Month: October 2017

Radar Famous Store Taichung Zhonggang Store Opens Lynn Wears New Crystal Series Diamond Watch

Swiss watch Rado, which is keen to support the development of the world’s cutting-edge art creation, invited the sexy supermodel Lai Linen to be a special press conference at the official opening of the famous watch shop Taichung Zhonggang in Taichung (25) days. Distinguished guests, led 10 Chinese and foreign models to perform a 75-second modern watch debut on the Zhonggang Road with a zebra crossing as the extension platform. In addition, four emerging artists: Su Jiaxian, Liu Bangyao, Yan Ningzhi, and Zhang Yijie who participated in the 24-hour Christmas art creation event held by the opening ceremony were also invited to attend the opening press conference to share the creative ideas and reveal the finished products. The creation demonstrates the spirit of the radar’s Unlimited Spirit, and this boutique event that perfectly cooperates with fashion and art draws the most exciting and surprising period of 2010 for the Christmas season.
   Li Sijin, deputy general manager of Taiwan Radar Watch, said that the appreciation and consumption ability of fine products in Taichung area is obvious to all. The opening of the Zhonggang store is to fully meet the needs of consumers in Central China and show the spirit of the complete Radar brand. Radar combines art as the main axis of marketing communication. Therefore, the opening series of China-Hong Kong Famous Brand Stores invited domestic artists to gather in four crowded areas including Taichung Zhonggang Huilai Crossing Plaza, Qinmeichengpin, Smart Business District, and Xinguo Zizhuang Plaza. On the 24th at noon, a 24-hour outdoor art creation was launched to celebrate the opening of the Radar China and Hong Kong store, and combined with the Christmas elements of the scene to present the warmest artistic feast to the people of Taichung. The creation of street art works will end at 9pm on Sunday (26). People can start from the famous radar shop Taichung Zhonggang Store, connect four art attractions, and experience the metropolis fashion aesthetics that the radar meter conveys to the citizens.
   In addition to revealing limited-time street art works at the press conference, the famous model Lai Linen, who is known as a wife and crush, wore two sets of sexy dresses in different styles, wearing the latest crystal series ceramic diamond watches sold exclusively by radar watch boutiques, and 10 The supermodel attracted the attention of people with different styles of white sexy clothes to complete this unique modern watch road show. According to Lai Linen, in addition to the modern and simple appearance of the radar watch, it can show the unique charm of the individual. The warm luster of high-tech ceramics is more like wild jewelry accessories, which can be easily worn for any occasion. The most important thing is that the high-tech ceramic color of the radar watch is available in black, white, gold, silver and other colors, and its material is not easy to wear, even if it is worn for a long time, it can always be like a new watch.
    The exclusive model of the Rado Crystal Collection boutique is equipped with an ETA quartz movement, which is set with 7 gems and is waterproof to 30 meters. The black dial is adorned with 4 top-quality diamonds at 3-6-9-12, and 60 real diamonds are embedded around the periphery of the mirror ring, showing dazzling glory, showing the gorgeous and elegant style diamonds are cut with eight bevels. Top Wesselton, VVS, 60 true diamonds about 0.216 carats, four diamonds on the dial
    It weighs 0.011 carats. The strap is a black high-tech ceramic chain strap with stellar stainless steel links interlaced with each other. It fits on a slender wrist, showing a smooth and beautiful charm. The combination of black and silver colors also shows a modern and stylish charm. The case is made of stainless steel and the production number is engraved on the back case.

    It is worth mentioning that the ‘Valley of Eternity’ created by Su Jiaxian, the chief 3D stereolithographer in China, is the largest Christmas card in the world; and Liu Bangyao, the creator of post-it notes in the international media such as CNN. I also used more than 4,000 post-it notes to create a childlike Christmas work. Two other students with great creative potential also conveyed their passion for creativity and unlimited imagination through the art forms of installation art and batik, respectively. This 1440-minute countdown art event in four places has attracted a large number of people to stop and visit during the artist’s creative process. Taichung citizens can grasp the exhibition on the last day of tomorrow and participate in this year’s Christmas festival. The most alternative artistic feast during the holidays.

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