Exuding Malachite Colours: Van Cleef & Arpels Charms Series Malachite Watch

Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels’ creative inspiration is inspired by nature. It perfectly integrates precious stones and rich colors, and blooms in harmony and charm. Charms series watches are replaced with malachite, creating bold and creative work. Hard gems and diamonds set off the feminine curves of the watch, echoing the brilliant light of yellow gold. This 32mm watch combines simple lines and colorful colors to light up hope and vitality.

Malachite shows eye-catching charm
   The dial is decorated with charming malachite, and the light and dark stripes alternately appear on the hard gemstones, quenched into rare treasures. After its debut in the Middle East, the watch was first launched globally. The family selects malachite to the highest rigorous standards to ensure that the stripes are straight and aligned, showing the unique beauty of the gem. The verdant color drips to symbolize the endless vitality, accompanied by glittering yellow gold and brilliant diamonds, making the watch radiant. The lucky charm swayes with the wrist, and the light green crocodile leather strap makes the watch colorful with malachite: Van Cleef & Arpels Charms Malachite watch.

Lucky aesthetics
   In the 1920s, Van Cleef & Arpels began to design rare charms, adding more fun and poetry. In 2008, the family took inspiration from traditional ingenuity and created a watch series with rotating charms, which is full of charm. The new Charms watch is embellished with hard stones, showing the dazzling light of multiple material combinations.

Charms Malachite watch 32 mm yellow gold case, yellow gold bezel set with two diamonds, rotating charm with diamonds, malachite dial, Swiss quartz movement, shiny green alligator strap and matte white alligator One each with yellow gold pin buckle, limited edition. (Bracelet is schematic, not included)

Elegant match
   The Charms series watches are suitable for all occasions, echoing the harmonious colors presented by jewelry pieces such as yellow gold, malachite and diamonds. Saga’s exquisite jewellery series can be matched according to personal preference, especially when the watch is worn with new works of the Alhambra® and Perlée ™ series, the effect is perfect. Whether you want to be bold or implicitly understated, the ever-changing combination can sparkle with time.

Montblanc Summit Smart Watch Releases City Skyline Personalized Dial

Before this year’s Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Show, Montblanc launched the first Summit smart watch, incorporating advanced watchmaking specifications into the smartwatch world. Today, to pay tribute to the most iconic cities in the world, Montblanc has created a series of personalized dials for city skylines. Starting with the London dial, it is exclusively available to London retailer Harrods.

   From London to Berlin, Milan to New York, in some of the world’s greatest cities, the magnificent skyline rises from the horizon. These unparalleled landscapes consist of towering skyscrapers, historical monuments, engineering wonders and cutting-edge designs.

   Vivid dials decorate the most iconic buildings and incorporate the current weather into the display. Montblanc Summit smart watches can help users plan their journey more intelligently and conveniently, so that they can focus on what really matters, and they can be called the best companions for global travel. Therefore, the time display at 6 o’clock is also inspired by airport signs familiar to passengers around the world.

   In addition, Montblanc Summit smart watches also provide timewalker speed phantom series watch dial display. Other cities, including Berlin, Milan and New York models, will be released later this year.

Longines 180th Anniversary Watchmaking Legends China Tour

In 180 years, a watch brand engraved with flying wing hourglasses came out of the Swiss valley town of Soymia. Elegance, watchmaking tradition, sports and classic re-enactment are the clear and glorious footprint of Longines. The brand also divides its product series into four categories.
    Over the past 180 years, Longines has repeatedly set a precedent and model for the watchmaking industry with unremitting efforts. Longines’ product inspiration always comes from the brand’s forward-looking and bold exploration of technology and style.
    With the essence and expertise of 180 years of watchmaking, Longines has created the 180th anniversary model of beauty. These unique limited edition models are a perfect portrait of Longines’ long-lasting elegance and a modern masterpiece of the brand’s watchmaking technology.
    The famous Swiss watch manufacturer Longines, which began in 1832, will also be holding the ‘Longines 180th Anniversary Watchmaking Legends Tour’ in China in the 2012 autumn season of the 180th anniversary of the brand, presenting the brilliant brand story with creative ingenuity. The precious masterpieces and 180th anniversary models of the brand in each period of the brand also arrived in China. Visitors can place themselves in the beautiful heritage of 180 years, pursue the track of elegance, count down the legendary traditions of watchmaking, overview and join hands with the glory of the sports world, and pay tribute to epic-like characters and stories.
And each Longines watch with 180 years of elegant spirit will continue to compose another story with the wearer.
    Elegance, Longines regards its most basic values. Longines bases its product’s timeless elegance on an aesthetic tradition that has been passed down and innovated continuously. The perfect balance between sophisticated and classic design is reflected in every Longines watch.
    In the 1990s, the Longines Elegance is an attitude advertisement, endorsed by Hollywood star Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart, became the brand’s elegant statement. Today, Longines is proud to have many celebrities, including British actress Kate Winslet, as the brand’s elegant image ambassadors. They interpret Longines’ unique ‘elegant attitude, true personality’ with their own charm. .
    Time and history never stop, but elegant but permanent, Longines is good at capturing the typical fashion and inner spirit of each era. At the beginning of the twentieth century, Longines applied the exquisite style of the Art Deco Art Deco movement to the design of barrel-shaped, oval or rectangular movements and models, which became the representative of the aesthetics of that era. Today, the Longines PrimaLuna, Longines DolceVita, and La Grande Classique de Longines belong to the elegant category of the brand’s product line. The colorful and bold innovations in Longines’ technology and style have made a masterpiece of the times.
The La Grande Classique, launched in the 1990s, is one of Longines’ greatest successes. This ultra-thin watch exudes extreme elegance. The Longines Jialan series has been loved by elegant men and women all over the world for the past 20 years. On the occasion of the 180th anniversary of Longines, the brand has also launched the 180th anniversary limited edition of the Jialan series, a 29mm diameter ultra-thin stainless steel watch. The outer ring of the shell is inlaid with 180 diamonds to pay tribute to this long and elegant road.
Watchmaking tradition
    Both aesthetically and technically, the innovations implemented by Longines have promoted the brand’s flying wing hourglass logo into a symbol of professionalism and elegance. Longines, now regarded as a watchmaking expert, has always focused on the design and production of movements. It has continuously pioneered technology in this field, and has accumulated a proud tradition of watchmaking, such as the first production in 1945. A self-winding movement 22A was a major breakthrough in the prevailing technical principles. In recent years, Longines has introduced some new timing devices, such as the mechanical chronograph stopwatch driven by the column wheel movement in 2009, which is a timekeeping device with the tradition of watchmaking and reliable performance.
    The Longines Master Collection is a perfect example of the brand’s technical and aesthetic expertise, while the barrel design of the Longines evidenza has become a symbol of classics and taste. The outstanding Longines Saint-Imier Collection pays tribute to the watchmaking town that witnessed the brand’s 180-year-old growth with purity and perfection.
    As a tribute and tribute to 180 years of watchmaking skills, Longines traces the brand’s origins. Based on the first Longines pocket watch produced by the brand’s founder August Agassi, it produced 180 limited edition gold pocket watches with Manually wound mechanical movement (L787). Longines Lépine Caliber 180th Anniversary Limited Edition Gold Pocket Watch with engraved back cover. The gold case back with engraving is visible on opening. The white lacquered dial is decorated with black Roman numerals and blue stainless steel hands, all of which let people recall and appreciate the subtlety of Longines’ superb technology.
Sports Longines’ participation in sports events dates back to 1878, when it introduced the first chronograph movement 20H. Timing sports events is the best expression of the expertise and precision of timing tools. Over the years, with its expertise in watchmaking technology, the brand has continuously designed and invented various timing devices and systems for use in different types of sports, thereby effectively determining and displaying the winning time of various events. Longines has created many world firsts, and has witnessed and recorded many world firsts. Longines has established a close partnership with the sports world. It has long supported equestrianism, tennis, gymnastics, alpine skiing, archery, and noble equestrianism. Longines has been fully involved in equestrian sports for nearly a century. These sports need to be focused, precise and Experience these extraordinary abilities, but also convey a noble and unique style and elegance, these characteristics exactly fit the essence of Longines watchmaking tradition and watchmaking philosophy.
    The Longines Sport Collection is a proud tribute to the rich history of the brand’s sports field. Conquest and HydroConquest reflect Longines’ pursuit of excellence and elegance.
    Longines’ 180-year limited edition of the column wheel single-button chronograph stopwatch traces the brand’s long tradition of glory and professional sports. Its special single-button design is intended to commemorate the first chronograph watch produced by Longines in 1878. The design of this watch is also based on Longines’ first watch produced in 1913 with a 13.33Z movement and a chronograph function. Equipped with the L788 column-wheel chronograph stopwatch movement specially developed for Longines, you can easily drive-start, stop and zero-a variety of chronograph stopwatch functions by simply pressing a single button integrated with the crown. . Smooth case lines and contours. The white dial is decorated with a striking red number ’12’, which reproduces and sublimates the unique dial originally created by Longines founder Agassi. The active rose gold lugs are also Longines. One of the outstanding traditional features.
Classic remake
    ‘Our history is our source of inspiration and endless wealth.’ Mr. Hokenau, President of Longines Global, always said with passion. Longines has always been committed to combining the original beauty of the most distinctive products in the history of the brand with contemporary cutting-edge watchmaking technology to create classic Heritage watches, pioneering the spirit and heritage of the brand’s innate pioneering spirit. A tribute to the masterpiece.
    Longines has always won the trust of pioneers and heroes of adventure, and has accompanied them to launch wonderful adventures in the air, land and sea, creating an amazing legend. The names of these impossible warriors are often associated with Longines, which is the embodiment of the brand’s pursuit of innovation and excellence. Such technical expertise is also the basis of the high quality of Longines products.
    In this category of Longines classics, there are many unique and outstanding styles, and the most famous of them is undoubtedly the Lindbergh Hour Angle Watch, a 1931 American pilot Charles Lianba Designed replica of the watch. The Longines Weems Second-Setting Watch was inspired by the navigation series invented by Captain Philip von Horn Weems in the 1920s and created A watch that works with sophisticated navigation instruments. The replica watches show the brand’s heritage and continuity, as well as the infinite respect for history, with exquisite mastery and elegant classics.

Another Dimension Of Complexity And Different Types Of Multi-speed Watches

In biology, the concept of a single heart is deeply ingrained, and this concept also extends to the watchmaking industry. In order to survive, human beings only need a beating heart; in order to show the time accurately, the watch only needs a power core. However, there are a few multi-hearted creatures in nature. For different reasons, more and more watches are equipped with multiple speed governing mechanisms. So what are the advantages of this configuration?

   Most mechanical watches operate on the same principle: a single energy source, a single gear train, and a single speed regulation mechanism. The speed regulation mechanism is usually regarded as the core of the watch. The energy stored in the clockwork is released in an orderly manner by the speed regulation mechanism, thereby determining the speed of the watch. The speed governing mechanism includes an escapement and a balance wheel, and the two components work together. The escapement pushes the balance wheel, otherwise it is adjusted by the balance wheel.

Differential gear train improves accuracy

   Some watchmakers equip their watches with two or more speed regulators to increase their accuracy. The first solution is to use two oscillators and a differential gear train to average the speed. Thanks to this precise transmission, the balance can compensate for each other’s errors, so the time displayed is the average of the speed.

   The Philippe DufourDuality watch and the MB & FLegacyMachine2 watch are both equipped with two speed governing mechanisms and differential gear trains, which improve accuracy by averaging the speed of two balance wheels.

   The Philippe DufourDuality (1996), inspired by the double balance pocket watch, is a hallmark of this concept. Since then, more and more watches have used differential gear trains.

Roger Dubuis ExcaliburQuatuorCarbon carbon fiber watch with four hairsprings and its four speed adjustment mechanisms visible to the naked eye, each of which can make up for other errors.

   Some watchmakers even build movements with more than two oscillators. For example, the Roger Dubuis Excalibur QuatuorCarbon carbon balance watch with four hairsprings is equipped with four balance wheels, which are connected by a set of differential gear trains. Theoretically, the more balance wheels, the more accurate the time display is, because the averaging operation based on multiple displays reduces the overall error range. In addition, the four balance wheels are placed in different orientations, which also balances the effect of gravity.

Improving accuracy through resonance

   Like the differential gear train, the purpose of resonance is to improve accuracy with two oscillators. Of course, there is no differential gear train in this case, but rather the well-known resonance phenomenon is used.

The Haldimann H2 FlyingResonance watch has a central double escapement and relies on resonance effects.

   The resonance principle is that two oscillating bodies close to each other affect each other and finally achieve synchronization. In 1665, Christian Huygens took the lead in recording this phenomenon, and he found that no matter where or when the two pendulums began to swing, the final frequency would tend to be the same. Since then, only a few watchmakers have successfully applied the principle of resonance to watchmaking. Two centuries ago, Astide Janvier and Abraham-Louis Breguet created the ‘Sympathetic Clock’. Recently, François-Paul Journe, BeatHaldimann, and Antoine Preziuso sought to take advantage of the synchronism of the oscillators in the watch to achieve better stability and thus improve accuracy.

ArminStromMirroredForceResonance watch, the brand’s first use of the concept of resonance, with dual balance wheel and resonance clutch spring.

   In 2016, ArminStrom presented the public with an interesting way to use resonance with its MirroredForceResonance watch. This watch is equipped with two barrels, two gear trains and two speed control mechanisms. The two balance wheels are connected by steel resonance clutch springs fixed on the studs, which are synchronized by the small vibrations transmitted by them.

Dual architecture independent functions

   Another reason for using two speed control mechanisms is to drive different functions. Some watchmakers have designed chronographs with dual speed control mechanisms.

   For example, the Breguet Tradition Chronographe Indépendant Ref. 7077 chronograph uses an original dual architecture. Most chronographs have a single architecture, relying on a second gear train that meshes with the travel time system to drive the chronograph function. When the timing function is activated, the balance amplitude will decrease (driving more gear trains will increase friction).

   The timing mechanism of Breguet Ref.7077 chronograph is independent. In fact, the watch is equipped with two separate ‘child movements’-each equipped with an energy source, a gear train and an oscillator. There is no interaction between the travel time display and the timing function. Therefore, when the timing function is activated, the energy consumption does not interfere with each other, and the speed of the movement is not affected.

   Zenith DefyElPrimero21 chronograph is also equipped with two ‘child movements’ and two speed control mechanisms. One is used for travel time, with a frequency of 5 Hz; the other is used for timing, with a frequency of 50 Hz (to make the timing accuracy to one hundredth of a second). The ultra-high vibration frequency is impressive. Of course, the timing function can only run for about 50 minutes. This is why the travel time display and timing function cannot be adjusted by the same oscillator.

Energy-saving standby mode / active mode

   As long as the watch is continuously running, the perpetual calendar function records the time without adjustment. But if you store your watch for a while, things are different, especially in safes where it is difficult to place the winder.

   At the SIHH in Geneva this year, the Vacheron Constantin TwinBeat watch gave an ingenious solution. This is a perpetual calendar watch equipped with two gear trains and two speed regulating mechanisms.

   When worn, the watch vibrates at a high frequency of 5 Hz, making it ideal for modern active lifestyles. When not wearing, switch the mode from Active to Standby (and vice versa) with the button. In the standby mode, the watch relies on a second speed governing mechanism (1.2 Hz frequency). The lower vibration frequency allows this watch to run continuously for up to 65 days, which is impressive. (Photo / text watch home compiled by Xu Chaoyang)

A Watchmaker ‘magic’ Shares The Pioneering Power Of Tag Heuer

In an afternoon lit by warm sunlight, I was fortunate to interview Jean-Claude Beaver, President of LVMH Group’s Watch Division and CEO of TAG Heuer, in a banquet hall of Four Seasons Hotel Beijing. -Mr. Claude Biver). This two-spotted old man has a magical magic both on the show floor and during interviews. His rich expressions and body language make people feel kind. During the interview, Mr. Beaver has always infiltrated me that the Tag Heuer brand is working hard to develop according to the existing four directions, and gradually open up more young and dynamic markets, such as this time with the avant-garde fashion electronic music platform The cooperation and signed the electronic godfather David Guetta in one fell swoop, the future will also be a period of vigorous development of brand smart watches, but also full of confidence in the Chinese market.

  Mr. Jean-Claude Biver, known as the ‘Godfather of the Watch Industry’, is a well-known magician in the Swiss watchmaking industry. He is one of the few truly staying in the Swiss watchmaking industry. Under the name, everyone in the circle called him ‘Old Master’. He once managed Omega and Blancpain to become the world’s most sought-after Swiss watch brands. In less than 10 years, he set off the concept of ‘integrated art’ and built Hublot. Cheng owns a watch movement with its own movement and bold use of innovative materials, which has a worldwide reputation. Today, the old man has brought Tag Heuer back to his pocket. Please come with me to hear what he thinks and plans about the brand:
· Focus on music and art
Watch House: Tag Heuer recently officially launched its cross-border cooperation with Budweiser Storm Electronic Festival, the most influential international electronic music platform in China. Why do brands choose the most fashionable and cutting-edge electronic music platform? Come to cooperate?
Jean-Claude Biver: I think everyone likes music, including myself. In addition to electronic music, I also like classical music. At present, the consumers that the Tag Heuer brand wants to face are the younger generation, so a young man between 18 and 30 years old is more likely to like electronic music, so we need to find a platform to follow today’s consumers Go to the same platform as what they love, so we chose electronic music without hesitation.

Watch House: David Guetta, as the brand’s new spokesperson, what are the similarities between him and Tag Heuer?
Jean-Claude Biver: David Guetta is a godfather in the field of electronic music. If we want to cut into electronic music, we have to cooperate with the best people like David Guetta. Young people like it, and mature people also like it. We can effectively enter this platform. Of course, we need to find the leader in this platform. He That is the idol candidate of that age.
· Four directions of brand development
Watch House: We see that Tag Heuer has image spokespersons in different fields, so what are the reference standards for brands when choosing a spokesperson? Will there be new spokespersons in the future?
Jean-Claude Biver: Currently the Tag Heuer brand is developing in four directions: one is the spirit of sports, the other is music and art, the third is the fashion lifestyle, and the fourth is the traditional skills of Swiss watchmaking. First of all, when we choose spokespersons, we must meet one of these four areas. Secondly, he must be the most representative person in the field. Third, he can also communicate and interact with our young users. In addition, he must be representative and must be the most influential and communicative in his own field.
· Smart watches are the future
Watch House: Tag Heuer and Intel and Google have jointly launched a smart watch. When will this watch meet us?
Jean-Claude Biver: We will do a global release in New York on November 9th, and we will show it to you at that time.
Watch House: In the future, what new breakthroughs will Tiger Tag Heuer make in the development of smart watches?
Jean-Claude Biver: TAG Heuer will continue to make more attempts in smart watches in the future. We plan to establish a team in Silicon Valley, so you will see that we will continue to develop in the direction of smart watches in the next ten years. .
· The Chinese market has great potential
Watch House: How do you view the current status and future of the Chinese market?
Jean-Claude Biver: The development of the Chinese market has unlimited and huge potential. According to some data, China currently has about 100 million to 150 million middle class. In another ten years, it can be imagined that this class will grow to 500 million, so this spending power is huge. As a successful government, you should know how to make this middle class bigger and better, because no government can focus on only a small number of the top rich. I believe that the Chinese government will also go in this direction. The market potential is entirely conceivable.
 Mr Beaver’s success is due to his willingness to take risks and accept new ideas. He led the Tag Heuer brand to a more dynamic and modern direction, and developed in four directions: art and music, fashion life, sportsmanship and classic heritage. Through this brief interview, we deeply felt that Tag Heuer was cherishing the spirit of the ‘avant-garde’ brand, constantly dazzling the world with vibrant music vitality, and determined to invest in the lively ‘music’ field to make the brand Demonstrates freshness.

Jacques Droo Introduces Three New Love Butterfly Automatic Dolls

JAQUETDROZ has launched three new works of LOVINGBUTTERFLYAUTOMATON, one of which has a unique Opel dial, showing the ingenuity of Jaquet Droz Watchmaking.

 Jaquet Droz presents the new LovingButterflyAutomaton watch for the 280th anniversary. Launched for the first time in 2017, it pays tribute to the brand’s precious themes: romantic poetry, naturalism and watchmaking. This automatic doll watch also has a unique historical origin: the talented watchmaker Henri-Louis Jaquet-Droz created about two centuries ago an amazingly beautiful picture Automatic dolls. One of the pictures shows Cupid, the goddess of love, walking happily among the forests in a chariot driven by butterflies, as a courtesy and enthusiasm.
 Today, this picture is presented on three new 43mm dials: Meteorite dial (28 pieces), Aventurite dial (28 pieces) and Opal dial (the world’s limited one diamond-set treasure). The work is based on the theme of nature and emotion, using delicate and subtle tones and contrast effects, and sculpting with new methods to showcase Jaquet Droz’s ingenious artistic achievements.

 The pictures on the dial are all carefully made by hand, which is the crystallization of meticulous craftsmanship. The master craftsman uses specially-made tools to carve delicate vein textures on branches that are only 0.2 mm thick. Butterflies and chariots consist of dozens of fixed and movable inserts carved by jewellery craftsmen, integrated into the naturalistic drama of Victoria. The two sides of the dial are exquisitely decorated, and the multi-level design gives the dial an unprecedented sense of depth, allowing the eyes to wander through the picture, if it is lost, it will linger. Rich and diverse details bring this moving decorative scene to life and create a lifelike mood.
 The movable mechanism of the meteorite dial watch is made of red gold, and the red gold hour and minute hands contrast with the onyx chassis. Grey, gold and black give Jaquet Droz’s lively pictures a different depth. The butterfly flaps its wings, pulling the chariot past, and the wheels can rotate. Cupid, who controls the chariot, is reminiscent of Pierre Jaquet-Droz, and both are equally dedicated to exploring the world.

 The second LovingButterflyAutomaton is made of white gold and mother-of-pearl, set against a dial of aventurine. The hours and hours of mother-of-pearl display the moon like a bright silver moon, angels and butterflies shrouded in moonlight, staged a starry night dream. The glittering dial and diamond-set bezel and lugs complement each other.
 The third Opal dial watch is brilliantly new. Green and blue form a bright and vivid background that contrasts with red and gold trees, Cupid, the chariot, and butterflies. The hour and minute display at 12 o’clock is inlaid with baguette diamonds in a hidden manner. The sun’s radial layout dazzles this ingenious work, which contrasts with gold, opal and diamonds.

 Each watch embodies the essence of Jaquet Droz-automatic dolls, art workshops, excellent machinery, mineral dials and limited edition masterpieces. The butterfly of love inherits the tradition of craftsmanship created by the Jaquet Droz family 280 years ago. As the brand celebrates its anniversary, it celebrates extraordinary creativity. The butterfly not only symbolizes the fleeting time, but also embodies the power of love, spreading its wings to the higher sky.

The Landmark Stalk Will Not Be Tired How To Use: Mido Mido Inspired By Architecture Watch

MIDO’s ‘Inspired by Architecture’ limited edition watch launching ceremony was held in the world’s charming capital-New York Grand, for a year of ‘Inspired by Architecture’ worldwide12 The end of the city’s inspirational journey. At the event site, the revolutionary model of modern architecture, the Guggenheim Museum in New York, was decorated into a space full of orange elements, radiant. Mr. Franz Linder, global president of Mido, friends of the brand, Olympic diving master Sam Dorman, and celebrities and media friends from all walks of the world gathered together to witness the stunning appearance of the new limited edition watch inspired by architecture. This limited edition The watch design is inspired by the prestigious Guggenheim Museum in New York designed by Mr. Frank Lloyd Wright, a famous American architect of the 20th century.

MIDO, who often draws inspiration from watchmaking in architecture, this time selected the Guggenheim Museum in New York from the landmarks in 12 cities around the world and published the core work Inspired by Architecture.

In August 2016, Mido launched an inspirational tour inspired by the 12 cities in the world, hoping to use this activity to select a representative landmark building as the source of inspiration for the latest watch design. Fans of Mido and architecture enthusiasts have the opportunity to share, comment and post their favorite landmarks on social media. From Moscow to Mexico City to Beijing, Mido and its global fans have visited 60 architectural treasures in 12 cities around the world. In the end, the Guggenheim Museum in New York came out on top and became the inspiration for the design of a watch under Mido.

The Inspired by Architecture watch launch event was held in New York a few days ago. The Guggenheim Museum in New York was decorated into an orange space full of brand impressions, witnessing the joint milestone of the two parties.

At the ceremony, friends and guests of Mido watch brands from all over the world gathered at the Guggenheim Museum in New York to celebrate the advent of this extraordinary watch inspired by architectural limited edition watches. The Guggenheim Museum also specially arranges a private guided tour service, allowing guests on site to enjoy the unique style of this classic building beyond time, and appreciate its unique spiral structure, rotunda and other design elements. At the same time, guests can also see the beauty of all kinds of timepieces at the Guggenheim Museum.

Mr. Franz Linder, the global president of MIDO, addressed the listing event. While welcoming and thanking the guests, Mr. Franz Linder also briefly introduced the design inspiration and features of this limited style to the guests.

The new inspiration comes from the architectural limited edition watch. The inspiration comes from the Guggenheim Museum in New York, which complements the most characteristic design elements of this museum. ‘Mr. Franz Linder said at the scene that the inspiration came from the architectural limited edition watch. The exquisite outline of the case is modeled after the most iconic ring-shaped design of the Guggenheim Museum in New York, while the dial design is similar to its exquisite glass dome. The rounded curves and sandblasted dial of the new limited edition It not only inherits the shape and interior design of the building, but also highlights the extremely dynamic and dynamic city characteristics of New York, constantly reminding us to live in the present moment and to taste the beauty of the moment in the walk of time.

Inspired by Architecture

Stainless steel material / Caliber 80 Si automatic winding movement / hour, minute, second, date display / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / waterproof 50 meters / table diameter 40mm / limited to 500 pieces

Powerful Frogman: Hamilton Scuba Series Watch

Hamilton and the strong performance of the 2017 Frogman series, Hamilton conceived to create a navy-style diver SCUBA series at a price that is affordable to the people. The designer specially learns the classic elements of the Frogman series and uses classic Inheriting the classic beauty, it strives to provide consumers with the best diving watches this summer.

 The SCUBA series that debuted in 2018 continues the Frogman’s exclusive “geometrically misplaced time scale” configuration. The inner circle incorporates the PM hour digital time, highlighting the aesthetics of the visual hierarchy while retaining the visual sense of the faceplate. SCUBA is rare in A date window is installed at the ‘4:30’ position of the faceplate, thereby taking into consideration the design ingenuity of the perfect ratio of vision and performance. The SCUBA series uses large luminous hands and ‘long arrow-shaped’ second hands to show the practical supremacy demanded by military watches.

NavyScuba series stainless steel case, diameter 40 mm, hours, minutes, seconds, date, H-10 automatic movement, power reserve 80 hours, water resistance 100 meters, stainless steel bracelet, NATO strap, rubber Strap.
The beauty of brushed steel art releases professional fashion style
 In order to meet the needs of modern diving, SCUBA adopts the standard professional ‘one-way gear-shaped rotating bezel’, which is committed to presenting the ultimate model of fashion and professionalism. In order to meet the unique needs of different consumers, the new generation of divers SCUBA series, the brand provides NATO nylon strap, three-piece stainless steel chain strap, rubber strap for consumers to choose, matching the brushed stainless steel case, showing a sporty full The fashion standard, even at a price of less than 30,000, is to please consumers who like mechanical watches at entry prices.

(From left) NavyScuba series watch (black circle, rubber strap) / (black and blue circle, NATO strap).
Master defines the stylish height of diving watches
 TomFord, CalvinKlein, MarcJaocbs, KarlLagerfeld, several king fashion masters, have starred in the fashion trend of the past 30 years, no matter in Europe, America, Asia, the masters have a far-reaching influence, which influences the style of global consumers. Behind the stunning observation benefits and the trend following the trend, compared with the extreme avant-garde concept on the platform, the private dressing ideas of the masters are the best templates for global consumers to snoop and imitate. Through the Internet connection and sharing effect, many sharp-eyed consumers find that diving watches are a common choice on the wrists of many well-known designers, triggering numerous consumers to snap up the master effect of diving watches. Inductive masters have a special ambition and tone for diving expressions. The talent genes from the diving watch are both flexible and flexible, giving others a sense of professionalism and liveliness, to meet the needs of more style changes. Can be ‘one watch to the world’, so the diving watch has been laid, the pinnacle of positioning in the field of fashion wear.

NavyScuba watch.
Military style bound Hollywood superstar
 Hamilton, heavily influenced by the U.S. military, has been building amphibious frogman watches for the U.S. military since the 1940s. Diving watches have been the main force on the brand’s production line. Hamilton’s diving series not only has a strong US military heritage, the brand has been for many years. Constantly exchange design styles with Hollywood aesthetics masters, and create Hamilton watches, unique mirror beauty, Hollywood tough guys, from Boulder Johnson, Linnison, Bruce Willie, forever Robert Downey Jr., the Iron Man, chose to wear a Hamilton diving watch in the play. The Hamilton diving watch can be called the screen pusher of Hollywood.
 With the change of the times, the global watchmaking industry has begun to shrink the watch diameter. Hamilton, who is good at operating large watch diameters, has conducted a market survey of 40mm watch diameters, which is the most suitable global size for sports and time reading.

Ingenuity Is Beauty Three Women’s Exquisite Watch Recommendations

Every woman is an angel of beauty. Pursuit of fashion is their uninterrupted ‘topic’. All the delicate clothing and accessories can not escape the eyes of careful women. How to decorate it has become a concern for everyone. The problem. How to match and choose what kind of accessories is actually equally important, and more people need to spend more energy when choosing accessories. Today the editor recommends several suitable watches for fashionistas.
Tissot Zhenshi T103.310.11.123.00 watch

Domestic public price: RMB 2800
Watch diameter: 31 mm
Movement type: Quartz
Case material: 316L stainless steel
Watch details: 4,800
Watch diameter: 40 mm
Movement type: Quartz
Case material: stainless steel
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: 5,100
Watch diameter: 29 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Gold-plated steel
Water resistance: 100 meters
Watch details: The Podium Lady watch exudes femininity and femininity everywhere, so it is a watch that blends timeless classics with modern aesthetic concepts.
Summary: These women’s watches are elegant and refined, noble and fashionable. They all show the charm of women with their ingenious designs, as well as the craftsmanship of each brand. If you are a new age woman who loves fashion, how can you miss these beautiful watches?

Rolex 2016 New 3235 Movement Journal Type Listing

In 2015, Rolex launched the newly upgraded 3255-type movement, accompanied by a small number of high-end versions of the log-type equipped with 3235 automatic movement. This year, the 3235 automatic movement upgraded from 3135 began to be popularized and gradually applied to the mid-range version of the log type. Today, these journaled models equipped with the new movement are finally on the market, and the price of the gold version is about 110,000.
Rolex Date 126333 Diamond Watch

    The biggest feature of the new log type this year is the use of a new Rolex movement-3235, which can also be reflected in the watch number, from the original 116333 to 126333. This year’s Rolex log type is mainly gold, and then the time scale with diamonds or bar scales, compared with last year’s all-precious metal models, is undoubtedly lowering the threshold, and more styles than last year. The diary model of Jianjin is the most popular model of the diary watch. Although the appearance is almost the same as the old model, the advantages of the 3235 movement are very obvious. It is more accurate and stable. It uses more Rolex technology patent, power reserve has also been increased to 70 hours, but in terms of price, there is almost no change.
Rolex Date 126331 Chocolate Disc Diamond Watch

    This is another log-type watch with 3235 movement. The difference from the previous one is the dial color, which is chocolate. Similarly, this watch has all the advantages of new Rolex technology and is certified by a top observatory. Compared to 126333, this watch feels very different to get started, it is relatively stable, but it is very jumpy. The inlaid diamonds were selected by Rolex, using the finest diamonds, so the watch also has some sparkles in the exquisite, which is very wise for men.
Not New-Rolex Women’s Diary 179171 Black Mother-of-Pearl Dial Watch

    This Rolex is not new this year, but it has more features. Black mother-of-pearl dial, diamond scale, gold case, 26 mm diameter, very independent and individual ladies watch, black mother-of-pearl at a specific angle. To see it in different colors. The watch has all the characteristics of a Rolex Oyster watch. The eternal rose gold used in the case is a Rolex-patented metal material. Because it is different from ordinary rose gold, it achieves a long-lasting retention of metallic colors.

Summary: In 2016, new Rolex products are being launched one after another. Friends who like and want to buy Rolex’s new technological achievements 3235 automatic movement watch, in addition to the two men’s watches introduced above, there are other dial colors and styles to choose from. If so, visit the store for more information.
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