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[Video] Dazzling Jaeger-lecoultre Tourbillon

The Jaeger-LeCoultre Ultra-Thin Master Series Tourbillon Enamel Watch is equipped with a tourbillon which is one of the three complicated functions of the fine watchmaking industry, and combines enamel and guilloché embellishment to achieve the dual achievements of technology and craftsmanship. At 12 o’clock on the dial, the small arrow-shaped second hand rotates once on the dial to indicate 60 numbers in sequence; at 6 o’clock, the tourbillon moves dexterously and accurately under the transparent sapphire crystal, as if it is within reach and delicate retouching details A clear view against a blue and platinum background.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Super Thin Tourbillon Enamel Watch

For more information about the 2019 Geneva watch fair, please pay attention to the watch house live feature:

Performing The Essence Of The Rainbow With Different Colored Hands

I walked across the Arc de Triomphe with ice, snow, hurricanes, and fiery fireworks. At this moment, the power of the atmosphere dragged my seat. The arch was a rainbow of weather; the sphere of fire was above Weaving soft colors, the wet ground smiles.
    A rainbow is a rare sight in nature. Usually, we can see the rainbow bridge hanging in the sky only after the storm and sunrise. It started on the earth, but no one knew where the other end was leading. At the beginning of the 18th century, British poets had a heated discussion about the rainbow. In the mind of the poet, Rainbow is a dwarf fairy named Lamia. She is beautiful and noble, and she is the guide who leads people to the legendary wonderland. Every appearance of her was seen as a gift from heaven to creation.
    We fantasize that on the other end of the rainbow is the intoxicating wonderland, and the rainbow is the bridge to the wonderland. Beautiful fantasy stems from the seven colors of the rainbow. The light comes from the sun, but the rainbow renders it brilliantly. Rainbows are rare to see, but we can use the hands of different colors to perform the essence of the rainbow every day, and accompany us through every day’s fresh and splendid time.
Blue Story
Jacques Dero ‘Big Second’ Ore Face Watch Series
Automatic movement / Power reserve 68 hours / 18K white gold case / Celite dial / Alligator strap / Case diameter 39mm / Limited to 8
    For blue, nature has given us the best interpretation. The sky and the sea are all blue, they are vast and vast, and they exist in the world from beginning to end. Therefore, blue is also a symbol of eternity. Pure blue has a more beautiful and rational temperament, and blue has a little melancholy feeling. People with a blue character are usually happy people. They like to benefit others. In their philosophy of life, the words ‘out of self, out of selfishness’ are more important than anything. In order to bring the sensual blue to the watch, Jacques Dross ingeniously chose a blue mineral gem such as lapis lazuli to create the watch dial. Lapis lazuli is a precious stone admired by the great painters of the Renaissance. It dates back to ancient Egypt and has become a symbol of the night sky. The azure azure azure has always fascinated artists of many of the greatest ancient civilizations. Natural gemstones and artificial post-cutting create the artwork in this watch.

Golden age
Cartier Ballon Bleu Medium Gold Diamond Watch
076 automatic movement / 18K gold case / silvery white Newsuo dial / 18K gold bracelet / waterproof 30 meters
    In the poems of the modern western poet Oge, he described yellow as: ‘Big block of golden yellow is pervasive, quiet and fast.’ In the eyes of the poet, yellow is a very expandable color. It has a strong temptation, so As Van Gogh showed in his masterpiece ‘The Raven Flying Over the Wheat Field’, the oil painting rendered by yellow looms the supreme light. In their pen, yellow is the light of wisdom that illuminates the darkness. Gold can be said to be the most noble embodied expression of yellow in the world. Human beings have loved gold since ancient times, and generations regard this luster as the color of nobility. The emperor’s love for gold arrived and reached, so all kinds of gold jewelry and utensils became a part of the aristocratic life. The watch, an accessory that represents taste and identity, naturally wears a gold coat. Cartier’s Ballon Bleu series has been launched in multiple versions, while the version with gold diamonds highlights the unique personality of the series-mystery, elegance and dream. Gold makes watches more classic, diamonds make watches more gorgeous.

Red comet
Chanel White Gold Ruby Jewellery Chronograph
Automatic winding mechanical movement / 18K white gold case / black inlaid diamond dial / high-tech precision ceramic strap / case diameter 41mm / limited to 100 pieces

    Red is the most eye-catching color among the seven colors. It is also the color of the sun and fire. Because the sun and fire bring light and warmth to the world, it not only represents enthusiasm, unrestrainedness, passion and majesty, but also has festive and auspicious Symbolic meaning. The comet has a very long comet tail, which is often referred to as ‘the banner of the sky’ in Western poetry. But the comet with red light seems very mysterious and shocks the heart of the world. After successfully deducing the essence of black and white, Chanel applied the passionate color of red to the representative watch of J12. The white gold bezel is set with 36 bright long stepped rubies. At the same time, the crown is inlaid with an arch-cut ruby. Coupled with a black high-tech precision ceramic strap, a passionate and distinctive J12 was born.

Discussion On The National Watch From The Third Factory To The Modern Watchmaking Exploration

Although China’s watch industry has been encouraged by national policies since the 1950s, it has gradually risen. From the 1980s, it has developed rapidly. From the birth of the independent watch industry after the founding of New China, to half Today after the century, we must sincerely admire the development speed of China’s watch industry. China is not only a major consumer of watches and clocks in the world, but also a major importer and exporter of watch products. But we still have a long way to go, because after entering the market, it must adapt to the new market environment.

‘The King of Watches’ Sun Meitang and Hendali
 To say that China’s watch industry did not actually exist since the establishment of the Tianjin Watch Factory in the 1950s. In the early last century, a ‘clock king’ Sun Meitang was born in Shanghai. Some senior insiders may know that he is not only engaged in Dali Watch Store is the agent of foreign brand watches and clocks. It also has its own watch brand Meihuali. He also won a gold medal at the Panama Exhibition. Of course, he has also been involved in many other industries and has a great influence in the business community. During the Qing government, the watch industry entered China from Guangzhou through the hands of Western craftsmen.

Shanghai Brand Watch
 After the founding of New China, state-owned watch factories have been established in many parts of the country. Tianjin Watch Factory has developed China’s first self-developed watch, which has become a story. Beijing Watch Factory, Shanghai Watch Factory, Hangzhou Watch Factory and many other regions Watch factories are well-known everywhere, especially Shanghai Watch Factory. However, during the great economic reform in the second half of the last century, these watch factories experienced the pain of transferring from state-owned to private, and caused a large number of watch factories to go bankrupt.
 Today, only the Tianjin Seagull Watch Factory remains the old factory and can go international. And modern watch brands emerging in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and other places have sprung up, relying on their excellent business sense and operation, based on insufficient research and development and production capacity of mechanical watch movements, they quickly occupy the market and even move towards International.

Shenzhen Watch Fair
 Although the Chinese watch industry already has a large volume, there are still very obvious shortcomings. There are almost no high-end brands that are well-known internationally. There is an extreme shortage of watch talents (lack of related specialties). 2. German watches and clocks form a strong competition and the industry is immature. In 2015, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Finance, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and the Intellectual Property Office jointly issued a ‘Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the Construction of Independent Watch Brands in China’, the goal of which mentioned: by 2020 In 2005, about 5 internationally renowned brands, about 20 domestic well-known brands, and 2-3 large-scale watch and clock enterprise groups with advanced technology, distinctive features, high brand awareness, and steady growth in economic benefits were formed. The quality of high-end products of well-known brand companies was close to similar international ones. Product advanced level and so on.

Seagull watch factory
 If you pay attention to the Shenzhen and Hong Kong watch fairs in recent years, we will find that there are actually many domestic brands with large scales. There are also some brands with independent property rights and relatively good R & D capabilities. Even the watch component manufacturers are not a minority. There is almost no room in the two big exhibition halls of Shenzhen Table Fair. There is no doubt that Seagull and Fiyta have become the leaders of domestic brands, and have led China Watch to the international stage. Tianwang, Rossini, and Ebol are some of the main brands with high reputation in the national watch, they have certain design, research and development and manufacturing capabilities.

Fiyta X Beijing double brand ultra-thin tourbillon watch
 One brand that is worth paying attention to recently is Fiyta. At Baselworld this year, Fiyta exhibited an ultra-thin tourbillon watch of the Fiyta X Beijing dual brand, using the ultra-thin tourbillon movement of the Beijing Watch Factory. Fiyta established a new joint venture with Beibei, and Fiyta holds a large share. In the past few years, Fiyta has inspected the Beijing Watch Factory. At that time, it was wondered whether Fiyta intends to cooperate with Beijing Watch Factory because Fiyta Tat has always been the biggest short board without its own movement, and if it cooperates with Beibei, it can make up for this short board, coupled with its excellent design advantages and group advantages, it can become a real standout in the national watch.
 Not long ago, BeiBiao issued a notice stating that BeiBao will be responsible for the production and sales of the watch by the company of Fiyta Group, and BeiBao will be mainly responsible for the development and production of the movement, which means that afterwards, with the help of Fiyta’s Sales network, we will be able to buy Beijing brand watches in more channels, Fiyta may be equipped with more Beijing watch factory movements.

Fiyta In Series Light Smart Watch
 In June of this year, Fiyta and Alibaba Group launched a new light smart watch, equipped with Alibaba Group’s intelligent operating system YunOS. This Fiyta In series watch is also considered to be the most watch-like by far. smart watch.
 From these two major measures, compared to the old domestic watch brand Seagull, Fiyta is not only far superior to Seagull in terms of innovation and marketing, but also is catching up slowly in terms of clock technology (although the purpose of Fiyta is not Lies in competing with seagulls). Relying on the Fiyta Group’s domestic well-connected sales network—Hengli World Famous Watch Centers all over the country, the comprehensive operation capacity of the Fiyta brand far exceeds even the first-class international watch brands. If in the future China will have a world-renowned high-end watch brand, it is likely to be Fiyta (or set up a separate high-end brand).
Smart watches may bring benefits to the high-end watch industry in a few years

Smart watch
 In the past two years, the discussion about the impact of smart watches on traditional mechanical watches has continued. After two years of smart watch development, we have probably been able to see the conclusion. Today, most people have agreed that smart watches can only be The addition of traditional mechanical watches will have an impact on the low-end watch market without affecting the high-end watch industry. Recently, I also heard a more interesting point of view. Here I share the view that smart watches may bring benefits to the high-end watch industry, because smart watches are very popular with young people. Compared with traditional mechanical watches, smart watches Even the popularity of smart bracelets will cultivate the habit of wearing watches for young people, allowing them to pay more attention to watches, and the deeper cultural connotation of high-end watches than smart watches will attract them to more easily accept and like high-end watches. Watch.

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