Gp Girard Perregaux 2018 Laureato Laurel Collection Summer Special Watch

Girard Perregaux Laureato Laurel series continues to present excellent works for women who advocate the art of living. The new Laureato laurel series summer special watch shows the characteristics of total joy and joy, and injects vibrant pop pop style and pattern into it. Available in two case sizes, 38mm and 34mm, there are five models to choose from, equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement or quartz movement, decorated with lively and beautiful colors, exuding agile energy.

 Pursuing the true self is the true meaning of contemporary life art. Reviewing and choosing again and again reflects the multi-faceted nature of self like a prism: sometimes bold, sometimes agile, sometimes unruly … In other words, the pursuit of the true self means living a personality. Clothing, shoes, jewelry, and handbags all reveal the true self, and watches are a unique presence. As a must-have item, the watch is not only a fashion accessory. Its striking style is instantly recognizable, and it also shows a different charm in the passage of time.
Laureato Laurel Collection: A taste of choice with the heart
 The Laureato laurel series has a long history, and it has established a trend of both sports style and elegance that was admired in the 1970s. Before the Laureato Laurel Collection was born, elegant style was the mainstream aesthetic of women’s watches at that time. Since then, this landmark breakthrough masterpiece has brought extraordinary new experiences to watch lovers.
 The octagonal bezel is another extraordinary feature of the Laureato laurel series. In the field of watches, round, rectangular or oval shapes are common designs. In contrast, the octagon can be described as unique and exquisite, and it is particularly worth mentioning that the octagon bezel was created by the designer with inspiration from Italian architecture.
 Today’s Laureato Laurel Collection is once again a fusion of avant-garde avant-garde design. In 2016, Laureato’s laurel collection is back with a 225th anniversary limited edition. This year, GP Girard Perregaux continues to make efforts to build the Laureato Laurel Collection into a modern watch with precision timepiece technology, officially establishing the Laureato Laurel Collection’s outstanding status. Legend, the situation is back.
 The 38mm model has a unique personality that transcends gender boundaries and displays a flexible and versatile style. Whether it is masculine handsome or graceful and elegant, there is no need to care-the legendary classic design of Laureato’s laurel series is undoubted.
Laureato Laurel Collection Summer Special 38mm Watch

 Bright and intense blues, purples, and yellows replace light pastel tones. On the exquisite case, Girard Perregaux uses bright and vibrant color schemes in comic style. Whether it is the finishing touch for a low-key look or one of the accessories that highlights a new style, this masterpiece can bring a wearable experience to the wearer.

 The dial is adorned with Paris studs and spray-painted to complement the iconic octagonal bezel set with 56 brilliant-cut diamonds. The movement showcases Girard-Perregaux’s renowned watchmaking expertise. Equipped with the brand-made GP03300 self-winding movement, hours, minutes, central seconds, date display, 46-hour power reserve, specially made for stainless steel case, exudes a highly customized delicate texture. The main splint is retouched with charming round patterns and Geneva ripples, and is frosted and chamfered with blue screws. The oscillating weight is also engraved with the Geneva ripples.
Laureato Laurel Collection Summer Special 34mm Watch

 Playful candy powder or fresh ocean green? I believe this is a very difficult choice for watch enthusiasts who want to express their unique fresh ideas and free and optimistic attitude. Laureato’s laurel series special summer 34mm watch, with an octagonal bezel set with 56 brilliant-cut diamonds, is dazzling and beautiful. Wearing on the wrist, the stainless steel case is small and exquisite. The elegant and smooth lines and the integrated strap create a strong visual effect, showing a charming style. The design of this watch is quite dynamic, driven by the brand’s own GP13100 high-precision quartz movement, while the movement is decorated with the brand’s signature decorative pattern.

 Laureato summer special models are available in 38mm and 34mm. Each is limited to 75 pieces. It can be matched with a stainless steel bracelet or rubber strap with the same color tone as the dial, showing a more attractive color effect, showing elegance and charm. Traits. GP Girard-Perregaux believes that the watchmaking process is just like a fashion trend, which can turn infinite creativity into an extraordinary and diverse experience.
Technical specifications
Laureato laurel series summer special 38mm watch, limited edition of 75 pieces
Material: stainless steel
Stone setting: bezel set with 56 brilliant-cut diamonds (approximately 0.90 carats)
Gorgeous Dial: Dream Blue, Soft Light Purple, Twilight Yellow
Diameter: 38 mm
Water resistance: 100 meters
Case back: transparent sapphire case back
Functions: hours, minutes, central seconds, date
Automatic mechanical movement
Model: GP03300
Power reserve: about 46 hours
Number of parts: 218
Laureato Laurel Collection Summer Special 38mm Infinity Blue Watch
Model: 81005D11A1824FK4A
Rubber strap style
Model: 81005D11A182411A
Stainless steel bracelet
Laureato Laurel Collection Summer Special 38mm Soft Light Purple Watch
Model: 81005D11A1825FKDA
Rubber strap style
Model: 81005D11A182511A
Stainless steel bracelet
Laureato Laurel Collection Summer Special 38mm Twilight Yellow Edition
Model: 81005D11A1826FK3A
Rubber strap style
Model: 81005D11A182611A
Stainless steel bracelet
Laureato Laurel Collection Summer Special 34mm Watch, Limited Edition 75
Material: stainless steel
Stone setting: bezel set with 56 brilliant-cut diamonds (approximately 0.82 carats)
Gorgeous dial: (Intoxicating treasure powder or pure turquoise green)
Diameter: 34 mm
Water resistance: 30 meters
Case back: transparent sapphire case back
Function: hour, minute, date
Quartz Movement
Model: GP13100
Vibration frequency: 32,678 Hz
Number of parts: 90
Laureato Laurel Collection Summer Special 34mm Treasure Pink Watch
Model: 80189D11A1822FK9A
Rubber strap style
Model: 80189D11A182211A
Stainless steel bracelet
Laureato Laurel Collection Summer Special 34mm Turquoise Green Watch
Model: 80189D11A1823FKTA
Rubber strap style
Model: 80189D11A182311A
Stainless steel bracelet style

Rolex Opens New Boutique In Sydney

Rolex and Kennedy Luxury Group relied on a long-term partnership to announce the opening of a new boutique in Sydney. The store is located in Harbourside, in the heart of a luxury shopping area.

   The boutique covers an area of ​​77 square meters and presents the brand’s expertise in an elegant environment, creating an atmosphere of harmony, prudence and privacy. Rolex has set these standards for watchmaking for more than a century.

   The boutique is designed to provide customers with a rich experience while also interpreting the value of the Rolex Crown. Careful selection of furnishings and patterns reveals concepts of excellence, precision and meticulousness.

   Decorated with beige leather and bronze trim, all kinds of Rolex timepieces are beautifully illuminated by the sensitive lights.

   The striking emerald green water wall highlights Rolex’s long history, and the wavy pattern is intended to pay tribute to the world’s first waterproof watch, the Oyster. The interior is dotted with rich green, which is in harmony with the fresh main colors.

   Speaking of the opening of the new boutique, Mr. Kennedy, Executive Chairman of the Kennedy Luxury Group, said: ‘Since 2013, the Group has been acting for Rolex in Sydney. We are very proud to expand our Rolex boutiques to TheStar luxury shopping. And continue to uphold the highest standards of quality and service indispensable to Rolex and the Group’s own business. ‘

Baume & Mercier Launches Limited Edition Chrysmer Watch

Whether it is a mature and stable business person or a vibrant urban adventurer, he has a special interest in celebrity expressions for many years. With its exquisite and excellent watchmaking technology, the Classima Executives series is regarded as the first choice for business men’s watches, attracting the critical views of watch lovers.
Baume & Mercier Limited Edition Retrograde Calendar, Day of the Week and Power Reserve Display (8875)
 In 2010, the newly launched Chrysma limited edition watch has achieved ‘ldquo; Business Men’s Watch’ and ‘ldquo; Collectible Watch’ ultra-small through exquisite craftsmanship, selected materials and equipped with high-end Swiss mechanical movement. Perfect balance of range limited production. ‘Putting on a collectible to work’ is the core idea conveyed by the latest Chrysmer limited edition watches. There are currently two models in this group: simple models with hours, minutes, calendar and power reserve display, limited to 500 pieces; and complex functions with junior hand, retrograde calendar, week and power reserve display , Limited to 250 pieces. The stainless steel case diameter of both watches is 42 mm, with a retro design, the dial is embellished with guilloché patterns and blue steel large willow leaf hands. The round transparent window on the case back provides a glimpse of the core part of the mechanical watch, giving a glimpse into the movement’s mystery; and the engraved pattern engraved around the window echoes the dial pattern, fully embodying the celebrity’s tireless design pursue. The watch is equipped with a Swiss-made automatic mechanical movement, with a power reserve of 40 hours, and a dark brown crocodile leather strap, which highlights the noble and elegant charm of men’s formal watches. Baume & Mercier Limited Edition Power Reserve Display Watch (8874)

Two new movements of the new Chrysma limited edition watch each have their own characteristics: a simple function model equipped with the Swiss ETA’s energy display movement, and a complex function model equipped with a new research and development by the Swiss company Soprod. Complex movements, ideal for different customers. I believe that both modern business people and junior watch collectors can feel their excellent performance and excellent quality.

The new Chrysma Limited Edition watches perfectly combine stylish elegance, noble classics and outstanding functions, fully embodying the brand essence of Baume & Mercier’s tireless pursuit and creation of heritage watchmaking craftsmanship. Foot precious.

Audemars Piguet Audemars Piguet Stan Wawrinka Victory Dinner

Audemars Piguet AUDEMARS PIGUET timepiece hosted a grand dinner to pay tribute to tennis champion Stan Wawrinka for winning the game in Lille, France. François-Henry Bennahmias, CEO of Audemars Piguet Timepieces, and Nicolas Kappenberger, general manager of Audemars Piguet Switzerland, welcome him to the Geneva boutique. Both parties have been friends for many years, and the atmosphere at the scene is relaxed and happy, and both the host and the host are happy.

(From left to right) Mr. François-Henry Bennahmias, Chief Executive Officer of Audemars Piguet, new friend and tennis player Stan Wawrinka of Audemars Piguet, Mr. Nicolas Kappenberger, Managing Director of Audemars Piguet

Audemars Piguet’s new friend and tennis player Stan Wawrinka visits the Geneva boutique and wears Royal Oak Offshore Diver

The 29-year-old Stan Wawrinka from Vaud, Switzerland, has continued to have happy events. He has just defeated France with his teammates and won the prestigious Davis Cup Tennis Championship for the first time. Stan Wawrinka is known for ‘Stan the Man’ for his strong backhand technology and superior emotional intelligence. 2014 has been a fruitful year for him. He has won four world tours so far, ranking fourth in the world.

Mr. François-Henry Bennahmias, CEO of Audemars Piguet Timepieces (left) and brand new friend and tennis player Stan Wawrinka (right)

Mr. Oliviero Bottinelli, President of Audemars Piguet Asia (left) and brand new friend and tennis player Stan Wawrinka (right)

Exterior of the Audemars Piguet Boutique

Many people don’t understand that Stan Wawrinka is also deeply in love with watches. He has worn a number of Audemars Piguet watches on the field and in life since 2012, and regards them as lucky. Therefore, he became a close friend of Audemars Piguet. He is currently wearing the Royal Oak Offshore Diver, the case is made of white ceramic. Stan Wawrinka specially gave the brand a racket to win the game and signed it in person, witnessing the deep friendship between the two sides. His victory is a perfect testament to the brand’s philosophy: ‘Control the routine, create innovation.’

Omega Speedmaster’57 Coaxial Chronometer Pay Tribute To The Legendary Classic

At the 2013 Basel Watch Show, Omega Glory released the Supermaster ‘57 coaxial chronograph. This watch is reminiscent of the classic design of the legendary Speedmaster, and will also create its own new future in a unique style.

   The appearance of this model obviously inherits many classic design elements of the first Speedmaster chronograph in 1957, including the vertical lugs extending from the case, and the unique bracelet reminiscent of that iconic chronograph. The 41.5 mm stainless steel case is perfectly matched with 18 k red gold and is timeless.

   Unlike the dial design common to Speedmaster watches, the Speedmaster ’57 coaxial chronograph has only two small dials. It creatively places the 12-hour chronograph hands and the 60-minute chronograph hands at the same time. The dial makes reading the accumulated time more convenient and intuitive. The watch features a small seconds dial at 9 o’clock. The 18-karat gold bezel with matte chromium nitride tachymeter scale is very eye-catching and easy to read.

   The Speedmaster’57 Co-Axial Chronograph combines the classic design with the revolutionary coaxial movement. It is equipped with the Omega 9300/9301 coaxial movement, which is the first Omega self-produced coaxial movement with a timing function. Through the sapphire back, the operation of the extraordinary coaxial movement is clearly visible.

   The Omega 9300 coaxial movement is exceptionally reliable, so the Super Speed ​​‘57 coaxial chronograph enjoys up to four years of after-sales service guarantee. This watch is water resistant to 100 meters / 330 feet.

Ulysse Nardin’s New ‘double Tiger’ Single Question Time Sheet

Since 25 years, the minute repeater watch has been part of Ulysse Nardin (Athens) precious and unique watch series. The newly launched ‘Double Tiger’ minute repeater watch (Hourstriker Tiger) marks this rich Appreciate the evolution of value watches.

 The tiger and the lion belong to the same vein. The tiger is regarded as a symbol of power and strength. It is very distinctive around the world and in different cultures. In Europe, Asia and the Middle East, it is often related to the power of the king.
 In the 15th century, the Duke of Venice, Agostino Barbarigo, commissioned the construction of an iconic San Marco Campanile in Piazza San Marco, with a San Marco Winged Lion and a legendary bronze statue striking the clock once every hour. Since the bell tower first timed, it has been an amazing memorial tower.

 For the Athenian watch, the idea of ​​adding moving figures or animals to the watch came from the famous bell ringers on the clock tower. The bell tower was erected by the sparkling canal, which became the source of inspiration for the San Marco series of Athens watches and other timepieces.
 The ‘Double Tiger’ minute repeater is inspired by the early minute repeater. It uses a newly designed 18K rose gold case with a diameter of 43 mm and a black onyx dial. The classic watch design retains a sense of the times and reflects the trend. Trend, the action figure on the dial perfectly reflects the retro trend and modern design.

 The watch gives a classic and distinguished feel. The focus is on two exquisitely crafted tigers on the dial, hand-carved in 18K rose gold. One of the tigers will slap the front paws with the sound of the spring. The minute repeater is equipped with a rare self-winding movement, and the ‘Double Tiger’ minute repeater will cross the hour and announce itself when necessary. When the self-sounding function is activated, the tiger will tap the front paw several times accordingly.
 Simply press the on / off button lightly, the self-buzzer can be started or stopped according to your preference. When the S hand points to the hourglass, the function will stop when the bell sounds. Conversely, if the pointer points to a small dot, the self-timer will start. The anti-reflective sapphire crystal case back provides excellent protection for the movement, and the see-through case back admires its complex and charming movement. In addition, the watch is water-resistant to 30 meters.

 Making spring clocks is an important part of the history of Athens. At the end of the 1980s, Athens clocks had combined time clocks with elaborate activity figures to become one of the early manufacturers of revival clock technology. Today, Athens watches are still one of the few watchmaking brands in the world to use time dolls to make timepieces. The minute repeater and single repeater watches cannot be produced mechanically, making them outstanding examples of high-end watches. .
 The new ‘Double Tiger’ single-minded timepiece design is classic, showing the power of the king and the best performance to meet the future. It is the most refined and unique watch masterpiece.

Technical Information

Model 6106-130 / E2: 18K rose gold
Model 6109-130 / E2: Platinum
Movement: UN-610
Power reserve: about 42 hours
Winding method: automatic winding method
Functions: Single-question time report, Hourly and half-hour self-timer, Start-up system when self-timer, 18K gold doll
Case: 43 mm diameter
Dial: Black Onyx
Crown: waterproof crown
Water resistance: 30 meters
Surface: anti-glare and anti-wear sapphire crystal glass
Case back: anti-glare and wear-resistant sapphire crystal, fixed by screws
Strap: crocodile leather strap