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Chic And Elegant Patek Philippe 5213g-001 White Gold Watch

Patek Philippe’s complex function chronograph series watches can be called a miracle in the watchmaking world. Through sophisticated design, practical functions and stable performance, this time-honored classic has been achieved. Watch enthusiasts go to taste. But this is by no means the end of Patek Philippe. In its pursuit of top-level watches, Patek Philippe’s super-complexity series watches incorporate the most complex functions and structures, showing the magical power of pure machinery to watch fans.
感受 Experience the luxury of Patek Philippe with this sophisticated chronograph 5213G-001 men’s mechanical watch.
 This Patek Philippe 5213G-001 watch gives people the feeling that it is very elegant and very big. After seeing it, they like it very much. The diameter of the watch is 40.6 millimeters, and the case is made of 18k white gold, and it is resistant to moisture and dust, but the disadvantage is that it does not have a waterproof function. Sapphire crystal case back with dust cover protection; silver-white dial with gold three-dimensional blocks, unique and rich in content; the mirror is made of sapphire crystal glass; the strap is made of matte black rectangular scales Crocodile leather is hand-stitched, with a folding buckle design, simple and charming; the most striking thing is the design of the moon phase mark, a white moon in the dark blue night sky under the cover of the dial The faintness, with the scattered small stars, can be said to be ingenious.

This 5213G-001 watch is both simple and atmospheric, and it is very able to highlight the taste and connotation of men.
This Patek Philippe 5213G-001, as a Patek Philippe super complex chronograph watch, can be said to have all the power. The day and month display windows are symmetrically distributed at the 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock positions of the dial. At 12 o’clock is the leap year display window. This is a visual manifestation of the perpetual calendar function of this watch. With it, you can ensure the date is always correct. Unlike ordinary watches, many months need to be adjusted again. The date display function of this watch is implemented in the form of a date display. The scales are fan-shaped on the dial. It is beautiful and practical. It also uses powerful extraordinary technology to make the hands jump to 1 at the end of each month at midnight. The location guarantees the accuracy of the date and time. What is different is that this watch’s moon phase function and the small second hand are located on the same dial. The small second hand walks around the bright moon, which greatly increases the playability of the watch. The date hand adjustment button, day of the week display adjustment button, and moon phase display adjustment button matched with its various functions are distributed between the upper and lower ears. The design of these buttons is very small and precise, and they need to be adjusted with the tools provided by Patek Philippe professionally. Its crown is also divided into two gears, which are usually on the chain, and you can adjust the time after pulling it out.
The last thing to say is the minute repeater function, which is the most special feature of this watch. According to reports, the ingenious mobile recording system in the watch can make hour, minute, and minute alarms as required. As long as the knob is activated, the two micro-small hammers in the movement begin to strike, and the hour, minute, and minute sounds are independent. With different sounds and frequencies, you do n’t need to look at the dial hands, just listen carefully, you can know the time at the time, and blind people can use it. This is where its expensive value lies.

The movement used by Patek Philippe 5213G-001 is Cal.R 27 PS QR, with a diameter of 28 mm; the vibration frequency is 21600 vibrations per hour. In theory, the higher the vibration frequency, the higher the accuracy, but the relative friction loss The larger the result, the shorter the maintenance life cycle, but this movement with a vibration frequency of 3hz has a very superior performance. The performance is not only related to the vibration frequency, but also has a great correlation with the balance wheel and hairspring. The Cal.R 27 PS QR movement uses Patek Philippe’s patented Gyromax balance wheel, which not only improves stability and guarantees its accuracy; it also has 39 gems. From the number of gems, this movement is obviously more complicated Yes; its power reserve is 48 hours. In general, only large watches will be equipped with the minute repeater function, and Patek Philippe can break through the routine this time, and its independently developed R 27 PS QR movement is its strong support.
百 Patek Philippe 5213G-001 men’s mechanical watch, elegant and unique appearance, with 18k white gold case, silver-white dial with gold three-dimensional blocks, looks elegant and luxurious, with deep connotation and elegant taste. The hand-stitched rectangular scale crocodile leather strap shows the manliness and experience. And this watch not only has a perfect figure, but also has a powerful function. It can display not only the date, but also the day of the week, month, and annual calendar. In addition, it has the functions of moon phases and minute repeaters. This can be used not only during navigation, but also by sound to discern the time, so even the blind can easily use this watch.
This Patek Philippe is a good watch with elegant chic connotation, both in terms of appearance and internal movement, and in terms of powerful functions and practicality.
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