Elegant And Enterprising Longines’ Fourth In The World Is Like This

Although Longines promotes an elegant lifestyle, it does not hinder the brand’s aggressive development strategy. In the process, Longines gradually climbed to fourth place in terms of Swiss watchmaking brands (in terms of sales). 48 years after joining Longines, Mr. Walter von Känel, who is still at the helm, has set his sights on his next opponent.

Longines Watchmaking Workshop

Longines watchmaking workshops in history

   Type ‘Longines’ on the most commonly used search engine and you can almost hear the horse hissing. The fastest, strongest, most robust, and of course the most elegant horse is the true logo of the brand. Longines has no reservations for ‘equestrian sport’. This enthusiasm leads us back centuries to 1878, when the brand produced an equestrian chronograph pocket watch with engraved riders and mounts on the back. This pocket watch quickly gained popularity in the equestrian circle. Since 1881, the chronograph pocket watch has become a fixed device on the racetrack, used to measure the time when a horse crosses the finish line to the nearest second. Since then, Longines has extended its sports timing expertise to a variety of equestrian sports such as flat, endurance and obstacle course. This brand, which is marked by the flying wing funnel, has not left the public’s sight because of the implementation of the sponsorship strategy that is not limited to equestrian sports. Longines is passionate about gymnastics, alpine skiing, the French Open, the Commonwealth Games and even archery.

Longines watchmaking workshops in history

Longines Watch Factory

   It does not show off or show off, but it is just a network schedule that is precisely arranged according to clear principles and has a rhythm and rhythm. There are no less than 400 events each year, and each one is covered in Longines colors. Longines goes hand in hand on all fronts, and the marketing department hires people accordingly. So far, marketing is the largest administrative department with 60 employees. Coupled with the after-sales service department-which Longines sees as a powerful marketing tool as sporting events-it forms a double insurance for the brand to maintain the market.

Peng Yuyan, Longines Elegant Ambassador

Simon Baker, Longines Elegant Ambassador

   ‘Horse racing is an elegant sport, with both men and women as spectators,’ said Juan-Carlos Capelli, Longines Global Vice President and Marketing Director. , Because men and women are both brand customers. More importantly, competitions are often held in historic locations, and the audience is not limited to locals. They come from all over the world. Every weekend, Longines will appear in media reports. And not only Equestrian, and so are other sports we sponsor. ‘

Longines Companion 2017 St. Moritz FIS Alpine Skiing World Championship Special Edition Men’s Watch

Longines Dayau Wiener

   The real Longines is obviously more complex and profound than the one presented to the eyes. On the surface, Longines is an advocate of leisure life; behind the scenes, Longines adheres to a pioneering brand strategy. Longines belongs to the world of high-tech sports, and its origins can be traced back to the beginning of the contemporary watchmaking industry. In 1832, a timepiece assembly and sales company was founded in Sommia, Jura Valley, Switzerland. The Longines timepiece can not only decorate the elegant ladies’ wrists, but also meet the uncompromising needs of deep-sea divers. Some may say that this is a sign that a brand has not yet found a clear direction, but this is far from the truth. Under the leadership of the industry elite Mr. Huoke Nuo (who joined Longines in 1969 and took over the position of brand helmsman 19 years later), Longines has flourished.

Longines Classic 1918 Watch

John Hokenau

   Let the numbers speak: With an annual output of more than 1 million pieces and sales of over 1.5 billion Swiss francs, Longines has become the fourth highest Swiss watch brand in the world after Rolex, Omega and Cartier. So what happens in 2017, which coincides with the 185th birthday of the brand? ‘This year may be a record year for Longines,’ said Mr Hokeno. ‘Let’s get closer to the third place! Looking back, I clearly remember that Nicholas Hayek wanted Longines to be the market leader for products of the same price. .Where are we today? Approximately 85% of sales come from products from 700 to 3,000 Swiss francs; more specifically, 50% of sales come from products from 1,500 to 3,000 Swiss francs, occupying 30% of the market share. So I Will say, we are not burdened. ‘

Updated: 7. January 2021 — 18:27
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