Kowloon Flying Sky Wrist Dragon Wall Set

Glashütte Original collaborated with Meissen, the oldest porcelain in Europe, to create this Dragon Wall set. Dragon Wall is a full set of nine, inspired by the ‘Kowloon Wall’ in front of the Forbidden City Huangji Hall. On the crystal-clear enamel surface, Kowloon is painted by hand, and each dragon is free to toss and has different shapes.

Dragon Wall watch
九龙 The Forbidden City Kowloon Wall, inspired by Glashütte’s original Dragon Wall, has a wall length of 29.4mm, a height of 3.5mm, and a thickness of 0.45mm. It was built in the 37th year of Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty (1772 AD). The design of the Jiulong wall is a metaphor for the admiration of the imperial power and the honor of the Ninth Five-Year Plan in ancient times. Gao, in ancient times, had a tile and one or two silvers. Meissen is also famous for its complicated production technology, and it is also known as white gold. It uses enamel painting to express the beauty of the ancient imperial glass architecture.
Dragon Wall Kowloon wall set watch, only nine sets in the world, in addition to Meissen enamel painting, combined with Deutsche mechanical technology, each watch is equipped with Cal. 100 automatic movement, 18K white gold material.