6900 Yuan Cost-effective Mido Mido Helmsman Series Rider Watch New Listing

In winter, because of the increase in clothes, there are more “taboos” for wearing watches. If you wear it too thick, you ca n’t plug it into the cuff, the crown is easy to hold your hands, and the metal chain is cold. A watch that is not too thick with a leather strap would be a better choice. Mido’s very sporty helmsman series this year has brought a very breakthrough watch selection-the Pedestrian Long Kinetic mechanical watch. This new work includes Horween Holvin cooperation models, a total of four. Although long-awaited, it has not been listed before until November. This time, we brought some vision to the Mido counter and personally experience the newly launched Mido helmsman watch.

Mido helmsman series rider long kinetic watch (magic gray)

   The first is the price. Three different color matching models of the Mido Helmsman Transcender Long Kinetic Watch are priced at 6,900 yuan. This is an attractive price because it is equipped with Caliber 80 movement and case. Both the strap and the strap have some very unique designs. Mido watches equipped with the same movement are generally between 7700 and 8500. Last year, the three-hand model of the helmsman series seeker series watch was priced at 6,900 yuan, which turned out to be very popular and sold well.

   At the time, unlike the previous helmsman series watches, the diameter of the case of the Transcender watch was enlarged to 44 mm, which should be the largest watch in the current Mido watch. The large size has been popular in recent years, making this sports style. The main series has a new attempt. Large-sized watches, of course, will look more atmospheric, and the dial space will be much larger, so the scale can also be made larger, coupled with the large crown design, cool black case, full of dynamic.

   At present, there are only two Crossover watches in the store we visited. The magic gray and khaki browns are very beautiful. The dial is decorated with Geneva stripes. The series is inspired by the DNA of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the suspension slings on the bridge. It symbolizes great human engineering and also represents a kind of strength and courage. Therefore, the stripes of the dial of the helmsman series have become one of the characteristics of the series.

   Highlighting the retro theme, the stainless steel case of the watch is black-plated and worn, and the strap is a retro suede-like surface belt, which feels comfortable and feels good.

Mido helmsman series rider long kinetic watch (khaki brown)
   Since the store has just been listed, there are still other options in the store. Since this Helmsman Series Translator Long Kinetic watch has been very popular since the launch of Basel, if you like it, it is better to start early. You can also follow the official Weibo @ 美 度 表 understand first-hand information.
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This quotation was collected on November 28, 2017. The watch price / spot is subject to change at any time. For the final selling price, please pay attention to the store details.
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