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Emotional Love, Timeless Love Selection – Gucci Watch Jewelry Mother’s Day Warm Love Praise

When there is no emotion, there is a great love, and gratitude is a clear inspiration, and it is a strong and enthusiastic spiritual feeling. The rhinoceros of life has become the cornerstone of sincere emotions, respecting the greatness and gentleness of every mother, and looking forward to the passing and comfort of the years.
   In 2016, GUCCI watches and jewellery presented mothers with a selection of fine products. They were indifferent to the years and long-lasting love in the dazzling and golden neck light. Sending thoughts and reverences to the mother that has never faded in the seconds.

   Gorgeous accessories shape intellectual temperament, as if entering the fascinating world of flowers. GUCCI Flora jewellery adds a feminine touch to a smart space, stacking it in a creative fashion.

   Inspired by GUCCI’s classic floral patterns, the new series of gold jewelry created sincerely reproduces different styles in poetry and painting, both in high-end jewelry masterpieces and exquisite gold jewelry. The romantic and charming necklace is particularly detailed, decorated with fuchsia enamel butterflies and flower pendants, and the inlaid ruby ​​blooms a unique artistic plot.

   Along with the new set is an open ring decorated with pink butterflies, flowers or embellished with rubies. Finally, a matching slim butterfly bracelet completes the overall match.

   Created with superb goldsmithing techniques, the Dimantissima series diamond pattern presents extraordinary craftsmanship with a complete set of 18k gold necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

   The Dimantissima series is inspired by the unique pattern of the Diamante diamond pattern quilted cloth, inherited with the crisscross iconic design to this day, and has become one of the most representative patterns of GUCCI.

   This jewellery is made of 18k yellow gold. The heart shape is charming and sexy, and it is very pleasing to the senses. The small and light earrings are under the diamond pattern, which is modern and suitable for the diverse needs of different places.

   GUCCI Dimantissima series watches show femininity with elegant, low-key superb details. Each watch has its own signature diamond pattern unique to the series. The exquisite case and the minimalist abstract dial design perfectly complement each other, providing a new style choice for women.

   This series of watches is born with brilliance. Four watches are presented in different colors. The sapphire crystal glass under the 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock positions is engraved with the GUCCI logo and ‘Swiss Made’ embossing, low-key. Exquisite style.

   As one of GUCCI’s classic collections, the GUCCI Horsebit series is a warm gift with two rose gold PVd coated watches.
   This watch perfectly integrates the horsebit decoration into a stylish watch design. The smaller 28 mm dial is coated with a unique rose gold PVD coating. A classic look with a black dial and Roman numerals, and another with a mother-of-pearl dial with diamonds set at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock, highlighting the sense of nobility.
   Elegant decorative patterns set off the low-key dial, and the stylish bracelet design is exquisite and exquisite, more delicate considerations for daily comfortable wearing.

   As one of the flagship collections of GUCCI watches and jewelry, the G-Timeless series has been refined for a long time with refined and versatile features.

   The elegant and elegant design style with diamond-patterned surface is bold and bold, showing Swiss quality and GUCCI’s enduring Italian style. The smooth lines of the stainless steel case are matched with bright color dials. The calendar function at the six o’clock position is suitable for daily reading. The simple design of the hands and hour markers reveals the beauty of modern urban simplicity in minutes.

Gucci G-timeless Quartz Chronograph

G-Timeless Chrono is designed by creative director Frida Giannini. This is Gucci’s latest multifunctional watch, designed for men.
   This watch is 44mm XL, made of stainless steel and smoky gray, it is full of male charm and has many functions. G-Timeless Chrono contains a quartz chronograph movement, which features a series of tachymeter functions, including a tachymeter scale around the surface, and three small chronograph surfaces: 1/10 seconds, 3 minutes, and 60 seconds.
    There is a calendar at 4 o’clock, and Gucci’s ‘green-red-green’ stripes are displayed at 3 o’clock. These green and red design elements are also used in the buttons and the second hand, adding colorful colors to the watch.
    You can also find some of Gucci’s subtle ingenuity on the smoky gray surface, including the ‘Gucci’ signature at 12 o’clock, the signature diamond pattern, and the G-shaped shadow border around the surface.

Ralph Lauren Rl67 Tourbillon Tourbillon Watch Father’s Day Thanksgiving

When you cross the ocean for your dreams, he doesn’t make a reservation; when you succeed in another country, his blessing is simple and punctual; when you suffer because of failure, he quietly puts down for you at the table A cup of tea … he is a taciturn father, but his love is not bad at all times. It’s another Father’s Day. We do n’t need sensational words. We have nothing but ardent gratitude. For him, we are willing to offer everything good. For him, we look for gifts that can range from functional to aesthetic elements. Eternal ‘gift-RL67 Tourbillon Tourbillon. This gift, as Mr. Ralph Lauren said: ‘Unique beautiful appearance and precise operation with no difference’.

 In 1984, Ralph Lauren created his first Safari watch, which gave cinematic romance to thrilling adventures, and thus left an indelible mark on the fashion industry. In 2013, he continued his iconic aesthetic element and introduced the RL67 Tourbillon Tourbillon for the first time. This new watch is equipped with a rare and unique complication that has long fascinated all watch fans-the tourbillon. The RL67 Tourbillon Tourbillon watch is a sporty watch with a rough shape and bronze plating, combined with luxurious tourbillon complication and exquisite crocodile leather strap, creating a subtle and interesting contrast.

 The tourbillon movement is composed of a balance, hairspring, escapement and a rotating frame on the outside, which is still a symbol of outstanding watchmaking technology. The RL67 Tourbillon Tourbillon is equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement manufactured by the RL67 watch factory, 13 ¼’’’minutes, and a power reserve of 38 hours.

 In addition to its aesthetic appeal, the stainless steel case is also chemically and heat-treated, greatly improving its durability, while turning bright silver stainless steel into rough blackened steel. This technology requires extreme precision, attention to detail and a high degree of professional craftsmanship, which can only be matched by the most advanced clocks. Every watch and its components (case, bezel, crown, buckle, buttons, screws) are carefully polished by hand-sandblasted, sanded, polished, and angled.

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