Tissot Watches Unveiled Three Time-limited Theme Stores, In-depth Creation Of Brand Experience Circle

[March 9, Shanghai News] Recently, the famous Swiss watchmaker Tissot watches were unveiled at Shanghai Global Harbor, Shanghai Nanjing West Road, and Shanghai People’s Square, respectively. The MotoGP World Motorcycle Championship and NBA USA were unveiled. The three limited-time theme stores with professional basketball leagues and women as their themes connect brands and consumers with an immersive scene that integrates brand culture, create a brand experience circle, and present a more creative and interesting consumer experience. It is reported that these three time-limited theme stores are only the first step of Tissot’s strategy to create a brand experience circle. Tissot will create more in-depth and interesting consumer experiences for consumers in more fields.

  Speed ​​Passion-Tissot MotoGPTM Limited Time Theme Store

  Tissot watch is born with sports blood. As the official designated timer partner of MotoGP, Tissot watch pursues precision and professionalism and motorcycle riders pursue speed and passion. This time, Tissot watch re-installed the Shanghai Global Harbor Direct Store as a MotoGP limited-time theme store, and displayed the smoke of the battle of speed in the design of the store. This is a sincere tribute to the motorcycle movement.

Tissot unveils MotoGP limited-time theme store in Shanghai Global Harbor

  As soon as he stepped into the shop, a breath of male hormones rushed towards him. On the left side of the shop, motorcycle parts were dismantled one by one and hung on the wall of the shop. The passion of the racers assembling racing motorcycles was displayed in the shop. Displayed on the stand are 5 watches exclusively released by Tissot MotoGP, each of which is uniquely packaged in a helmet-shaped box, which is worthy of every motorcycle fan. On the right side of the store is a motorcycle game device. Racing fans can feel the thrill of the wind passing through this motorcycle, the thrill of speed in their hands.

Tissot “MotoGP” World Championship

Tissot MotoGP Special Edition Watch

  Hundred steps wear Yang-Tissot NBA limited time theme store

  As an official chronograph partner of the NBA, Tissot has spared no effort to provide accurate and professional timing service support for the NBA. It has also launched a series of cooperative watches for the NBA and its teams. This time, Tissot watches blew up the assembly number, opened an NBA limited-time theme store, redesigned the store with multiple basketball iconic elements as inspiration, and brought together NBA-themed watches. Its ingenious gameplay is worth every NBA fan to visit the store. Tour and feel the chemical reaction of basketball and time charm.

Tissot unveils ‘NBA Professional Basketball League’ limited-time theme store on Nanjing West Road

  Stepping into the store, posters of Tissot’s global image ambassadors NBA superstar Tony Parker and Klay Thompson immediately came into view. They stood in a three-point line while wearing a pair of Yang’s poses echoing the store’s basketball stand. In addition, people can’t help but try their hand. In addition, fans can also carefully study the various NBA-themed watches released by Tissot in the store, and experience a unique watch purchase experience on an immersive basketball court.

Tissot watch ‘NBA Professional Basketball League’ limited-time theme store

  Gorgeous blooming-Tissot women’s limited-time theme store

  Just in the spring season, Tissot watches picked a rainbow rose and put it on the People’s Square in Shanghai, lighting up the spring of every pedestrian with a flower-like posture. Tissot watches are inspired by the Rainbow Rose watches of the Xinyuan series, and take the roses in the Tissot family crest as prototypes. The colorful rainbow roses are stored in the store, and the Tissot People’s Square directly-operated store has become a place for everyone. Ms. Enchanted Spring Garden.

Tissot watches unveiled women’s limited-time theme store in Shanghai People’s Square

  As the interpretation of the Tissot family badge states, ‘The fragrance and power are with me, and my gorgeous color will never be hidden.’ The Tissot women’s limited-time theme store will symbolize women’s softness and perseverance in every corner of the store. In this flowery secret garden, everything changes from thick to light under the passage of time, and then fades from prosperity to prosperity. Only the rainbow rose under the guardianship of the knight from the wrist breaks away from the gravitational pull of time and space. Never fade.

Tissot women’s limited-time theme store