Long-lasting Classic Tasting Breguet Series 7057 Watch

Many friends who have just learned about wristwatches, when they first came into contact with Breguet’s time-honored series of watches, they asked me: ‘How come this series of watches are more than 200,000?’ At first glance, it may not seem to be in line with the logic of a consumer, but this is exactly a question that many watch friends may ask when they do not know enough about watch knowledge. Or some watch friends will ask, ‘Does this watch have a tourbillon?’ If you find it difficult to understand the previous question, then when you see this question, you must understand why anyone thinks it is ‘cheap’.

Breguet Heritage Series 7047

   We all know that for a watch, apart from its brand value, the more complicated the process and the more complicated the function, the more expensive it is. The Tourbillon device, which was invented by Master Breguet to correct the errors caused by the gravity of the clock, is undoubtedly the most representative of all the complex functions and processes of the watch, despite the time Today, the tourbillon is no longer the only way to make it possible to improve the regularity of the movement of the movement in the traditional way, but it still represents the highest level in the manufacturing process of mechanical watches. No watch enthusiast in the world can resist it. The charm of this outstanding invention of Master Breguet. As far as the Breguet brand is concerned, watches equipped with tourbillons are usually worth no less than one million.

Breguet Heritage Series 7057

   For the Breguet heritage series, even if it is not equipped with a tourbillon, its eye-catching design already has a strong appreciation value-the gear in front of it is running under the support of a symmetrical bridge, the balance wheel beating like a pulse quietly Playing the movement of time … But since Breguet launched the legendary series of the 7027 watch in 2005, the family members of this series have continued to grow, and now it has already launched a highly collectible tourbillon. And sesame chain 7047 watch. In addition to 7047, in the ten years, Breguet has successively launched 7037 watches with automatic winding rotor, 7057 watches and 7067 with GMT function … In my opinion, the most watch in this series What reflects the spirit of the Breguet brand is precisely the 7057 watch that seems to have no features compared to other models.

Breguet Heritage Series 7027

   At first glance, Breguet’s Heritage Series 7057 watch, launched in 2011, does not seem to differ much from 7027. A careful comparison reveals that the original watch only enlarged the inner dial based on 7027. The power reserve display on the dial is also fine-tuned to make it more legible. For a top watch brand such as Breguet, the customer’s recognition of the value of its brand’s craftsmanship far exceeds its practical value needs. Such details don’t seem to be worthy of attention, let alone special adjustments and separate Introducing a brand new watch.

   Moreover, in my opinion, Breguet’s decision to launch a watch like 7057 should take great courage. First of all, the introduction of a brand-new watch under the circumstance of adding process elements and complex functions may face the criticism of “cut corners”; moreover, the advent of 7057 will inevitably make the media and watch enthusiasts use it Compared with 7027, in this way, no matter whether the public more accepts the newly launched 7057 watch or still loves the loyalty to the classic 7027 watch, for Breguet, it seems to be a bit laborious. However, I think if Master Breguet is alive, he will certainly praise this kind of innovative spirit.

   Tradition and innovation are both the spirit of watchmaking inherited by Master Breguet today. If small design changes can greatly enhance the ease of use of watches, I think Master Breguet must be inescapable. You should know that the inventions and creations of Master Breguet throughout his life are dedicated to improving the accuracy, durability and ease of use of watches. The precious historical models passed down by him also reflect the design of Mr. Breguet. The emphasis on decorative practical functions.

   Although the Breguet series watches have fascinating visual effects, the design technology used is rarely purely for decorative purposes. Almost every design technology has its practical value. For example, the machine engraving process often used on the dials of Breguet models not only can delineate different functional areas on the dial, but also can make the hands clearer by refracting the light and shadow; chamfering can not only enhance the movement. The performance and aesthetics can prevent the most susceptible places from being oxidized by air … These processes have now become the brand mark of Breguet’s deep bone marrow.

   Compared with other Breguet product series, Breguet series watches are bolder revival of another surface decoration process that also infiltrate the practical spirit of Breguet masters, which is also one of the iconic crafts of Breguet series watches today. ——Grenaillage. The sandblasting process not only presents a delicate, low-key and pure surface decoration effect, but also greatly improves the oxidation resistance of the splint. Many of Breguet’s works have adopted this surface treatment process.

   In the era of Master Baodi, to achieve the sand blasting process, not only the complex procedures, but also rely on mercury. First, the surface to be treated needs to be brushed with aluminum powder to make it react with the copper surface and change from a smooth plane to a fine matte matte texture; then, mix mercury with pure gold to turn the pure gold into a polishing liquid So that it can be plated on the surface of the part; finally, the gold-plated part is heated to evaporate mercury, so that only the gold-plated layer remains on the surface of the part. Although the effect of the surface treatment process at that time was already very good, it was gradually replaced by other subsequent finishing processes because of its excessive dependence on mercury.

   With the change of watchmaker’s concept, today’s watchmaking process, the process added to the watch surface treatment process purely for aesthetic considerations is not uncommon, and it has even become an indispensable part of modern watchmaking tradition. Ring, these processes are also inevitably completely intertwined with the quality and value of the watch. In such a market environment, Breguet replaced the method that used to rely on mercury evaporation in the past with an optimized new process, reviving the blasting process favored by Master Breguet. The new process technology makes the sandblasting process on the plywood appear The smooth and delicate texture is improved.

Summary: We can see that today’s Breguet not only inherits and continues the unique style and innovative spirit inherited by Mr. Breguet, but also has the courage to dig into the brand history, revive the classic craftsmanship that has faded, and continuously present the Stunning artwork on the wrist. It is true that neither 7027 or 7057 is a complication watch in terms of watch functions, but regardless of its deep historical heritage, perfect visual effects, or its time-consuming and time-consuming design to perfectly present the movement of the movement Mechanical movements … the sincerity presented by various brands is no less than any expensive complexity.

Updated: 10. October 2014 — 14:00
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