Jacques Dro Has Created Infinite Wonderful Moments In 280 Years

Swiss watch brand Jaquet Droz, who has stood the table for more than two centuries, is not only one of the oldest watch manufacturers in the world, but it also made excellent products for the Chinese royal family earlier than the Qing Dynasty. Clocks and watches, named by Emperor Qianlong, are still in use today. Jacques Dro, who has deep roots in the East, celebrates its 280th anniversary this year and has opened a new boutique in Cotai, Wynn Palace, Macau.

Famous actor Miss Shihman wears onyx mother-of-pearl hour and minute dial and demonstrates the charming bird of time

Famous actor Miss Shihman wearing onyx mother-of-pearl hour and minute dial and demonstration of tropical wind information

Jacques Rodriguez, who has deep roots in the East, celebrates its 280th anniversary this year and opens a new boutique in Cotai, Wynn Palace, Macau
   On February 28, 2018, a number of VIPs gathered in the brand-new specialty store in Wynn Palace Cotai, Macau, taking the lead in appreciating a number of ingenious watches in the store. After guests and media friends gradually stepped into the breathtaking art world of Jacques Droe, special guest Ms. Shimane appeared immediately, and demonstrated to the guests the only one of the world’s most unique and fascinating birds of time: from automatic The charming time bird watch of the Doll series is built with Jacques de Loire 615 movement and PHM / A automatic doll movement. Fully hand-carved in the 47mm white gold case and painted dials are the two major technologies of the brand. The manual craftsmanship is fully utilized; the tit-shaped automatic doll at 6 o’clock spreads its wings in the brand’s classic 8-character dial, and the intoxicating singing affects people’s hearts, adding endless elegance to the brand’s 280th anniversary.

The world’s only lonely and charming time bird watch

Famous actor Miss Shiman wears charming Time Bird watch

   The famous actor Miss Shiman shared with everyone: ‘Selecting a watch is just like selecting a boyfriend. It requires both internal and external beauty-in addition to reliable standards and a distinctive appearance, I can be proud of it, plus Jakodro’s reputation for 280 years is naturally addictive. ‘
Charming Bird of Time

White mother-of-pearl dial, black onyx dial, 18K white gold ring
18K White Gold Case
Jacques Dro movement 615 and PHM / A automatic doll movement, platinum rotor
38 hours power reserve
47 mm diameter
Limited edition of 1 piece

Updated: 1. March 2021 — 16:17
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