Resistant To The Cold Currents Oris Presents A Warm Winter Blessing New Style

ORIS is proud to launch the Oris Audi Sport Limited Watch to celebrate the partnership between Oris and Audi Motorsport. ORIS is the official watch partner of the Audi Motorsport team participating in the FIA ​​World Endurance Championship (WEC) and the German Touring Car Masters (DTM), and is part of the Audi Racing Le Mans 24-Hour Championship team in June 2014 .
Speed ​​Line: Oris Audi Sport Limited
   This new watch is based on the Oris Artix GT racing chronograph. At 9 o’clock, the watch has Oris’ famous innovative linear small seconds function. The design is inspired by the Audi road car dashboard and silver-plated, and is the logo color of the German car brand German marque. The Oris Audi Sport limited watch has a titanium case and a two-way rotating tungsten upper frame. These two designs make the watch as light as possible and are developed in response to Audi’s high-performance racing technology.
  There is a ‘good grip’ rubber pad on the outside edge of the upper frame of the rotating chronograph. It is an innovative design of Oris to improve the grip and allow the wearer to adjust quickly and freely. This watch uses Oris’s self-winding Calibre 774 with time and date and quarter-second chronograph functions. With a racing-style perforated leather strap, the folding clasp is also made of titanium. Oris Audi Sport limited watch with special suede-like case, limited to 2000 pieces worldwide.
Time mark: Oris Greenwich Mean Time Limited Watch
   With a passion for mechanical watches, ORIS has always insisted on creating time-tested timepieces in this 110-year history. This year, in commemoration of the 130th anniversary of Greenwich Mean Time, a special limited edition watch is introduced to commemorate this great moment and milestone. 130 years ago, after letting Sandford Fleming miss the train in a timetable error, the jazz put forward the standard time claim. It was not until 1884 that the establishment of a 24-hour system and time zone jurisdiction was adopted at the International Meridian Conference. After removing multiple prime meridians, Fleming Standard Time treats Greenwich as the central point of the new time system and the starting point of the international date change line.
  Oris Greenwich Standard Time Limited Watch, built on one of ORIS’s most advanced modular movements, and a redesigned and improved Artelier case; with a special double jump function, the wearer can use the same push button to Display alternately when jumping between two time zones. This watch is designed to pay homage to GMT, and behind the hands of the time display on the dial, a globe with a finely carved world time zone is carved. It is full of monumental representative works, limited to 1884 pieces worldwide, dedicated only to this moment of time.
Deep Sea Color: New Oris Aquis Orange Medium Diver’s Watch
   Oris is proud to present the Oris Aquis Orange Medium Diving Watch, the latest creation in the diving family and designed for underwater environments. In 2013, ORIS launched the stunning Aquis depth measurement diving watch. This watch uses a ‘hole’ to simply and practically solve the problem of the depth meter in a mechanical watch, without affecting Oris’s ‘reasonable price watch’ concept; The Oris Aquis orange medium-sized diving watch also continues this concept.

   This latest innovation was inspired by the perceptual results of John A. Adolfson and Thomas E. Berghage during an underwater experiment in 1974. They found that the visibility of colors was most pronounced yellow, green, and orange under water. According to experiments, in clear waters, fluorescent green and yellow are most obvious at long distances, and fluorescent orange is the best at short distances. This logic inspired Oris Aquis’ orange mid-size diving watch. Diving tables are vital tools for indicating dive time, calculating oxygen levels, and using them at decompression stations. Diving watches need to have a clear faceplate and be accurate and easy to read.
   The orange 15-minute graduated upper circle is equipped with orange luminous paint scales and hands, Oris has created the watch’s excellent readability under water. Orange elements with black ceramic unidirectional rotating upper ring, or black dial and metallic gray stainless steel PVD coating, showing a strong contrast. 43 mm case, water-resistant to 30 bar / 300 meters, with screw-in crown, impact protection. With Oris automatic movement, three hands and date function, displayed through a window at 6 o’clock. With orange rubber strap to make orange details more prominent, Oris stainless steel can extend the safety folding buckle, making the watch more practical adjustment.

Updated: 7. December 2020 — 17:09
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