Month: July 2018

Speedy Tuesday’ Event In Frankfurt

Omega brings the youngest legendary astronaut Charlie Duke on a journey through time and space.

   Omega’s ‘SpeedyTuesday’ events continue to take place around the world, with the latest event being held in Frankfurt, Germany. For the prestigious Speedmaster enthusiasts, the event day is a rare opportunity to learn more about the history of Omega watches. At the same time, this is also an excellent opportunity to get up close to space exploration through an astronaut who has repeatedly performed manned space missions.

   The legendary astronaut Charlie Duke is a special guest speaker at this ‘SpeedyTuesday’ event, and he deeply reviewed his glorious career.

   Duke has performed five Apollo aerospace missions, including serving as a logistical support member for Apollo 10 astronauts and a flight bay correspondent for Apollo 11 ground control center. After being selected as an alternate pilot for the Apollo 13 lunar module, Duke will serve as the pilot for the Apollo 16 lunar module in 1972. During the mission to the moon, he and John Young successfully landed in Descartes Heights and performed three extravehicular activities, which made Duke the tenth and youngest person to walk on the moon astronaut. He stayed on the moon for 71 hours and 14 minutes, leaving a family photo with him on the moon’s surface when he left.

   Duke is not the only guest speaker at this SpeedyTuesday event. As the founder of the ‘FratelloWatches’ watch blog website, the event host Robert-JanBroer also performed on stage Mr. Jean-Claude Monachon, Vice President of Omega Products and Customer Service Interview. He led the guests to enjoy the past and future of the Omega Speedmaster series.

   In 2012, Robert Young Boyle launched the #SpeedyTuesday topic event. Since then, the event has attracted close attention from more and more loyal fans. Omega loves to create limited edition commemorative watches and holds related events around the world. It strongly supports the #SpeedyTuesday online community and shares the enthusiasm of the brand’s first watch worn on the moon with people around the world.

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