Six Kinds Of Time Watches Belonging To Sports Men

Choosing a sports watch is actually very simple, because there are already a lot of sports watches on the market, and the functions designed for various sports have been tapped infinitely: heaven and earth, mountain diving, galloping … Of course, there are some sports-style watches that just give the wearer a little more sporty flavor.
1Swatch Multifunctional Automatic Sports Watch——Tianyi · Porcelain White
Reference price: ¥ 3580
The new multi-functional automatic sports series is composed of 5 sports watches full of personality. The stylish design and rough and textured materials perfectly interpret the precise timing function. This porcelain white watch, named Heavenly Goods, has a white lightweight rubber strap, and a high-tech multi-function dial presents a stylish and simple style.
2Police Sidewinder
Reference price: ¥ 1698
It is a multifunctional watch with all the elements of modern fashion. Three independent timers and different function buttons on the dial make it have multiple functions such as date, time, and split timing. In addition, this watch is made of stainless steel, which highlights its luxury and quality. At the same time, the perfect combination of black leather wristband adds to the thick texture of this watch.
3-Tissot PRS330 Series Sports Watch
Reference price: ¥ 2950
的 The new PRS330, introduced by Tissot watchmakers, reveals the design concepts of the masters. P-Particularly stands for uniqueness, R-Robust stands for firmness, and S-Sporty stands for sports. These three letters reflect the three major characteristics of the series, and 330 is the representative of 330 feet waterproof. This uniquely designed, rugged, sporty and functional watch, with a 42mm diameter dial and a cool red and black color combination, offers sports players another favorite. 1 Day Lamex ETTC Tide Temperature Guide Stopwatch
Reference price: ¥ 1920
腕表 This watch has become the flagship product of Timex Hi-Tech E-series watch with its unique and original design of pointer display tide, temperature and compass function, and digital sensing technology. And as many as 8 colors, it also facilitates our personal choice.
2GUESS W13513G1 sports watch
Reference price: ¥ 1855
The appearance design of the flight instrument panel style combines four practical functions of month, date, day of the week, and 24-hour display, which is both retro and stylish. The blackness of the strap and the extremely tough black strap with the black dial make this watch’s sports style more obvious, and the ‘exposed’ screws on the dial add a bit of toughness.
3 Days Lamex WS4 Multi-Function Sports Watch
Reference price: ¥ 2380
Timex WS4 is the abbreviation of Wide Screen 4, which is named for its ultra-wide display and four main outdoor functions: altimeter, thermometer, barometer, and compass, all of which are distributed in the dashboard under the wide screen, which can be accurate View all readings in a timely and convenient way.

Updated: 26. January 2021 — 1:01
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