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Unselfish Mother Love Thanksgiving Time Tissot Wave Series Mother’s Day Special Section

Go to the carvings of plum blossoms, mother’s love is like crystal, pure and natural; send away the flying snow, mother’s love is like willow leaves, usher in bright spring; fade away the muddy mud, mother’s love is like fresh petals, send the fragrance of the world . The most selfless and endless love in the world is the mother’s love. The mother carefully and gently guards the growth of her children and spends her life. On the second Sunday of May in early summer, a special holiday is dedicated to her most precious mother, her mother.
Figure 1: Tissot Wave Series Mother’s Day Special
    Life is short, and the time of love and unforgettable moments is eternal. This year’s Mother’s Day, Swiss centennial watch brand Tissot solemnly presented a gift, endlessly grateful for the love between watches. The Tissot Wave Series Mother’s Day special watch is inspired by the vast ocean and symbolizes the mother’s selfless and broad love. Its overall design is simple and elegant, and the details are perfectly refined. Curved smooth anti-dazzling sapphire crystal glass, with the function of magnifying the dial, so that the mother can easily read the time; with the flowing willow-shaped hollow hands, like mother and children always go together; the hands point to four crystals The embossed leaf petals are inlaid on the white mother-of-pearl dial, which complements the wave-like streamlined case, which is extremely elegant; with a delicate and soft lizard or crocodile leather strap, it enhances the comfort of the watch Extreme, while caring for the mother’s wrist, it is the most incarnation of children.
Figure 2: Tissot Wave Series Mother’s Day Special-Front View
Affectionate Wave
    This is a special day for mothers. When carnation stretches the mother’s wrinkles, the blessing card raises the corners of her mother’s lips. Tissot’s gift this year, holding a bunch of gorgeous flowers in pure petals, presents a special series of Shanghai Wave series Mother’s Day watches. This year’s Mother’s Day special watch uses the newly launched circular wave dial as the basic series, which uses ‘waves’ to mean the mother’s selfless and broad love, like a vast ocean. The exquisite and elegant design can fully reflect your fist’s heart. In the season of thanksgiving, I only wish that we and the mother’s heart will be printed together. The main color of the special section of Mother’s Day is clear and elegant white, which also reflects the praise of Tissot designers for pure motherhood. When the silver-white ‘waves’ on the wrists shone pure and radiant, their children were full of endless gratitude to their mothers. I am thankful for my mother’s wrist, and the heart of the grass can be reported to Chunhui; I send a boat on the waves, and the mountains and rivers are grateful to motherhood. Elegant and simple, at first sight, the Tissot Wave Series Mother’s Day special watch should be the most grateful mother in life.

Carved in details
    The Tissot Mother’s Day special section not only reflects the strong gratitude to the mother in the design concept, but also takes painstaking care in the details, hoping to add color to the mother’s wrist. The dial of the watch matches the main color of white. The white mother-of-pearl dial has a unique luster under the sun. The pearl also originates from the world of water depth, which fits the design purpose of ‘Sea Wave’. The design of the pointers and scales is also thoughtful, both derived from the shape of the water-deep plants: the hollow hands are like a cluster of waterweeds, moving like a mother, and their children will always go along; 3, 6, 9 and 12 There are leaf-shaped scales, which add a sense of tranquility after three-dimensional processing. The round dial is mirror-polished, round and smooth, and comfortable to wear. The mirror case can also reflect the rays of light between the wrists, attracting everyone’s attention. The leather strap is comfortable to wear, showing the mother’s feminine elegance.
Figure 3: Tissot Wave Series Mother’s Day Special
Technical parameters (Special section of the Wave series):
-Domed scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
-316L stainless steel case
-Water resistant to 30 meters / 3 atmospheres
-Leather strap with butterfly buckle

Suggested retail price: RMB 2,300

Luxury And Stylish Sports Watch Every Man Is Moved By It

Men look at their watches and women look at their shoes. For men, a stylish watch is a symbol of their status, and every fashionable man is pursuing a suitable watch throughout his life. Exquisite workmanship, fashionable style, luxury without losing simplicity, sportsmen just like this style. Leaving aside the traditional plastic sports watch, the current sports watch workmanship is amazing, luxurious and fashionable, and everyone is enthusiastic about it!
Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Tourbillon Chronograph

   18K rose gold case, forged carbon used in the bezel is a high-tech material exclusively developed by Audemars Piguet. Cal. 2912 movement, maximum power reserve of 237 hours
Baume & Mercier Hampton Square M0A08825 watch

   Automatic movement (ETA 7750) extra large square dial (37.4 × 48mm), satin red gold bezel, steel and black rubber strap, gold-plated digital engraving, anti-reflective sapphire crystal.
Breguet Marine Royale 5847

   The 300-meter underwater alarm clock that shocked the world. In order to improve the underwater recognition effect, the minute scale, minute hand and hour hand are plated with white luminous Superluminova coating, and the hour and alarm scale emit blue light.

The Unique ‘solitary’ Enamel Clock

Most metals are susceptible to rust, even precious metals such as gold and even ‘stainless steel’ extremely resistant to rust. If they are frequently attacked by humid air, they will be left unused for a long time or used or improperly stored. The appearance of an oxide layer dims the metallic luster. Watch dials made of various metal materials are basically in a closed state, and it is difficult to emit moisture after entering. It is easy to cause oxidation corrosion on the dial surface.
    Enamel is a substance that never needs to worry about rust and discoloration, and this characteristic has been applied to watchmaking hundreds of years ago. Enamel, similar in texture to bone or porcelain, is made by burning the blank at extreme high temperatures. The texture is hard, the color is bright and stable, and it will never fade or age. Therefore, enamel watches have become a hot spot in the auction field, and it is a matter of course. After all, some enamel clock works that are still colorful after hundreds of years are themselves unique “solitary items”. In addition, the enamel firing process contains many uncertain factors, so in theory each enamel Watches and clocks are irreproducible.
    On March 22, 2010, in an auction held in Geneva by Antigourn, an enamel dome clock named ‘Le Tour du Monde de M agellan’, model number 797E (Lot 231), sold for 174,000 Swiss francs. The price was won by an Asian bidder. This price has become the focus of this auction, while also setting a world record for Patek Philippe dome enamel clocks. In the June 25, 2010 auction of Antigoron in Hong Kong, a Louis Audemars Tsar enamel pocket watch (Lot409) with 7 complex functions was sold at a price of HK $ 696,000, with its price ranking among the top ten lots Seventh place. The characteristics of the enamel process make the watches of related themes as brilliant as the bright colors in their patterns.

Bou Qilai Selects Bai Deshi Swan Jewelry Watch And Wish Li Bingbing Happy Birthday

February 27th is the birthday of Li Bingbing, the global spokesperson of Bucherer. Bucherer sends his heartfelt wishes to Bingbing. As the brand’s first global spokesperson in 130 years, Baucilia watches accompanied Bingbing through many beautiful and memorable moments. Bingbing’s birthday this year is also the time of the Lantern Festival. Here, Baucilia joins hands with Bingbing to convey time and emotion with his beloved PathosSwan jewelry watch. I wish you and your family happy and happy together. happy.

Li Bingbing wears PathosDesire

   Last summer, Li Bingbing went to Switzerland to visit the opening ceremony of the new Bucherer-Lucerne store to witness a significant historical moment. At the beginning of the new year, Bucherer, always adhering to the spirit of not following the wave, will join hands with Bingbing to start more exciting moments. Betty Bing’s limited edition swan jewellery watch, loved by Bingbing, is perfect, creating a wonderful chemical reaction on Bingbing, which sets off her nobility and elegance. Today’s Bingbing is difficult to summarize with the simple ‘Goddess’: doing public welfare, participating in Hollywood blockbusters, and being a producer; the unique temperament fits perfectly with the essence of the Bucherer-Bettich Swan limited jewelry watch.

Li Bingbing wears Bucherer-Bettich Swan limited jewellery watch

   The swan is a symbol of purity, elegance and nobility; Lucerne, as the birthplace of Bucherer, is also known for its swans in Lake Lucerne. The mother-of-pearl dial of the White Patisserie Limited Jewellery Watch subtly incorporates the beauty of the swan into the design. The curved case lines are elegant, and the combination of TopWesselton and first-grade sapphire is impressive. Reminiscent of the graceful gesture of a swan sliding across the water, it presents a poetic picture. The meticulous watchmaker of Bucherer set a total of 922 diamonds on the watch with superb skills, reflecting the incomparable brilliance.

   The white swan limited edition swan jewellery watch, limited to 88 pieces worldwide, can be made only at the request of customers, interpreting unique preciousness. It is no longer a simple wrist accessory, but a dazzling artwork on the wrist. The limited edition jewellery watch from Bucherer-Bathie Swan makes modern women’s self-confidence independent and transcendental nature appear naturally, adding to your wrist style.

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