Month: September 2019

High-end Sports Watches Have Entered The Era Of ‘fantastic Fighting’

At this year’s Basel watch exhibition, the Patek Philippe Aquanaut series, which is often referred to as the ‘Grenade’ series, has launched a new chronograph watch. This is also the first time that ‘Grenade’ launched a chronograph watch. . The chronograph function of this watch uses the second hand and the chronograph seconds to display with the center hand. What I want to say about this watch is not its chronograph function, but this ‘grenade’ chronograph uses a very beautiful color scheme-orange, orange hands and chronograph minute dial, and is equipped with an orange rubber Strap, this is the first time in Patek Philippe’s sports men’s watch.

   Five years ago, the top sports watches had relatively few color choices. Just a blue or brown color scheme can make us ‘climax’. The earliest wave of bright colors in this wave of top sports watches should be Audemars Piguet. In the past few years, its Royal Oak offshore model has launched a number of watches with different colors, such as fluorescent yellow and fluorescent green. , Its sporty appearance with bright colors, especially suitable for spring and summer wear, as soon as it became available, it became a very sought-after color.

   In addition, Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak Color Offshore was launched in less than half a year, and individual colors were once out of stock. For example, the first three fluorescent yellow, orange and green were launched, and green had a premium. The strong demand for colored high-end watches in this market is not difficult to understand. Just like choosing the most brightly colored styles when buying supercars, many people choose high-end sports watches. In addition to rugged and durable use, of course It is hoped that its appearance will be cooler and more gorgeous, and it will be more conspicuous when worn on the wrist, and the colorization just meets the psychology of this part of people.
   It can be said that the launch of the color offshore type has been very successful, which has also made many brands, especially those top brands, have partial sports watches. Since they have been so recognized by the market, these brands have also begun to look for themes in the past two years. Introduced some color models.
Roger Dubuy’s Benali and Lamborghini collaboration series
   For example, Roger Dubuy’s King Series cooperation watch models, cooperation with Pirelli tires and Lamborghini Sports Department watch models. These two cooperation models have different color schemes.

   The Pirelli tire cooperation model is a combination of Roger Dubuis’ star-shaped hollow miniature rotor and Pirelli color tires used in F1 racing. The color of the model also depends on the color of the different tires of Pirelli, including the latest orange. Pirelli watches, launched a total of 5 different color watches, should be available in all colors of Pirelli watches.

    In cooperation with the Lamborghini Sports Department, in addition to a rose gold, the remaining color models are based on the color of the Lamborghini sports car.
Two new Richard Mille watches

   The Richard Mille watch that has been in fire for two years has always maintained a vibrant color. At this year’s SIHH, Richard Mille only launched one watch, the RM53-01 PABLO MAC DONOUGH tourbillon watch. In addition to using advanced TPT® carbon fiber material, it also incorporates sky blue color into the In this watch, not only the strap and crown, but also the hours and hands are sky blue.

   The RM 11-03, which was released after the Geneva Motor Show, also uses the McLaren classic orange in cooperation with it. In order to make the case have the same color, orange is also used. Orange TPT® quartz fiber is also used in TPT. ® Carbon fiber case.
   From the beginning of Audemars Piguet to the current Patek Philippe, high-end sports watches have entered an era of ‘fantastic beauty’. The use of sharp contrast in color contrast is more attractive than the unique appearance. After all, the appearance of these models To a certain extent, it will not easily make big changes. For a long period of time, there is no difference in its appearance, but changing its color is relatively easy and is in line with the current trend of high-end sports watches. I believe in In the future, some brands will be added to the ‘fighting and fighting’ team one after another.

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