Richard Miller Releases Rm 35-01 Rafael Nadal Watch

Rafael Nadal is a sportsman with great athletic endurance and superman endurance. His name is once again associated with Richard Mille, which inspired the creation of RM 35-01. Following the spirit of the legendary RM 027 series, this brand new manual winding watch uses Richard Mille’s newly developed NTPT® carbon fiber case technology.

   For Nadal, 2013 was an exciting year. He won ten tennis trophies in one fell swoop, including the Indian Wells Open, the French Open (Roland Garros won 8 consecutive years) and the US Open. Open. After being suspended for a few months due to injury, although Nadal slipped to fifth place, his comeback performance was extremely good, and he regained the top spot in the ATP ranking within a year. The RM 35-01 watch bears Nadal’s strength and faith, and it also reflects his unwavering and strong willpower on the road to success. The RM 35-01 watch is equipped with RMUL3 movement, grade 5 titanium alloy material, highly skeletonized design and black PVD coating on the surface. In order to demonstrate the challenging spirit of RM 35-01, Richard Mille tested the performance of RMUL3 movement in various harsh conditions, such as high-intensity impact of more than 5000G, in Les Breuleux. Only Richard Mille’s incomparable professionalism in new material technology and unique design can make the movement easily overcome the challenges of extreme conditions.
   The RMUL3 skeleton hand-wound movement and Swiss anchor escapement use 24 gems and a cardless balance with a 4 Hz frequency. The dual barrel system provides a 55-hour power reserve. This superb movement weighs only 4 grams and is assembled in a unique NTPT® carbon fiber watch case. This high-tech material is interwoven with multiple layers of carbon fiber filaments with an average thickness of 30 microns, with a 45 ° angle interlace between layers, making each part of the watch case extra strong; at the same time, from the visual appearance Each watch has its own style, and its appearance is like the surface of Damascus steel cast by Seiko. This effect comes from the complex and exquisite carbon molecular structure found during milling and finishing. From any angle, the RM 35-01 watch can be purely exquisite and elegant, even in various harsh environments. It can be regarded as the 21st century premium in movement and case timepieces. An unparalleled classic in the watch industry.