A Watchmaker ‘magic’ Shares The Pioneering Power Of Tag Heuer

In an afternoon lit by warm sunlight, I was fortunate to interview Jean-Claude Beaver, President of LVMH Group’s Watch Division and CEO of TAG Heuer, in a banquet hall of Four Seasons Hotel Beijing. -Mr. Claude Biver). This two-spotted old man has a magical magic both on the show floor and during interviews. His rich expressions and body language make people feel kind. During the interview, Mr. Beaver has always infiltrated me that the Tag Heuer brand is working hard to develop according to the existing four directions, and gradually open up more young and dynamic markets, such as this time with the avant-garde fashion electronic music platform The cooperation and signed the electronic godfather David Guetta in one fell swoop, the future will also be a period of vigorous development of brand smart watches, but also full of confidence in the Chinese market.

  Mr. Jean-Claude Biver, known as the ‘Godfather of the Watch Industry’, is a well-known magician in the Swiss watchmaking industry. He is one of the few truly staying in the Swiss watchmaking industry. Under the name, everyone in the circle called him ‘Old Master’. He once managed Omega and Blancpain to become the world’s most sought-after Swiss watch brands. In less than 10 years, he set off the concept of ‘integrated art’ and built Hublot. Cheng owns a watch movement with its own movement and bold use of innovative materials, which has a worldwide reputation. Today, the old man has brought Tag Heuer back to his pocket. Please come with me to hear what he thinks and plans about the brand:
· Focus on music and art
Watch House: Tag Heuer recently officially launched its cross-border cooperation with Budweiser Storm Electronic Festival, the most influential international electronic music platform in China. Why do brands choose the most fashionable and cutting-edge electronic music platform? Come to cooperate?
Jean-Claude Biver: I think everyone likes music, including myself. In addition to electronic music, I also like classical music. At present, the consumers that the Tag Heuer brand wants to face are the younger generation, so a young man between 18 and 30 years old is more likely to like electronic music, so we need to find a platform to follow today’s consumers Go to the same platform as what they love, so we chose electronic music without hesitation.

Watch House: David Guetta, as the brand’s new spokesperson, what are the similarities between him and Tag Heuer?
Jean-Claude Biver: David Guetta is a godfather in the field of electronic music. If we want to cut into electronic music, we have to cooperate with the best people like David Guetta. Young people like it, and mature people also like it. We can effectively enter this platform. Of course, we need to find the leader in this platform. He That is the idol candidate of that age.
· Four directions of brand development
Watch House: We see that Tag Heuer has image spokespersons in different fields, so what are the reference standards for brands when choosing a spokesperson? Will there be new spokespersons in the future?
Jean-Claude Biver: Currently the Tag Heuer brand is developing in four directions: one is the spirit of sports, the other is music and art, the third is the fashion lifestyle, and the fourth is the traditional skills of Swiss watchmaking. First of all, when we choose spokespersons, we must meet one of these four areas. Secondly, he must be the most representative person in the field. Third, he can also communicate and interact with our young users. In addition, he must be representative and must be the most influential and communicative in his own field.
· Smart watches are the future
Watch House: Tag Heuer and Intel and Google have jointly launched a smart watch. When will this watch meet us?
Jean-Claude Biver: We will do a global release in New York on November 9th, and we will show it to you at that time.
Watch House: In the future, what new breakthroughs will Tiger Tag Heuer make in the development of smart watches?
Jean-Claude Biver: TAG Heuer will continue to make more attempts in smart watches in the future. We plan to establish a team in Silicon Valley, so you will see that we will continue to develop in the direction of smart watches in the next ten years. .
· The Chinese market has great potential
Watch House: How do you view the current status and future of the Chinese market?
Jean-Claude Biver: The development of the Chinese market has unlimited and huge potential. According to some data, China currently has about 100 million to 150 million middle class. In another ten years, it can be imagined that this class will grow to 500 million, so this spending power is huge. As a successful government, you should know how to make this middle class bigger and better, because no government can focus on only a small number of the top rich. I believe that the Chinese government will also go in this direction. The market potential is entirely conceivable.
 Mr Beaver’s success is due to his willingness to take risks and accept new ideas. He led the Tag Heuer brand to a more dynamic and modern direction, and developed in four directions: art and music, fashion life, sportsmanship and classic heritage. Through this brief interview, we deeply felt that Tag Heuer was cherishing the spirit of the ‘avant-garde’ brand, constantly dazzling the world with vibrant music vitality, and determined to invest in the lively ‘music’ field to make the brand Demonstrates freshness.