Month: January 2017

The New Unico Unique Design And Manufacturing Movement Of Hublot Was Born

UNICO movement is alive within the King’s Supreme case. Featuring Hublot’s first entirely independently manufactured chronograph movement, King Unico is a symbol of the brand’s vertical progression. The King of Supreme is Hublot’s latest model, pushing the design of the Big Bang series to the limit, and injecting expression of strength and emotions inspired by luxury. The impact of this watch is that it pays tribute to the tradition and shape of the Big Bang series, and at the same time expresses its sharp edges and straight sides, its embossed screws and its ceramic groove edges with rubber bumps to express its Avant-garde spirit. Hublot’s new UNICO unique design and manufacture movement birth UNICO movement
Since the spring of 2009, various production stages have been merged into the manufacturing plant, which has enabled Hublot to produce the UNICO timer developed by its own research and development department. The mechanism workshop produces plywood, main boards and various steel components, assembled by watchmakers who are specifically assigned to this task. This flyback chronograph has a special feature, its mechanical location and the famous ‘column wheel’ is located on the side of the dial. However, one of its main innovations is its telescopic platform escapement, which can be engraved with the initials of the watch owner’s name upon special request!
This delicate and delicate feature makes it easier to repair and maintain the movement, and at the same time makes it possible to customize the watch. The escapement (escape wheel and pallet fork) is made of silicon, which is a lightweight, durable and technologically advanced material that is resistant to wear and provides more guarantee for precise operation.

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