Big’ Is Different. A Brief Review Of The Original Athens Observatory 1183-122-3/42 Watch

Ulysse Nardin (Athens) launched the original nautical astronomical watch series in 2012, with a large diameter of 45 mm than the previous nautical astronomical series watch diameter larger, improved crown operation It is more convenient and has more choices of different styles, which makes the Athens nautical series watch shine. After continuous improvement and adjustment, the UN-118 movement has also become the ace of choice for this series. Today, everyone will enjoy it with me. The look of this watch.

  The Athens watch was established in 1823. The early specialization field was the manufacture of nautical timers and alarm clocks. In the history of Athens for nearly two hundred years, they have always been proud of them. The Athens navigator is recognized as the most accurate timekeeping tool in the maritime industry. It is a timing tool for the naval forces in more than 50 countries around the world, which shows that the authority of Athens watches in the field of marine timing. Today this Athens original nautical observatory 1183-122-3 / 42 watch uses a large diameter of 45 mm, with power reserve display, date display, and small seconds dial, elegant Roman numeral time scale, more wear-resistant titanium The metal bracelet and stainless steel case guarantee the durability of this watch.

  Let’s take a look at the overall structure of this watch first. The stainless steel case outer ring has added a non-slip gear scale texture. The crown is equipped with tough crown shoulders on both sides of the crown. The silver-white ancient Roman time scale is elegant and durable. Below the two o’clock position is the small power reserve dial, at six o’clock is the date display and small seconds dial, the strap is used, the structure of the strong rubber strap with titanium components.

  At six o’clock, the date display small window and small seconds dial, the design is very delicate, especially the date display window, can be said to be small and exquisite, at the same time we also look at the strap of this watch, using strong rubber The structure of the strap with titanium components, the titanium part is also engraved with the Athens logo.

  The power reserve is designed like a small dial. Unlike most other products, which have a half-moon design, this design in Athens is also marked with a power reserve value on the dial. When it is less than a quarter, it is also marked with red. Area prompts for easy and timely replenishment to keep the watch accurate.

  This watch uses a sapphire crystal back to the case back, and it is relatively large. Unlike some models, there is only a small part of the back, and the back of the case can clearly see the movement of the movement. Happening. This UN118 automatic movement is a new movement launched by Athens in 2011. After a year of adjustment, the movement is more accurate and has many patents. The patented DiamonSil escapement, the patented inertia balance and silicon balance spring, 50 pieces. Gem, power reserve 60 hours, COSC Swiss official observatory certification, and can reach 200 meters water resistance.

  The same series of products also have rose gold case, titanium, stainless steel white dial design styles, as well as black, brown alligator leather strap and steel strap, and other styles to choose from, among which 18K rose gold models are limited to 350 pieces worldwide. , Rose gold exquisite white enamel dial is hand-made by the globally recognized enamel dial expert Donzé Cadrans.

Summary: Finally, let’s take a look at the hands-on photos of this watch. The 45 mm diameter band is indeed a bit large on the hand, which is more suitable for tall and rough men’s friends. This watch uses a number of new technologies in Athens. In addition to the several patents on the movement, the most practical is the quick adjustment function of the date display at 6 o’clock. The wearer can quickly adjust the date forward / backward, and edit and predict the price of this watch. It should be about 80,000 yuan. On this watch, we saw some classic elements of the Athens nautical series and a new movement with multiple patents. Compared to this price range, it is still a recommended men’s watch.
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