Panarai Launches 44mm Titanium Watch

Hard, but light. Tradition and fashion. These are the characteristics of the latest Luminor Chrono Daylight 44mm titanium watch. Luminor was developed more than 60 years ago for special military missions, and Panerai has become one of the professional diving watches. With reference to its excellent predecessor, the current model not only retains the special appearance of the case, but also preserves the main structural features: the crown bridge, which is firmly pressed against the case, so it has the protection of the crown and water resistance The dual function of effectiveness.
But from a technical point of view, this watch actually has many new features: it is no longer a watch with only hours and minutes; it has a chronograph function and a date indicator, which operates with an automatic movement and also obtains Watch certified by the Swiss Official Astronomical Observatory (COSC) to prove its timing accuracy. Equally important is the use of the case and the innovative bracelet: traditional steel is replaced by titanium.
Titanium is a hard, yet extremely lightweight metal. Used in this new Luminor is a fifth-grade alloy. Although it requires a very complicated special grinding technology, its advantages are its mild allergenicity and resistance to temperature and erosion. This is an extremely important feature for watches designed to be in constant contact with seawater.
The diameter of the case is 44mm. Its huge vertical metal band attachment and crown bridge (protected by trademark) show its characteristics. This device is a patented design obtained by Panerai more than half a century ago. It ensures complete water resistance when winding and adjusting the time of the watch. Embedded obliquely at both ends of the crown guard bridge are two buttons for controlling the timer; due to their appearance and shortened protrusions, they can operate faster. The case is made of frosted titanium, and the bezel that covers the periphery of the case is also made of frosted titanium, with polished edges and inscribed numbers and tachymeter scales. The last element that made this watch water resistant to 10 bar (100 meters) of water pressure was the design of the case back, which of course also uses titanium and screws to fix its position.
Luminor Chrono Daylight 44mm titanium watch dial color has replaced the traditional black with blue. The scales and numbers are coated with luminous material. This luminous material is also applied to the hour and minute hands, as well as the smaller hands running on the auxiliary dial. The auxiliary dial includes a continuous seconds dial (at 9 o’clock), an hour dial (at 6 o’clock), and a minute dial (at 3 o’clock), which operate immediately when the time starts. The dial is protected by a 2.5 mm thick anti-reflective sapphire crystal glass, which can withstand extremely high depths.
  It is particularly noteworthy that the bracelet is not only because of the metal it uses, it is also very innovative in terms of structure. Ongoing research in every horological category is on display, which is what Panerai focuses on. The new strap is made of matte titanium, but the contact points between the connecting rings are polished, which is reminiscent of the contrast between the bezel and the bezel.
Bracelets also show the intricate craftsmanship of the chain links. They appear in an asymmetric and sleek design with no corners: they provide a perfect integration of the design and ensure the comfort of the wrist. Of course, according to personal taste, the bracelet can be easily replaced by a traditional rubber or leather strap.
Luminor Chrono Daylight 44 mm titanium watch is equipped with a self-winding Panerai OP XII movement, 13? French, 27 stone and decorated with a pendulum and a bridge. With a 46-hour power reserve and Incabloc shock-proof device, this watch movement has been certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (C.O.S.C.) after undergoing a 16-day test.
的 The reference number of this model is PAM000327 and it belongs to the modern series. In addition, this new model of Panerai comes with a tool for changing the bracelet to a strap.