Cartier Accompanies The Stars To Support The 2013 Bazaar Star Charity Night

On October 10th, ‘2013 BAZAAR Star Charity Night’ kicked off in Beijing. At the beginning of the new decade of charity, Cartier accompanied Yao Chen, Yineng Jing, and Huang Yi at the grand ceremony to convey the positive energy of charity.

That night, the popular queen Yao Chen appeared for the first time after giving birth, attracting a lot of attention: the nail-shaped Cartier Juste Un Clou series bracelet clasped the wrist, complementing her simple shape; she wore a Cartier Paris New Wave series ring between her right fingers , The rose gold beads set with colored gems are like bright neon, blooming and shining. Yi Nengjing debuted with a feminine lace dress. In her ears and between her fingers, Cartier’s Paris new wave series of jewelry are gentle and pleasant. Their elegant curves and hollow shapes resemble the baroque dome of the Paris Opera House. Huang Yi debuted with Cartier Cheetah series earrings, rings and bracelets that night, revealing noble elegance.

Updated: 26. January 2021 — 8:33
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