Powerful Frogman: Hamilton Scuba Series Watch

Hamilton and the strong performance of the 2017 Frogman series, Hamilton conceived to create a navy-style diver SCUBA series at a price that is affordable to the people. The designer specially learns the classic elements of the Frogman series and uses classic Inheriting the classic beauty, it strives to provide consumers with the best diving watches this summer.

 The SCUBA series that debuted in 2018 continues the Frogman’s exclusive “geometrically misplaced time scale” configuration. The inner circle incorporates the PM hour digital time, highlighting the aesthetics of the visual hierarchy while retaining the visual sense of the faceplate. SCUBA is rare in A date window is installed at the ‘4:30’ position of the faceplate, thereby taking into consideration the design ingenuity of the perfect ratio of vision and performance. The SCUBA series uses large luminous hands and ‘long arrow-shaped’ second hands to show the practical supremacy demanded by military watches.

NavyScuba series stainless steel case, diameter 40 mm, hours, minutes, seconds, date, H-10 automatic movement, power reserve 80 hours, water resistance 100 meters, stainless steel bracelet, NATO strap, rubber Strap.
The beauty of brushed steel art releases professional fashion style
 In order to meet the needs of modern diving, SCUBA adopts the standard professional ‘one-way gear-shaped rotating bezel’, which is committed to presenting the ultimate model of fashion and professionalism. In order to meet the unique needs of different consumers, the new generation of divers SCUBA series, the brand provides NATO nylon strap, three-piece stainless steel chain strap, rubber strap for consumers to choose, matching the brushed stainless steel case, showing a sporty full The fashion standard, even at a price of less than 30,000, is to please consumers who like mechanical watches at entry prices.

(From left) NavyScuba series watch (black circle, rubber strap) / (black and blue circle, NATO strap).
Master defines the stylish height of diving watches
 TomFord, CalvinKlein, MarcJaocbs, KarlLagerfeld, several king fashion masters, have starred in the fashion trend of the past 30 years, no matter in Europe, America, Asia, the masters have a far-reaching influence, which influences the style of global consumers. Behind the stunning observation benefits and the trend following the trend, compared with the extreme avant-garde concept on the platform, the private dressing ideas of the masters are the best templates for global consumers to snoop and imitate. Through the Internet connection and sharing effect, many sharp-eyed consumers find that diving watches are a common choice on the wrists of many well-known designers, triggering numerous consumers to snap up the master effect of diving watches. Inductive masters have a special ambition and tone for diving expressions. The talent genes from the diving watch are both flexible and flexible, giving others a sense of professionalism and liveliness, to meet the needs of more style changes. Can be ‘one watch to the world’, so the diving watch has been laid, the pinnacle of positioning in the field of fashion wear.

NavyScuba watch.
Military style bound Hollywood superstar
 Hamilton, heavily influenced by the U.S. military, has been building amphibious frogman watches for the U.S. military since the 1940s. Diving watches have been the main force on the brand’s production line. Hamilton’s diving series not only has a strong US military heritage, the brand has been for many years. Constantly exchange design styles with Hollywood aesthetics masters, and create Hamilton watches, unique mirror beauty, Hollywood tough guys, from Boulder Johnson, Linnison, Bruce Willie, forever Robert Downey Jr., the Iron Man, chose to wear a Hamilton diving watch in the play. The Hamilton diving watch can be called the screen pusher of Hollywood.
 With the change of the times, the global watchmaking industry has begun to shrink the watch diameter. Hamilton, who is good at operating large watch diameters, has conducted a market survey of 40mm watch diameters, which is the most suitable global size for sports and time reading.