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Introduction To Chopard Chronograph

Just like a classic racing car that thrives during the race, the 2010 Grand Prix de Monaco Historique CHRONOGRAPH chronograph watch series combines bold and advanced aesthetic concepts with unparalleled chronological performance. This watch has a contrasting black aluminum bezel and silver dial with a leather strap and a self-winding mechanical movement certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC). Since 2002, Chopard has been a partner of the world-famous Monaco Antique Car Competition, and pays tribute to this collection of the world’s best antique racing cars with a carefully crafted watch series.

Chopard Chronograph: bold design, more popular

Chopard Chronograph: bold design, more popular

Chopard Chronograph: bold design, more popular

The first Grand Prix de Monaco Historique contest was held in 1998 to celebrate the 700th anniversary of the Grimaldi family’s ascension in the Principality of Monaco. It only allows antique racing cars to follow the same racing road line of Formula 1 Grand Prix and cross the streets of Monaco. It is a unique antique version of the Formula 1 Grand Prix. Initially, the organizers only planned to hold the competition once, but due to the huge sensation effect, they responded to public opinion and held it every two years.

Chopard Chronograph: bold design, more popular

Chopard Chronograph: bold design, more popular

Over the years, the Grand Prix de Monaco Historique has become the best meeting place for antique car lovers, and has also attracted antique car collectors from all over the world, especially the United States, Britain, Germany, France and Italy. Every two years, it gathers more than 200 vintage cars, including the once glorious classic models of Bugatti, Delage, Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, Jagua, Maserati and Ferrari, as well as those manufactured by Brabham, Lotis and Williams before 1979 Formula One racing.

Chopard Chronograph: bold design, more popular

The Grand Prix de Monaco Historique Chronograph series launched by Chopard this time, as always, implements the spirit of this extraordinary event. The self-winding mechanical movement of the watch has been certified by the Swiss Official Astronomical Observatory (COSC), marking that its accuracy and reliability have reached the highest standards in watchmaking. All requirements. The case diameter is 42.5 mm. It is available in stainless steel and 18k rose gold. It is waterproof to 50 meters and has a power reserve of 48 hours. In addition to the hour, minute, date display and small seconds at 9 o’clock, it also has a central chronograph second hand. And 30-minute and 12-hour counters. The bottom cover of the watch is engraved with ‘Grand Prix de Monaco Historique’ in honor of it.
Grand Prix de Monaco Historique Chronograph 2010 chronograph watch series, both aesthetically and technically, is as bold as those who inspired its creations. The subtle silver dial is decorated with a concentric guilloch guilloche pattern, and the minute scale with fluorescent hour markers is black and orange in stainless steel watches and black and blue in rose gold. In response, the black anodized aluminum bezel also uses silver and orange or blue scales.

Chopard Chronograph: bold design, more popular

Stainless steel Grand Prix de Monaco Historique Chronograph2010 chronograph watches are available in leather or stainless steel. The black Barenia calfskin strap, in addition to the perforated design, is also decorated with orange lines. The black perforated barenia calfskin strap on the 18k rose gold watch is decorated with blue lines and is limited to 250 pieces, which is noble. The stainless steel or 18k rose gold folding buckle engraved with the Chopard logo makes the strap connection safer and more reliable.

Kowloon Flying Sky Wrist Dragon Wall Set

Glashütte Original collaborated with Meissen, the oldest porcelain in Europe, to create this Dragon Wall set. Dragon Wall is a full set of nine, inspired by the ‘Kowloon Wall’ in front of the Forbidden City Huangji Hall. On the crystal-clear enamel surface, Kowloon is painted by hand, and each dragon is free to toss and has different shapes.

Dragon Wall watch
九龙 The Forbidden City Kowloon Wall, inspired by Glashütte’s original Dragon Wall, has a wall length of 29.4mm, a height of 3.5mm, and a thickness of 0.45mm. It was built in the 37th year of Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty (1772 AD). The design of the Jiulong wall is a metaphor for the admiration of the imperial power and the honor of the Ninth Five-Year Plan in ancient times. Gao, in ancient times, had a tile and one or two silvers. Meissen is also famous for its complicated production technology, and it is also known as white gold. It uses enamel painting to express the beauty of the ancient imperial glass architecture.
Dragon Wall Kowloon wall set watch, only nine sets in the world, in addition to Meissen enamel painting, combined with Deutsche mechanical technology, each watch is equipped with Cal. 100 automatic movement, 18K white gold material.

Montblanc Witnesses Eternal Time In Seconds

Since the brand was founded in Hamburg, Germany in 1906, Montblanc Montblanc has always represented the essence of European superb manufacturing techniques. From the writing instrument manufacturing factory in Hamburg, Germany, to the leather goods manufacturing factory in Florence, Italy, to the jewellery design studio in Paris, France, and the two watchmaking workshops in Reno and Viller, Switzerland, Montblanc’s master craftsmen are unique Innovative traditional craftsmanship creates every piece that can be passed down from generation to generation. In the hands of Montblanc’s masters of craftsmanship, each piece is endowed with traditional conviction and modern enthusiasm, and also interprets the brand philosophy that this century-old brand has always upheld.

 For more than 15 years, the Montblanc Star series has always been known for its distinctive design features. The round case with a very classic aesthetic, with a round polished bezel, multi-level lugs with pronounced curvature, and exquisitely decorated dials and hands, make the star series one of the Montblanc watch series. In addition, Montblanc has never given up its unremitting pursuit of perfect craftsmanship and timeless beauty. The special Carpe Diem automatic watch of the star series is both practical and full of classic atmosphere; Montblanc Star Classique series witnesses the romance of time; and Montblanc Villeret 1858 series outer frame tourbillon chronograph watch with Its unique complex functions and exquisite skills exude infinite enthusiasm and charm.

Classic and practical star series special

Carpe Diem Full Calendar

 The detail of this automatic watch reflects Montblanc’s proud craftsmanship. A basic three-handed watch with calendar display, carved by Montblanc, not only inherits many design details of the star series, but also highlights the unique charm of the special Carpe Diem watch in a minimalist style.

 The so-called full calendar refers to a watch that can display information including calendar, day of the week, and month. As an ‘upgrade’ of calendar and calendar / week function watches, full calendar watches have been favored for their practicality. Full-calendar watches usually have a traditional moon phase display and are one of the indispensable highlights of this type of watch. Due to the large amount of information, the watch has always been designed with display and readability as the primary consideration. This tenet is best performed on Carpe Diem full calendar watches. Below the 12 o’clock dial of the brand logo, two side-by-side windows display the day and month information. The longest central blue steel hand indicates the Arabic numeral calendar located on the outer edge of the dial with a crescent-shaped end; the 6 o’clock position is a semi-hollowed sub dial Dotted with vivid moon phases. It is decorated with a Montblanc hexagonal white star pattern; the slender red second hand rotates elegantly in a clearly distributed dial, and the full calendar function records the quiet passage of every minute and every second. This classically balanced watch is 42 mm in diameter. Playing in the MB 4810/912 automatic movement, the power reserve reaches 42 hours.

Function and beauty outside the Montblanc Villeret 1858 series

Framed tourbillon chronograph

 Montblanc Villeret 1858 external frame tourbillon chronograph watch not only excites infinite enthusiasm because of its unique complex functions, the unique design of the dial, but also the stage for the display of complex functions. Different from the flat ordinary dial, when connoisseurs stare at the three-dimensional dial of Montblanc Villeret 1858 outer frame tourbillon chronograph watch, all the delicate treatment of details will be clearly presented. In addition to the excitement, connoisseurs will be deeply attracted by the outer frame tourbillon in the hollow of the dial.

Classic and romantic Montblanc Star Classique

Two-tone bracelet with automatic watch

 At the same time, watches with perfect craftsmanship, traditional Swiss watchmaking and timeless beauty are the most touching and the most romantic. Montblanc presents a number of classic watches for women and men. The only difference between them is their size, which looks like twin brothers and sisters: Montblanc’s Star Classique dual-color bracelet automatic watch is one of them. It comes in two sizes, 34mm in diameter for women’s watches and 39mm in diameter for men’s watches. The round and slim case with a narrow bezel has a minimalist aesthetic and pure elegance, far better than fleeting. Fashion. The warm 18K rose gold and cold-toned stainless steel materials together create a two-tone case and bracelet, forming a strong contrast. Every movement component is made according to the traditional Swiss craftsmanship, which is the basic condition for selecting high-quality watches.

Watching The Table But Not The Price

From the start of pocket watches to today’s watch market, watches have always carried the imprint of the times, the brand’s culture and historical origins; in terms of functions, they also have numerous complex technologies, such as tourbillons, three questions, and timekeeping. , Moon phases, etc., have witnessed the constant change, progress and innovation of the entire watch market from different angles. When it comes to the minute repeater, many collectors will be happy to study its principle. In fact, although the mechanical principle of the minute repeater is complicated but not mysterious, its quality is more determined by the cleverness of the sound. Next, the editor brought you three timepiece minute repeaters. Their elegant and unique structure is even more amazing.

  Jacques de Roux timepiece three questions J031033200 watch


Comment on the watch: The beauty that can create the sound of the minute repeater is naturally the most basic skill of the minute repeater, giving people a feast for hearing. However, Jacques Ronaldo does not stop there. It also presents the world on the dial. An ingenious picture makes the visual more enjoyable. Jacques D’Or timepiece repeater uses a gold case with a diameter of 47 mm and a thickness of 18.4 mm. The tough case contains a wonderful design, which is remarkable: the protagonist of the pattern is a pair of tits from the Jura region, They have yellow, blue, white and dark black feathers, shapes and colors made by Jacques Dro engraver and painter. They stand on top of the bird nest, which is nestlings. They are waiting to be fed, showing the home of nature. Warm and beautiful. The hour and minute display is located in the upper part of the dial, which has no effect on the overall animation effect, and the two complement each other.

  It is equipped with a perfect hand-made Swiss manual winding movement. It is clearly visible through the back case. It has a 48-hour power reserve. It consists of 508 parts, 68 gem bearings, and minute repeater. When the button is pressed, when one tit lowers its head to feed the chicks, the other will only open its wings to show the delicate and delicate feather color. In the center of the nest, a nestling will break through the shell, while the waterfall on the side keeps flowing. In the end, this watch is limited to 8 pieces and the price is quite expensive. Friends who want to collect it may have to spend a lot of time to buy it.

Basic Information
Number: J031033200
Brand: Jacques Dro
Movement type: manual machinery
Limited number: 8
Price: ¥ 3,800,000
For more watch details, please click: Jaeger-LeCoultre Jewellery and Complications Watch Series Q35034E1


Comment on the watch: I think this Jaeger-LeCoultre Ivy Minute Repeater watch is very suitable for the Chinese aesthetic style. The case with a diameter of 39 mm is very suitable for female friends. The ivy meanders and twists against the blue background. Shows a feminine appearance. Set against a white gold case, the blue dial is adorned with a sun guilloche pattern, and ivy leaves are adorned with sparkling diamonds, making the dial even more dazzling. At nine o’clock, there is a button for the minute repeater. When the minute repeater is activated, press the button again and it will not start. In addition to the three questions, if the dial’s ivy creativity is the first bright spot, which comes from the first frost that condenses on the autumn leaves of the Jura Valley, which indicates the coming of winter, then the diamond is the second brightest spot in appearance. The inlay of each diamond highlights its maximum color and luster. Why is it unattractive?

  In terms of power, the watch is equipped with a Jaeger-LeCoultre 942A self-winding mechanical movement. This new watch also incorporates a precision minute repeater function. Not only is it equipped with two patented ‘trébuchet’ scales. The crystal reed connected to the crystal mirror can get a stronger sound expansion effect; meanwhile, it is also equipped with a unique mute adjuster, which can effectively optimize the time signal sound.

Basic Information
Number: Q35034E1
Brand: Jaeger-LeCoultre
Series: Dating
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Lady
Release time: 2014 Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair
For more watch details, please click: Athens Jazz Minute Repeater Series 749-88


Comment on the watch: Use music to sing the melody of time and light up the smart art on quiet summer nights. This Athens Jazz Minute Repeater Series 749-88 watch brings us a different experience of the minute repeater, incorporating jazz into the complex functions of the watch, not interesting. The 42mm case describes lifelike doll figures between square inches. They are not ordinary dolls, but talented musicians. When the minute repeater function is activated, the timepiece slider is pulled down and the minute repeater The device can emit crisp, melodious audible time, time and minute or combined time. When the time slider is pulled down, the minute repeater device can emit crisp, beautiful time, time and minute. It can strike two different tone. The black onyx dial became the stage for their performance, and the exquisitely made event puppets will move synchronously with the timekeeping function, enthusiastically playing for the audience. You can enjoy a recital of jazz music from your wrist. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to sum up the two words?

  Time is less important in the setting of this artistic dial. However, Athens did not weaken the beauty and practicality of the timepiece. The hands also adopted a silver hue, which integrated with the background when the dial was turned. The crown and the minute repeater buttons are located on both sides of the dial for easy operation.

Basic Information
Number: 749-88
Brand: Athens
Series: Limited Edition Watches
Movement type: manual machinery
Gender: Men
Published: 2014 Basel
Limited number: 18
For more watch details, please click: yadian / 34301 /

Summary: The minute question, the most beautiful thing is the sound. No amount of text accumulation can describe its essence. When you truly hear the voice of the minute question, you will know what it is. This is wonderful and magical. The above three watches not only have the beauty of sound, but also visually show the beauty of the design and art of air conditioning, which is worthy of collection and appreciation. Some friends are used to looking at the price. In the face of such top three watches, we don’t look at the price, we just look at the watch. If you have a chance, you can listen to that wonderful voice. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

Tag Heuer Magnussen Joins Mclaren

TAG Heuer’s partner McLaren Team announced that Kevin Magnussen will join the team next year as a teammate of Jenson Button. Just 21 years old, Kevin Magnussen won the Renault 3.5 World Series Championship earlier and will try his first cry at Formula One next year.

 Young Danish driver Kevin Magnussen will represent McLaren for Formula One 2014

 Kevin Magnussen said, ‘I’m very excited to be a Formula One driver for the first time as a McLaren driver. This is a top team. I have dreamed of joining McLaren since I was a child. It’s no exaggeration to say that Formula One drivers are working hard. ‘

 The young Danish driver has been working with TAG Heuer for more than two years. His helmet is printed with the TAG Heuer logo and he wears the TAG Heuer Formula 1 ceramic chronograph.

A Small Amount Of Spot Breitling Hot Models, Only Four Models Of The Second Generation Of Super Ocean Culture

In 1957, the Breitling Super Marine Culture Series watch was born. Once launched, this legendary series of timepieces has achieved great success. With its unique and classic design style and stable and excellent core, it has been welcomed by many watch friends. This year, coincided with the 60th anniversary of this series, the brand launched the second generation of Super Ocean Culture to commemorate this extraordinary moment. The brand new design is the best interpretation of the series’ unique style, pure design and full of dynamic. Now that this new product is out of stock, we visited the Yintai in88 Breitling store located in Wangfujing, Beijing and learned that this series of watches will perform well once they are put on the shelves. There are currently only four Breitling Super Marine Culture II watches in the store, three of which are 46 mm and one is 42 mm. Let’s take a look at the 46mm cloud silver dial model: (watch model: AB201012 / G828)

 It is worth noting that this new product uses a new bezel design: composed of stainless steel and scratch-resistant and high-tech ceramic materials. Make the new timepiece more robust. The metal ring around the minute scale is removed, so that the bezel and dial are more visually integrated, creating a harmonious aesthetic. The uniquely shaped hands (triangular hour hand, diamond-shaped minute hand) and slightly tapered hour markers are in the same vein as the 1957 model, and the luminous mark ensures excellent reading performance.

 The new product has a total of 42 and 46 mm diameters, and three colors of black, blue and copper brown.

 The durable stainless steel case with screw-in crown is water resistant to 200 meters. The unidirectional ratchet-type rotating bezel with a 120-tooth design combines extremely precise adjustment and smooth rotation control, which brings a very good watch control feel. At the same time, the luminous markers on the hour markers, the end of the hour and minute hands, and the 12 o’clock position are covered with luminous markers. Even in the darker environment, you can observe the time and bezel timing.

 It is powered by the Swiss Official Astronomical Observatory (COSC) B20 movement. This movement is derived from Tudor’s self-produced MT5612 movement. It is a masterpiece of the cooperation in the development of watch mechanical design and manufacturing technology. It has excellent performance, guarantees accurate travel time, and has a power reserve of 70 hours.

 With the exception of cowhide, crocodile and rubber straps, all models can be paired with a stainless steel woven bracelet similar to the 1957 legendary model. Table friends can visit the official website to customize their own exclusive Breitling Super Marine Culture II watch.

Watch display

Summary: In addition, the new Breitling Super Ocean Culture Second Generation Chronograph is also on sale in the store. If you like it, you may enter the store for details. Among the new non-chronograph watches, there is only one left in the 42mm section, and due to production restrictions, it will not be possible to order from the brand within two months, so watch friends who like this watch should seize the opportunity.
More details:
This quotation was collected on October 24, 2017. The watch price / spot is subject to change at any time. For the final selling price, please pay attention to the store details.
[Dealer Name]: Beijing Yinfu in88 Breitling Store
[Dealer Address]: Shop L109, In88, Intime, Beijing Wangfujing, 88 Wangfujing Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing
[Contact]: 010-59785688 Please call as a ‘watch home’ user

Baselworld 2018: It’s Its Turn To Put On A Rainbow Diamond! Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph

Rolex launched the new Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona gem-set style, shining. This watch was born in 1963, and with its reliable and outstanding performance, it has established a brilliant achievement in the racing world and has become one of the classic watches. The new 18ct eternal rose gold model has a rainbow gradient sapphire on the outer ring, replacing the classic speedometer outer ring. The case ears and crown shoulders are set with 56 round-cut diamonds, giving the case a radiant look. The surface is set with 11 sapphire hour markers. The color of the gemstones on the hour markers corresponds to the color of the gemstones on the outer ring. The chronograph dial is decorated with pink gold crystals. During the process of smelting rose gold, it is made by Rolex’s unique process and emits a unique luster.

The middle case of the watch is set with 56 round-cut diamonds, which is more prominent than the 18ct eternal rose gold case.

The Cosmograph Daytona’s oyster case is water-resistant to 100 meters and is a model of durability. The middle case is cast from the original solid 18ct rose gold and blends with the crown shoulders. Rolex watchmakers use the brand’s exclusive tools to tighten the fine pitted bottom cover to seal the case, so only Rolex watchmakers can access the movement. The winding crown is equipped with a triple-lock triple waterproof system. Like the chronograph push button, it is firmly screwed onto the case. The mirror is made of sapphire and is not easy to scratch. Cosmograph Daytona’s waterproof oyster case gives the best protection to a high-precision movement.

The watch has a black lacquered surface and 18ct pink gold crystal chronograph dial, allowing gorgeous elements to be carried through

The Cosmograph Daytona watch is equipped with a 4130 self-winding movement, developed and manufactured by Rolex. The structure of the movement is completely innovative, consolidating Rolex’s exquisite watchmaking technology, greatly reducing the number of timer components, thereby making the movement more reliable. The sturdy chronograph movement is equipped with a column wheel and a vertical chronograph clutch wheel device, which can make the chronograph start instantly and ensure the precise timing. The balance spring component is the heart of the watch and is equipped with a Rolex blue Parachrom hairspring. This hairspring is made of a unique paramagnetic alloy cast by Rolex. It is not affected by magnetic fields, and it is still very stable even when the temperature changes. The last Rolex ring ensures that the hairspring can still maintain regularity at any position. The 4130 movement is equipped with a self-winding component. The mainspring is wound on a mainspring with a permanent automatic disc. Its power reserve is about 72 hours.

Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona

18ct eternal rose gold material / 4130 self-winding movement / hours, minutes, seconds display / chronograph function / watch diamond setting, gem / sapphire crystal / waterproof 100 meters / diameter 40 meters —- ** *

Conquering The Ocean Oris Diving Watch 徜徉 Summer Diving Season

The sea water reflects its dazzling brilliance under the sun shining in the summer. It comes from the curiosity of the sea. Human beings have been exploring this dark blue unknown world in the waves for a long time. Diving into the sea is a wonderful experience that many people yearn for in the summer. While playing in the water, Swiss independent mechanical watch brand Oris (Oris) has two professional diving watches with excellent performance and fashion sense — —Aquis Red diving watch and Oris ProDiver analogue calendar will enhance the extraordinary diving experience.

Oris Aquis Red diving watch-fully support the environmental protection cause of the Red Sea

 The Red Sea between Africa and Asia and part of the Indian Ocean has always been a top diving destination in the eyes of diving enthusiasts around the world, and it also has the most diverse ecosystem on the planet. Oris has been committed to protecting the marine environment and marine life, and has introduced a new red diving watch to support the Red Sea Environment Center in fulfilling its job responsibilities.

 The red diving watch adds brilliant colors to the original Aquis diving case design: the red second hand and the red minute scale on the one-way rotating top ring all show the characteristics and breath of the Red Sea. During the diving process, the contraction of the wetsuit and the difficulty of adjusting the watch underwater may occur due to the water pressure. The safety anchor and sliding buckle designed by Oris can adjust the time of the watch at the same time while ensuring the fit of the watch. It is not only suitable for water sports such as diving and surfing, but also highlights the diversity of outdoor activities and daily life, which makes it an excellent choice for summer watches.

Oris red dive watch
Product number: 01 733 7653 4183 RB, watch diameter: Ø 43.00mm limited production of 2,000
Oris Cal 733 fully automatic movement, basic movement SW 200-1, calendar window at 6 o’clock
Stainless steel case and protected stainless steel crown, water-resistant to 300 meters
Unidirectional rotating top ring embedded with black ceramic, part of the red minute scale
Special pattern and limited number engraved on the screw-down back cover
Double-sided arched sapphire glass with anti-reflective coating on the inside
Dark gray dial with nickel hands and scales, built-in fluorescent material
Rubber strap with safety anchor and stainless steel moving wire snap ring
Comes with a waterproof flashlight

Oris ProDiver Analog Monthly Calendar-World’s First Mechanical Watch Showing Tide Difference

 If you are not only satisfied with the waterproof performance of ordinary diving watches and you are looking for more professional fields, then the high-precision Oris ProDiver analog monthly watch specially designed to meet the needs of top commercial divers will be the best choice for underwater extreme exploration.

 This Oris ProDiver analogue calendar uses a unique dial design to clearly see the tide range and the moon’s operating cycle, so that divers no longer need to refer to other tide indications. At the same time, the watch incorporates Oris’ patented rotation safety system, which allows the wearer to record a certain time by rotating the outer ring of the watch. The watch’s outer ring can be locked to prevent accidental adjustment and is equipped with an automatic helium safety valve.

 Oris ProDiver analog monthly watch with calendar display window at 5 o’clock, hour, minute, and second at the center of the dial. The titanium case is water-resistant to 1,000 meters. This original model is available in both the southern and northern hemispheres.

Oris ProDiver Analog Calendar
Product Code: 761 7682 7154 Set, Watch Diameter: 49.00mm, Northern Hemisphere
Product Code: 761 7682 7134 Set, Watch Diameter: 49.00mm, Southern Hemisphere

Fully automatic Oris Cal 761 movement, basic movement SW200, monthly calendar indication, calendar window at 5 o’clock
Hours, minutes, seconds, and calendar hands in the center of the watch
Multi-piece titanium case, waterproof to 1000 meters.
Tighten the back cover, engraved with meters and feet.
Arched sapphire glass with anti-reflective coating inside.
Unidirectional rotating top ring with minute scale engraved and black ceramic inlay.
The dial, scales and hands are embedded with Super-LumiNova® fluorescent material.
Screw-down crown with protection
The rubber strap with folding clasp can be adjusted freely.
Waterproof watch box with the included stainless steel strap and removal tools.

Tag Heuer Welcomes Chris Hemsworth As Brand Global Ambassador In Australia

Under the glamorous night of Sydney Harbour, Jean-Claude Biver, CEO of TAG Heuer and Head of LVMH Group Watch Division, officially welcomes Chris Hemsworth (ChrisHemsworth) became the brand’s latest global ambassador. In the 2013 racing movie ‘Rush’, Tag Heuer was the partner, and Chris Hemsworth was the character of the leading F1 driver James Hunt. Now the friendship between the Australian actor and the Swiss watch brand is closer.

   Chris Hemsworth is professional, authentic, and internationally renowned. It is a perfect portrayal of the spirit of ‘Fear no challenge to succeed’. Therefore, it is only natural that Jean-Claude Beaver, the CEO of TAG Heuer and head of the watch division of LVMH Group, proposed that he be the brand ambassador.

   ‘Tag Heuer selects brand ambassadors based on four communication platforms including sports, art, lifestyle and Swiss expertise,’ said Mr. Jean-Claude Beaver, ‘Chris Hemsworth is loyal to the brand and is a perfect match ‘He is a good man, a great father, a successful actor and an Australian. The Australian market is very important to Tag Heuer.’

   Sylvia Jefferies attended the event and cut the cheese with Chris Hemsworth. One of the fastest painters in the world, BradBlaze, painted on stage and auctioned to support the Australian Children’s Fund (Chris Hemsworth is also a patron). In addition, hand-painted surfboards funded by the Foundation became part of the auction.

   This event also marks the official launch of TAG Heuer’s new Carrera Heuer-01 watch, a symbol of the brand’s continued investment and endless creativity. Since its founding in 1860, Tag Heuer has been known as a model of Swiss avant-garde precision watchmaking. TAG Heuer hopes to defend the avant-garde spirit, culture and philosophy of the brand by investing in superior resources. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

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