Green On The Wrist Is Environmental Protection First

The trend of green environmental protection is sweeping the world. Citizens living on the same earth have their due obligations. More and more slogans and concepts are advocated and implemented: green and energy-saving cars, green shopping bags Green environmental protection dry cleaning shop … It is true that the watch industry is not a high energy consumption and high emission industry, but as a member of the global village, it is also a responsibility to care about the living environment. After all, low-carbon life is closely related to the people of the planet. Watch manufacturers have invariably endorsed the brand and the concept of environmental protection of watches, which fully reflects the industry’s strong sense of mission on the quality of human life and the optimization of future living environment.

Environmental protection technology

┬áThe watch brand’s search for environmental protection technology has never stopped. Typically, like Omega, IWC and Zenith, they have focused their attention on material research and support for energy. Since the moon landing program, Omega has been one of the main partners of the ‘Sunshine Dynamics’ project, supporting research on undeveloped solar energy. The significance is that once successful, human dependence on non-renewable resources and fossil fuels will be greatly reduced. In 2009, the Solar Impulse HB-SIA aircraft traveled around the world with solar power for 36 hours. The success of Solar Impulse has led to the recognition that untapped solar energy will reduce our dependence on non-renewable resources and fossil fuels. Omega provided technical support as one of the main partners of ‘Sunshine Dynamics’.

┬áTissot has also added green elements to the design and manufacturing process of the watch, such as PVD vacuum ion plating, dust removal filter system, and the widespread use of the G10.211 movement and titanium, from processing technology to maintenance services, and then When it comes to watch movements and materials, Tissot’s support and respect for green environmental protection are all reflected.

Environmental concept

Chopard LUC XP series jungle watches, Van Cleef & Arpels dream dial series, Cartier Cartier d’Art animal series watches and other big brands have adopted environmental protection theme to present their environmental protection concept, hoping to show endangered animals with superb skills, appeal Customers appreciate environmental protection topics such as biodiversity and cherish forest resources while enjoying the fun. IWC has been cooperating with agencies and non-profit organizations concerned with environmental and marine protection around the world, and is committed to maintaining a livable environment. IWC itself is certified as a carbon-neutral watchmaking factory. It has a cooperation plan with the Darwin Foundation to protect the ecology of the Galapagos Islands. In addition, TAG Heuer launched a more than 15-year solar roof construction project at the La Chaux-de-Font plant in Switzerland in 2011. It is expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 17% in the next ten years and fulfill its commitment to environmental protection. .

IWC Marine Timepiece Galapagos Islands Chronograph:
L.U.C.XP Series Jungle Watch:

Apart from the unique lacquer ukiyo-e dial and ultra-thin mechanical movement, the focus is still on the theme of environmental protection. The dial has some fairy-tale lions, monkeys and bears, as well as a large variety of plants, flowers and plants. This is what the name Jungle ‘Jungle’ hopes for, and it hopes to maintain biodiversity.

Tissot T-Touch
Dynamic series:

Tissot has used titanium for the first time in watch making since 1997. Not only is titanium lighter and lighter, it is an ideal material for outdoor watches and sports watches. Titanium does not contain nickel and is more anti-allergic than other materials. . The most important thing is that it can be recycled and reused, 100% green.

Solar wave chronograph:

LUKIA’s new spring and summer models are made of stainless steel, and the sapphire crystal is coated with a new generation of Super Clear-Coating to provide natural and clear visual effects that are almost glassless. The thoughtful design of environmentally friendly solar energy can accumulate up to six months of electricity when fully charged.

GP Girard Perregaux Seahawk
Series ‘Mermaid’s Mission’
Special Limited Edition:

This watch was designed by Girard Perregaux and Ms. Susan Rockefeller. It draws nature’s environmentally friendly green and ocean blue on the dial and case back, and is decorated with a silhouette of a mysterious mermaid. Wish and advocate public participation in marine ecological protection.

Casio Pathfinder PRG110C-3 watch:

The green case represents green energy. This watch introduces a rechargeable solar battery, which can supply power even under a fluorescent light, even under an extremely low light source. In addition to displaying time, it can also display temperature, barometric pressure, compass, etc., and at the same time can keep extremely low power consumption for a certain period of time.

Updated: 12. October 2014 — 18:52
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