Genghis Khan Tourbillon Four Hammer Minute Repeater Wins Creative Award

This watch is derived from the respect of Genghis Khan, so Athens hand carved the Mongolian soldiers who are siege the city on the extremely rare black agate dial, and named this watch Genghis Khan. This watch is also one of the few top watches in the world that is not mainly jewellery and diamonds, but still worth more than 10 million. This watch also won the 2003 International Creative Award from a professional magazine, which is the best combination of mechanical craftsmanship and art.

 The exterior design of the watch is brilliant, but what is truly appreciated is the movement inside. Genghis Khan Zhongle watch is equipped with Cal.UN-78 hand-made caliber developed by Athens, 36 stone, 27.6mm in diameter, 8.5mm in thickness, the bridge of the movement is carefully polished by hand, with pearl dots on the front, and With the Geneva ripples and beveled bevels, the transparent back and the cut-outs in the lower half of the dial provide the opportunity to appreciate the hand-polished craftsmanship of Athens.
 In addition to the Cal.UN-78 movement, which has a tourbillon, which improves accuracy, the functional design of the watch is even more important. Athens Genghis Khan’s bell table, tapping Mi, Do, Re and Sol four different tones. The sound of the time signal is Sol, the report is divided into Mi, and the time of the report has different sounds according to different moments. Resounding around the beam is the most human.
 One moment is Mi-Do-Re-Sol
 The second moment is Mi-Do-Re-Sol / Sol-Re-Mi-Do
 Three moments are Mi-Do-Re-Sol / Sol-Re-Mi-Do / Mi-Do-Re-Sol
Genghis Khan’s questionnaire for double enjoyment of sight and hearing
 The most famous creation of the Athenian watch is the action puppet that combines the hearing enjoyment with the visual enjoyment to create an unprecedented masterpiece. The finely crafted 18K gold action figures on the dial are all handcrafted by sculptors who have spent more than 40 hours, with rare black agate dials, becoming unique artworks. The changing sounds make the Athens Genghis Khan bell music table like a professional band, playing beautiful music at every moment. While enjoying the auditorium, the Mongolian soldiers and horses on the dial will also show heroic combat skills.
 [Timekeeping]: The two men on the left will wave their sabers.
 [Newspaper]: All the dolls in the pan were mobilized. For example, Genghis Khan led the army and showed great power.
 [Report points]: The knight will stab the spear into the ring hung above, and everyone includes the musician sitting on the far left with a percussion instrument.
 Genghis Khan’s clock watch is available in 18K white gold and rose gold. It is equipped with a crocodile leather strap. Due to the extremely laborious production process, each process takes about 6 to 8 months. Up to 8 years, each production is limited to 30 pieces, 18K white gold is priced at 620,000 Swiss francs, and rose gold is priced at 610,000 Swiss francs.