Swatch Swatch Announces Wang Junkai As Global Brand Image Spokesperson

Swatch, a Swiss fashion watch brand that has always been creative, unique and has a rebellious personality, today announced that Wang Junkai has become a global brand image spokesperson. Relying on the high-quality image of the positive energy of the sun, it has become a benchmark in the new generation of Chinese youth idols. The super-popular idol Wang Junkai has a wide national recognition, a large and loyal fan group and outstanding social media influence. Not long ago, this big personality boy has just passed through his 18-year-old ritual. He is curious about the future world, longing for more life experiences, and boldly creating his own classics. Swatch appreciates his adventurous and adventurous spirit, and is very pleased to invite him to join the colorful and fun world of Swatch.

   Swatch was born in 1983 and was founded by Nicolas G. Hayek. It is a leading Swiss watch manufacturer and a world-renowned fashion watch brand. His world is full of color, innovation and vitality. Since its inception, Swatch has been closely connected with art. It is a creative drawing board in the hands of contemporary artists around the world and a darling of the fashion industry. His unexpected artistic creativity, with unique watch design, tells a wonderful story all over the world. Swatch is also a pioneer of innovation. It has made amazing innovations in the materials, design and production technology of watches. The 51 metal series mechanical watch with 51 parts and a central screw mechanical movement subverted the imagination of the global watchmaking industry, and set off a mechanical revolution, which can be called an art-like technological innovation.
   In addition, Swatch is an attitude and lifestyle. For a long time, Swatch has encouraged young people around the world to actively explore the unknown of life, have the courage to express themselves, and enjoy every fun-filled moment in life with a vibrant personality style and a positive rebellious spirit. Like Swatch, as an influential figure among young Chinese millennials, Wang Junkai constantly discovers, feels and experiences the possibilities of life as he grows up, and inspires and calls on global fans to become an attitude himself, At every unrepeatable moment in life, show a unique style and enjoy playing great!
   The coming 2018 is full of expectations! Swatch will join hands with global brand image ambassador Wang Junkai to create more fun moments! Let’s just wait and see, # SwatchThis # and Karry On!

# SwatchThis #
# 王俊 凯斯沃琪 全球 代言 #

Updated: 8. January 2021 — 4:39
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