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For decades, Bulgari Serpenti watches have left an indelible mark on the global watch and jewelry design industry. The serpentine pattern that symbolizes eternal youth and immortality in mythic fables is a long-term aesthetic pursuit of the Italian jewelry industry. Bulgari has continuously improved itself and reinterpreted one of the most famous contemporary design themes. This theme frequently appeared in the long-established Among the most watched innovations by Roman jewelers.
Bulgari has created many unique and intriguing Serpenti bracelet watches. The unique metal structure is combined with precious gems and enamels. Relying on Bulgari’s unique manufacturing process to make this masterpiece of jewelry With inherent softness and flexibility, it is comfortable to wear, just like the second skin.

In 2012, the classic works bearing the glory and glory of Bvlgari were once again shown to the people. Serpenti is making the latest interpretation of the ancient tradition respected by Bvlgari in the most fashionable and popular language. Inspired by the Bulgari collection, the complicated and painstaking craftsmanship has created this complex and attractive new jewellery watch. The coiled serpentine style is wrapped around the wrist.
The sparkling 18-karat gold Serpenti bracelet is crafted with the most traditional goldsmith technology, embodying the admirable and outstanding expertise and skills of Bulgar. This masterpiece has a double-coiled snake bracelet in rose gold weaving, embellished with lacquered black or white enamel scales and set with brilliant-cut diamonds, and its single-loop bracelet scales are made of rose gold with diamonds. The braided structure strap requires a long preparation and complicated molding process. Depending on the unique manufacturing process, the bracelet is so comfortable, smooth and soft, just like the second skin.
The bracelet is extended into a case, like the head of a mysterious reptile, equipped with Bulgar’s exclusive quartz movement, set with 6 brilliant-cut diamonds (0.6 carats) on both sides, plus 33 gems The 12-hour indicator inlaid surrounds the black sapphire dial or the white mother-of-pearl dial (depending on the model).
 Bulgari once again interprets the brand’s most famous snake-shaped totem with the most stunning jewellery masterpiece.

Day1: Directly At The 2016 Basel International Watch Fair

As the annual ‘Oscar’ feast of the watch industry, the 44th Basel International Watch Fair kicked off with great expectations. As a witness and witness of the development of the Swiss watchmaking industry, Mido watches on the first day of the exhibition impressed the audience and the media with a number of watches with historical significance and extraordinary charm. For a long time, the Mido brand has always adhered to architecture as the source of design inspiration and is unique in the field of watches. At this year’s Basel Clock & Watch Fair, through a unique journey of time, the endless possibilities of inspiration have been confirmed.

Architectural inspiration creates a different initiative
   At this year’s Basel watch exhibition, Swiss Mido watch creates a romantic British tour for visitors, moving the model of the Big Ben in London to the watch exhibition site, and hereby celebrates the watchmaker Sebastian Pére Inspired by the Big Ben, the Big Ben Limited Edition watch, which won the crown in the Mido Professional Watchmaker Contest, was launched. Just like this famous iconic building, the Big Ben Limited Edition watch is designed with a pioneering spirit. Through the concept of ‘circle in squares’, from the case and strap to the dial and movement, this model The unique watch follows the neo-Gothic architectural style in many places, showing the grandeur of Big Ben from the inside out, showing a highly original and classic design style. What is even more remarkable is that this watch is limited to only 500 pieces in the world, which will definitely set off a wave of buying in the watch industry.

Life inspiration creates brand legend
    During the opening of Mido by Basel watch, on the first day of the show, distinguished guests were invited to watch a new movie ‘Anna’s Time’, which was inspired by the legend of Mido, and experienced together. Extremely moving time journey. The film is a feature film shot by the well-known Swiss director Greg Zglinski based on the beautiful love between founder Georges Schaeren and his wife. The founding history of the Mido brand and various inspirations in life have been used as The important clue of the plot runs through the whole film. Mido, a watch brand with a history of nearly 100 years, contains the timeless quality and timeless classics, which also flow in the various shots of the film and penetrate the hearts of each guest.

    Mrs. Noémie Kocher, the great-granddaughter of Georges Schaeren, the founder of Swiss Mido brand, who is also the screenwriter of the film, was invited to attend the film viewing event to share the family story and her feelings in the creation with media and guests from all over the world. ‘Anna’s Time’ allows global audiences to personally experience the development of the Mido brand, and strives to shape the emotional dimension of the Mido brand, and to narrow the psychological distance with consumers.

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Tissot Launches T02 Series Ladies Watch

This is the first time Tissot has adopted a female designer to design a female watch. In her design, the “T” logo is incorporated to emphasize the brand’s presence. Today, the design of Tissot T02 also draws on the elements of the T series. The famous ‘T’ logo is also used at the lug, which cleverly connects the case and the strap, and it itself has become a part of the strap, which is completely integrated. The watch is like a fine piece of jewelry that can be worn on any occasion. Its simple design, but always remind consumers that it is ‘made by Tissot.’
Ingenuity details

 Many details of the T02 series enrich the elegant connotation of the watch. All models feature square mother-of-pearl in the center of the dial, creating a silky smooth texture. The area around it is frosted, forming an interesting contrast and contrast with the central area. The collection uses elegant bar or diamond scales to create an unmatched femininity. Interestingly, the case and strap of the T02 series are also polished and matte, which contrasts with the dial design and is worth playing. These subtle details reveal endless elegance.