Beloved By A Brand For 9 Years, Huang Xiaoming Is Really Worthy Of A Small Fresh Meat Study

Last weekend, the rabbit broke his leg. It was almost a press conference from morning to night. When he ran into a dog, he could n’t help but laugh at the Huang Xiaoming couple: Sure enough, he would stay at home, one in Tissot and one in UGG. Before and after, business trips to Shanghai are in pairs. This is indeed in line with the impression they gave me-spare no effort to make milk powder. However, ridicule and ridicule, even if Huang Xiaoming was criticized for acting again, after all, he had a performance similar to ‘China Partner’ and his reputation in ‘Langya List 2’. What’s more, after so many years of debut, in front of a lot of young Xiaoxianrou, his sophistication can’t be disguised by others. For example, every time I appeared at a Tissot press conference, I quietly said to a media friend next door: ‘Huang Xiaoming’s mouth is too sweet. I can imagine that Tim Bao (François Tim Bao, global CEO of Tissot) has been coaxed by him. How happy. ‘The release of the new Duluer series is no exception. But compared with Liu Yifei’s sense of restraint on one side, Huang Xiaoming made people feel that “all rely on him to warm up”, and the atmosphere was sometimes active and funny. ‘Timbo has 2 lovely granddaughters. He feels that he brings the family atmosphere to work. Tissot has always made me feel an emotional brand.’ Huang Xiaoming said, this is why, he endorsed Tissot as a whole 9 years. ‘Before I endorsed it, someone gave me a T-touch watch. I was very impressed. I took it with me for a long time because it was so convenient. It was waterproof and sporty, and the touch screen was very advanced. At that time, I was obsessed with the electronic watch with a compass, so I really liked this watch at that time, and the memory is very deep. Later, I was fortunate to endorse and found that it really has too many choices to meet people of different ages, stages and different identities. Needs. ‘And Huang Xiaoming specifically mentioned the understanding of the phrase’ this moment, create the next moment ‘,’ We often say, ‘Treasure the present, live in the present’, you can only do things best at this moment , You have the opportunity and may do better in the next moment. At the same time, this is also in line with a point I said at the Boao Youth Leaders Forum, which is about the ‘depth’ and ‘breadth’ of doing things. I personally believe that There is depth and breadth beforehand. If you do too many things, you will not be able to do anything well, so I think everyone must still have ‘ingenuity’. If you do things well, you will have the opportunity to create the next moment. ‘In a blink of an eye, in the 1970s, these middle-strength artists were in their 40s. Huang Xiaoming said that when he felt that he was a ‘little fresh meat’, he instantly became ‘old bacon’, as if his age had changed overnight. ‘But isn’t that the beauty and surprise of life? You can think of this change as scary, or you can think of it as a surprise. For me, I take this change of age and status as a surprise, and I I slowly discovered that with these changes, I hope that time can slow down and cherish every moment more and more, so I strive to do my best to live every moment of myself. ‘He said. Compared to arranging his own work, Huang Xiaoming now seems to enjoy spending time with his family and children: ‘I haven’t decided on the next step so far. I have taken a break for half a year, and I haven’t worried about what to do in the next half. Family time is my current job. ‘When talking about his favorite identity, he admits that he is still an actor, because this is the original intention and work. ‘From the beginning, I entered the Academy of Films, and found that I might not be suitable for this industry, and then slowly accepted it and loved it. So far, this is indeed my original intention and dream, so I hope I can grasp this moment To make the work of the actor to the extreme. ‘Over the years, the impression of Huang Xiaoming has changed every time. The most important reason is that he is willing to open up to talk about his true feelings, instead of just saying something on the table. Make the boss happy. For example, he is even willing to tell everyone publicly that he has suffered from depression, because people always stumbling in the process of breakthrough, and always be confused when encountering setbacks. He said that a friend later sent him a word that made him feel very suitable for himself: ‘People in this industry will not succeed if they don’t have depression.’ But the truth is, there has never been a smooth life, In the face of adversity, we can usher in our own breakthrough. By the time the watershed was about 40 years old, many people were less arrogant and concealed, and sincerely recognized themselves, they calmed the tight life instead. I still agree with the brand’s use of mature artists. The experience brought by age cannot be surpassed by short-term wealth. The relatively stable quality of artists is also more suitable for the brand to maintain a stable positioning. Many times, I always feel a little unclear about people who are too savvy, but the truth is that giving and getting are directly proportional, just to see how much everyone wants to get, where is their balance . As a rabbit who is not a Buddhist but who can’t fight for his life, he should pay attention to all efforts to transcend his environment.

Updated: 20. October 2014 — 16:42
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