Men’s Full-bodied Historical Flavor Chopard 161289-5001 Men’s Watch

Chopard watches come from a watchmaking family with a history of more than 140 years. It is also infused with a strong artistic flavor under the name of ‘Chopin’. Chopard watches are as famous in the world of watchmaking as Francesco Chopin in the history of world music. Today, I will bring you a very practical and characteristic Chopard watch, its model is 161289-5001.
 The Chopard 161289-5001 watch follows the tradition in appearance. The round case, delicate lugs and simple crown are all so standard, but its taste is not here, but on the dial. Chopard brand watches currently have a large number of watches, the font on the logo are artistic fonts, highlighting its modernist and elegant style, and this watch, the use of regular ordinary font design logo, clear and powerful, minimalist, with a dignified attitude Describe its historical charm.

The time scale is also showing the classic and timeless style. The black Roman font design is neatly and elegantly arranged on the surface of the dial, forming a sharp color difference with the white dial. The classic black and white is full. In addition, the design of the small second dial is also for the classic aftertaste. In the original timepiece, the second, minute and hour hands were independent small dials. Due to the inconvenient reading time, all three hands were moved to the center of the dial, and the small seconds Pan is the best testimony of that era. The small seconds dial adopts the orbital design, and the iconic element of the industrial era-the track finish, highlights the historical charm.
The design of the dial alone is ingenious, and this model also uses a full-color porcelain surface to make the dial, making the dial white more pure.
The transparent design also adds a lot of color to the appearance. Most fans of mechanical watches have a special preference for the movement. They understand the value and meaning of the movement. Of course, the brand also understands it. Therefore, the transparent design is the market and The product of the combination of brands, such a design can be applied to the classic style, it can not fit.
In general, the appearance of this watch is simple, full-bodied, and worthy of careful taste.
 As a classic watch, the 161289-5001 watch pays more attention to the presentation of watchmaking tradition and craftsmanship, and in terms of function, pays attention to the needs of daily wear.
This watch has a calendar display function at 3 o’clock, which is more intuitive and specific than the pointer design. Simple operation, stable performance, and convenient reading are the pursuit of watchmakers, and calendar display is one of their masterpieces. The calendar also has a variety of expressions. According to the display form, it can be divided into two types: window type and pointer type. According to its internal structure, it can be divided into flyback retrograde, fast jump, and instant jump. The calendar may seem simple, but Need precise mechanical control, different structures, so that the calendar can have different performance, for the watchmaker, the development of different structures, is it an innovative demand? Or the ultimate pursuit?
In addition to the calendar function, it also has a small seconds function. Strictly speaking, it should not be a function. Personally, it can simplify the movement of the movement, reduce the thickness of the movement, save the movement kinetic energy without affecting the normal running time. It is not so much a simple structure as a tasteful function. It also has a water resistance of 30 meters.

 Since Chopard officially launched its completely independently designed, developed and produced movements in 1996, it has received a higher degree of recognition than previous years. This also proves that Chopard has the ability to completely manufacture its own movements. By 2012, Chopard was in At the Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Show, a completely new self-made Cal.01.04-c movement is launched again. It is the third product manufactured by the brand’s Fleurier Ebauches watch factory and applied to 161289-5001 watches. The thickness of this movement is 4.95 mm. As a movement with automatic winding movement and calendar module, it is not too thick. On the contrary, this thickness can give him more room to play, and the 60-hour power reserve is still very high. Satisfactory. Of course, in addition to these, it also adjusts the oscillation system in the most important part of the movement. The balance spring uses a flat coil balance spring to improve isochronism. The balance wheel is equipped with four spokes and has a fine adjustment device, which can perform double adjustment.
 In general, the Chopard 161289-5001 watch combines the brand’s mellow historical charm, exquisite appearance design, and the brand’s home-made movement into one. It is a watch worthy of taste. The white porcelain dial is full and soft. Compared with lacquer, Not so glare. The design of the dial is the characteristic of this watch. The black and white classic tone is matched with the gold case. The overall tone highlights the classic charm. At the same time, this watch uses the brand’s own 01.04-c self-winding mechanical movement, which is one of the few homemade movements under the brand. This watch is also the first in this series to carry this movement. Watch.
The current domestic price of this watch is about 80,000 yuan, which is not necessarily a good value, but it must be good value for money.
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Updated: 15. April 2021 — 22:59
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