini premium car. Its relationship with Lamborghini’s ‘blood’ is clear at a glance.
To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the famous driver Elton Senna, the Hublot King Elton Senna watch is completely made of carbon fiber widely used in the F1TM arena. The polished ceramic bezel is decorated with several small holes. Symbol of F1TM ceramic brake discs; the strap is made of Nomex flame retardant coating, which is the fabric used for F1TM driver racing suits.
Omega The Legend coaxial chronograph Omega Speedmaster The Legend coaxial chronograph rubber strap with F1 racing tire pattern. The black carbon fiber on the dial is reminiscent of the lightweight and sturdy materials used in today’s top racing cars. TAG Heuer’s latest concept chronograph series uses a black vacuum-coated (PVD) case. Calibre 36 movement is suspended in an ‘energy-added’ steel casing like a suspension. This design is very similar to protecting the driver’s cockpit.
Complex functions
In 1901, the pioneer of the modern aviation industry, the explorer and the founder of the Romanian Automobile Club, Prince George Valentin Bibescu, drove the car at an incredible speed of 25 km per hour from Geneva to Bucharest. It is said that Prince Bibescu took note of this adventure and also mentioned how he used the pocket watch to constantly calculate the speed. (The car was not equipped with an odometer at the time). Is this story a rumor or a fact? I’m afraid no one can confirm it, but this legend may be the inspiration for the invention of the car odometer.
As early as the early 20th century, the founder of the timepiece, George Dugomon, applied for a patent for a movement developed specifically for automobiles. This movement can work continuously for one week after being wound up. Japanese chain movement. This movement is used by many car manufacturers. This car watch uses a solid structure, fixed to the car dashboard system, and the pointer is at 6 o’clock, making the 8-day chain able to adapt to the harsh environment of the car journey, including dust, humidity, bumps and vibration.
TAG Heuer new concept chronograph
Nowadays, the evolution of watchmaking technology has made watches and racing cars closer. Resistance to bumps is the first requirement. The TAG Heuer Calibre 36 movement is 36,000 semi-swings per hour, an amazing speed, equivalent to the Le Mans prototype speeding at 350 kilometers per hour. This watch is just like a ready-to-run car, and it can run at 400 kilometers per hour on the legendary Mulsanne Straight of the endurance race. Like the Bentley racing car, the Breitling Bentley watch is also equipped with a powerful and extraordinary ‘engine’. The outstanding power generated by its pendulum and rim rotation ensures that the watch can accurately time in extreme sports.
Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona
Super fast speed needs super precision. The Breitling Bentley’s ’30-second chronograph hand’ is amazing. It has a 30-second chronograph hand that can make a circle around the dial. This design subverts the traditional concept of a 60-second lap and makes the time measurement accurate. The degree reaches 1/8 second. The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona was born in 1963 and has since become inextricably linked to speed racing. The short-distance chronograph function of the chronograph movement of the watch can calculate accurately to 1/8 second; the speedometer scale on the outer ring can read the speed data immediately after a certain driving distance.

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