Month: September 2017

Tissot Launches New Xinyuan Mechanical Watch

Like a vibrant spring day, the famous Swiss watchmaker Tissot brings spring to the dial of time with the new Xinyuan series of mechanical watches to ignite the spring in the wrist. The watch design is inspired by the nature of early spring. A touch of lavender is fragrant from the white snow in winter. The infinite spring light is swayed at 12 o’clock above the dial. The hollow design allows the wearer to appreciate the movement while entrusting him Fantasy fairy tales stop at the moment of opening the ‘core’; the white alligator leather strap and the white dial are clean and simple, eliminating the need for extra color collision, as bright as a hibiscus; the slim stainless steel hands are elegant in the dial Walking around, like the time that picks up the light, 窈窕 Shuyuan, is astonishing; on the dial, the spring is infinite, and the five Arabic numerals are dancing on a pure white background, letting the passage of time become a kind of Beauty exists. Watch Yingge and Yanwu and listen to the flowing water. At this moment, spring is on your wrist.

Wrist Springs Waltz
In this spring full of greenness and the revival of all things, Tissot’s new Xinyuan series mechanical watches have carefully created charming wrist gifts for every Angel in the world. With peach blossoms, soft leaves, soft wicker, and Yanerming, the Tissot designer concentrated the spring landscape of the purple and red on the dial, telling the heart of spring with a wave of lavender. In the drizzle of the back garden, in the spring blooming Moshang field, in the spring party next to the ball, quickly dance with her around a waltz!

Wish to accompany Shaoguang
Twelve o’clock at midnight is a magical moment in Cinderella’s fairy tale. Tissot’s new Xinyuan series mechanical watches also have such magic. At twelve o’clock, a circular hollow window displaying a delicate automatic movement suddenly jumps to the dial. My ‘core’ of the hollow dial can be seen, reflecting a clear bottom of calm and self-confidence, and also conveying the beautiful blessings of Tissot designers to the women in the world. I hope they can be happy all the time, and express their charming charm.
The lavender and snow-white dreamy space is a place of happiness and holiness; the spring time depicted by plants and flowers is the home of hope and dream. The smooth line design and the beautiful color tone match the perfect elegance of the Tissot women’s watch; the white alligator leather strap and the white dial are clean and simple, eliminating the need for extra color collision, which is as bright and pleasant as a hibiscus; slender The stainless steel hands move elegantly in the dial, as the time of picking the light flows, and Shu Shuyuan is full of surprise; on the dial, the spring is infinite, and the five Arabic numerals are dancing on a pure white background. Let the passing of time be a kind of beauty. The new Tissot Xinyuan series is beautiful when the flowers are in full bloom.

Technical parameters of the new Xinyuan series mechanical watch
Movement: Swiss-made automatic mechanical movement
Table mirror: scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
Case: 316L stainless steel
Water resistance: 30 meters / 3 atmospheres
Strap: leather crocodile pattern strap with folding clasp

Miniature Art Treasures Tasting Jaeger-lecoultre Duomètre Series Biplane Chronograph

After the revolutionary ‘Dual-Wing’ bi-wing design was born, Jaeger-LeCoultre created a new series-Duomètre with this as its core. The Duomètre series is distinguished by the fact that the timing is equally accurate whether in run or stop mode. Jaeger-LeCoultre launched this bi-wing chronograph watch, which is a veritable treasure of micro-mechanical art, which makes people fall in love at a glance. Today, Watch House introduces you to this exquisite masterpiece. Official model: 6012521

  This watch is of excellent design level and beautiful appearance. It is the first appearance of the ‘Dual-Wing’ bi-wing design. It is used by Jaeger-LeCoultre to reinvent the chronograph watch. The Duomètreà Chronographe bi-wing chronograph watch with chronometer precision chronograph function can accurately count to six minutes. One second.

Illustration of Jaeger-LeCoultre’s new Duomètre series biplane chronograph

  The silver-white dial is pure and simple, with blue and rose-gold leaf-shaped hands in two different styles. When the slender hands keep turning, it conveys the brand’s concept of spending every moment with you.

  The winding of the two barrels is adjusted by the same crown: clockwise to wind the watch function; counterclockwise to wind the time function. With the help of a single button, the chronograph dial can be operated synchronously, making it easy and fast for the wearer to use.

  Compared with traditional gold and platinum, the luxurious rose gold case not only makes the color of colored gemstones more intense, but also reflects the exquisite and delicate metal material. Many brands use this material in the design of their watches.

  Two different transmission wheel systems are used for time display (hours, minutes, seconds) and a chronograph function with a femtosecond hand that is one-sixth of a second. They have their own power sources, but they are performed by the same adjustment system For synchronous operation, the only bridge between the two is the adjustment system that sets the time reference.

  The alligator leather strap adds a touch of restraint and understatement to this gorgeous watch. The soft leather increases the closeness to the skin and makes the wearer comfortable.

  The pin buckle is easy to open and close, and the length of the strap is adjusted appropriately. The simple design matches the overall temperament of this watch seamlessly.

  The back of the table can clearly see the movement between the gears, which seems complicated but very regular. The perfect creation of the movement is even more exquisite, and the nuances are even better seen by the master watchmakers.

  The ‘Dual-Wing’ double-wing design principle is: two sets of independent devices with their own power sources share the same adjustment mechanism. A completely independent source of power is set on the movement for the operation of complex functions.

In summary: Jaeger-LeCoultre watchmakers have always adhered to the spirit of continuous innovation and courage. They are not constrained by existing technology, but have created unique movements with unique technical features, excellent technical performance, precise timing and beautiful appearance. This watch is the perfect embodiment of micro-mechanical design. Seeing such a carefully designed watch, how can watch friends not be tempted and sighed? Official model: 6012521; Reference price: 374,000 yuan (picture / text watch home Li Shuai)
More watch details: lecoultre / 27741 /

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