Jacques Droo Introduces Three New Love Butterfly Automatic Dolls

JAQUETDROZ has launched three new works of LOVINGBUTTERFLYAUTOMATON, one of which has a unique Opel dial, showing the ingenuity of Jaquet Droz Watchmaking.

 Jaquet Droz presents the new LovingButterflyAutomaton watch for the 280th anniversary. Launched for the first time in 2017, it pays tribute to the brand’s precious themes: romantic poetry, naturalism and watchmaking. This automatic doll watch also has a unique historical origin: the talented watchmaker Henri-Louis Jaquet-Droz created about two centuries ago an amazingly beautiful picture Automatic dolls. One of the pictures shows Cupid, the goddess of love, walking happily among the forests in a chariot driven by butterflies, as a courtesy and enthusiasm.
 Today, this picture is presented on three new 43mm dials: Meteorite dial (28 pieces), Aventurite dial (28 pieces) and Opal dial (the world’s limited one diamond-set treasure). The work is based on the theme of nature and emotion, using delicate and subtle tones and contrast effects, and sculpting with new methods to showcase Jaquet Droz’s ingenious artistic achievements.

 The pictures on the dial are all carefully made by hand, which is the crystallization of meticulous craftsmanship. The master craftsman uses specially-made tools to carve delicate vein textures on branches that are only 0.2 mm thick. Butterflies and chariots consist of dozens of fixed and movable inserts carved by jewellery craftsmen, integrated into the naturalistic drama of Victoria. The two sides of the dial are exquisitely decorated, and the multi-level design gives the dial an unprecedented sense of depth, allowing the eyes to wander through the picture, if it is lost, it will linger. Rich and diverse details bring this moving decorative scene to life and create a lifelike mood.
 The movable mechanism of the meteorite dial watch is made of red gold, and the red gold hour and minute hands contrast with the onyx chassis. Grey, gold and black give Jaquet Droz’s lively pictures a different depth. The butterfly flaps its wings, pulling the chariot past, and the wheels can rotate. Cupid, who controls the chariot, is reminiscent of Pierre Jaquet-Droz, and both are equally dedicated to exploring the world.

 The second LovingButterflyAutomaton is made of white gold and mother-of-pearl, set against a dial of aventurine. The hours and hours of mother-of-pearl display the moon like a bright silver moon, angels and butterflies shrouded in moonlight, staged a starry night dream. The glittering dial and diamond-set bezel and lugs complement each other.
 The third Opal dial watch is brilliantly new. Green and blue form a bright and vivid background that contrasts with red and gold trees, Cupid, the chariot, and butterflies. The hour and minute display at 12 o’clock is inlaid with baguette diamonds in a hidden manner. The sun’s radial layout dazzles this ingenious work, which contrasts with gold, opal and diamonds.

 Each watch embodies the essence of Jaquet Droz-automatic dolls, art workshops, excellent machinery, mineral dials and limited edition masterpieces. The butterfly of love inherits the tradition of craftsmanship created by the Jaquet Droz family 280 years ago. As the brand celebrates its anniversary, it celebrates extraordinary creativity. The butterfly not only symbolizes the fleeting time, but also embodies the power of love, spreading its wings to the higher sky.