Alacria Alacria Watch

Alacria watch is a clever combination of watchmaking craftsmanship and jewelry art. Watchmakers rely on professional and first-class polishing techniques to create timeless and beautiful precious works. The birth of the Alija watch, the decisive factors include the color, clarity and cut of the diamond; in particular, due to the natural shape of the hard diamond, the cut diamond must have at least 57 facets to be called a bright diamond. The selection of diamonds means that Bucherer’s absolute high standards for quality are set on the watch by hand. Finally, the experienced technicians polish the watch to make them shine beautifully.
 Alika’s smooth and distinctive three-dimensional curved case is full of unique personality and dazzling light of exquisite craftsmanship. With a fashionable and avant-garde timekeeping method, it attracts everyone’s attention and attracts women who continuously pursue elegant taste. There are women who don’t just think of watches as timers.
 18K yellow gold case with 1.6 carats, reference price: NT $ 578,000, stainless steel case with 0.6 carats, reference price: NT $ 186,000

Updated: 8. November 2020 — 7:08
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